Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
Antique 2-panels screen painting from the interior of a wealthy home in Momoyama Period Japan. Each of these two rectangular shaped panels is painted with a fan shaped reserve. The fan on the left panel is painted with a branch of blossoming white flowers, possibly dogwood and is shadowed by another blue and gold fan shaped reserve. The fan on the right panel is painted in ink with a bird on a branch and shadowed with a green and gold fan. Both fan reserves are painted over a brilliantly colored diamond on diamond pattern. Painted in mineral colors and with traces of raised gofun. Each painting has been mounted on gold leaf covered paper.

These paintings are similar to those decorating the ceilings and walls of Nijo Palace in Kyoto.

Age: Momoyama Period (1568-1600)

Dimensions: 21 1/2" high x 73 1/2" wide
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