Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
Indian painting of the goddess Shailaputri, in unique Navaratna style of painting from 1930s, when Indian was emerging with its own unique style of painting. Gouache delicately painted and encoded with symbols of Hindu spiritual meaning. Crescent moon is on her forehead with halo around her head. She is holding a trident and has three eyes in her forehead representing waking, dreaming and sleeping states of mind. Atmospheric and masterfully moody painting. Similar in painting style to Nandalal Bose. Indecipherible signature in lower right corner initials read D. Varma? Back with label School of Art Jaipur

circa pre1930s
from a Florida Estate
Size: 10.5" High x 8.5" Wide
item #1416653