Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
Japanese Buddhist scroll painting of Eight Armed Kannon , the bodhisattva of compassion, seated in a lotus position. In her other seven arms she holds a staff, a trident, a bow and arrows, a Dharma wheel, and other attributes with symbolic meaning.

Standing figures are arranged below the seated Kannon, each holding various offerings for the bodhisattva such as rice, sake, dumplings, silk fabrics, and other material objects. Among the figures is the immortal Lucky God Daikoku, wielding his golden lucky mallet and standing on bales of rice.

A dragon peers up at the Kannon from below her seated position. Kannon is also known as patron Bodhisattva of Putuo Shan (Mount Putuo), mistress of the Southern Sea and patroness of fishermen. As such she is sometimes portrayed crossing the sea while seated on the head of a dragon. The dragon is an ancient symbol for high spirituality, wisdom, strength, and divine powers of transformation.

17th/18th century Edo period

Dimensions: 26 ¼ w x 71 h (entire scroll) 16 ¾ w x 37h (painting only)
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