Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
An antique Japanese Kannon Biraki (wedding dowry chest) Tansu in a 2 section stacking set made entirely of Kiri (Paulownia) wood. With original hand made iron hardware including the Warabite handles and copper Chrysanthemum nail head covers surrounding a Paulownia main lock plate. Behind the hinged doors hide two large and two small drawers with an ingenious sliding pin that locks the left door in place allowing the right door to latch shut. Side handles allow for carrying each section by hand or as it was originally intended to swivel up with a wood pole through the handles allowing two retainers to carry each section on their shoulders.

The Kannon Biraki was made for the bride as part of her dowry. After the wedding, she would store her wedding kimono and accessories in this chest to be cherished for generations to come.

Age: Early Meiji Era (1870-1880)

Dimensions: 39" Wide by 41 1/4" High by 17" Deep
item #1430210