Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
Archaic bronze lidded ritual food vessel on three legs (Ding). The body is round in form and divided into banded areas of detailed interlocking cloud and thunder motif. The band closest to the rim curves inward before flanging out again. There are two animal headed looped handles cast on either side. The three feet are squat and curved with cast details like those on the handles. The lid is similarly divided into banded areas to match the body. There are four rings and a central handle that flares outward. The handle is cast with a detailed pierced design of entwining dragons. There is an incised inscription encircling the banded area where the handle meets the lid. The entire surface of both lid and body of the vessel are case with a very small and detailed interlocking fret (or cloud and thunder) motif all except for a band around the rim of the lid and just above the underside of the body of the vessel where a triangular motif adds certainty that lid and body are married. Patina and areas of malachite encrustation.

possibly Warring States Period (475 BC to 221 C)

Dimensions: 8" high x 8" wide diameter (10 1/2" wide including handles)
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