Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
Antique Japanese Buddhist Diamond Realm Mandala thangka painting (Kongokai Mandara). In Vajrayana Buddhism, the Diamond Realm (vajradhatu kongokai) is a metaphysical space inhabited by the Five Wisdom Buddhas. The Diamond Realm Mandala is based on an esoteric Buddhist sutra called Vajrasekhara Sutra. Shuji Mandala of the Two Worlds, Vajradhatu Mandala does not directly express the forms of the buddhas but expresses them in Sanskrit character (Siddham) called Shuji seed letter. This mandala is a Ho (Dharma) Mandala. Painted in mineral colors and gold ink on silk. Mounted as a scroll with obi silk border and copper ends. With hinoki tomobako.

Edo Period, 16h to 18th century, or before.

Scroll Dimensions: 66" high x 33 1/4" wide (35 1/2" wide including ends). Art: 33" high x 28" wide. Ref: Sacred Treasures of Mt Koya No. 22
item #1391087