Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
Antique Japanese Esoteric Buddhist scroll painting depicting seated Amida Nyorai (Buddha Amitabha) flanked by the 12 Jūniten (Deva Guardians). The 12 Jūniten (6 on either side) are identified as Taishakuten (Skt. Indra) Lord of Jūniten, Katen (Skt. Agni) of Southeast and Fire, Enmaten (Skt. Yama) South and the Underworld, Futen (Skt. Yayu) Northwest and Wind, Bonten (Skt. Brahma) Heaven, Suiten (Skt. Varuna) West and Water, Bishamonten (Skt. Vaisravana) North and Wealth, Rasetsuten (Skt. Raksasa) Southwest and Demons, Ishananten (Skt. Isana) Northeast and Dharma, Nitten (Skt. Aditya) the Sun, Gatten (Skt. Chandra) the Moon, Jiten (Skt. Prthivi) the Earth. Closest to the base of Buddha's throne are two tennin (apsaras), celestial beings. Painted in mineral colors on paper and beautifully mounted.

Age: Early Edo Period (17th century)

Dimensions: Total size: 77" high x 24" wide (26" wide including rollers). Size of art: 38 1/2" high x 17" wide
item #1444497