Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
Embossed limited edition etching by Japanese artist Mayumi Oda (1941-present) titled "Treasure Ship on the Great Lake", #11/30. It is signed at the bottom in pencil. The treasure ship is usually depicted with the Seven Lucky Gods aboard it, however Mayumi believed only in goddesses and thus created her treasure ship collection depicting only females riding aboard it. Mayumi is known as the 'Matisse of Japan'. She was strongly influenced by French Impressionism, which in turn was inspired by Japanese ukiyo-e, thus she deemed the full cycle of "Japonisme". Included with this etching it a special certificate from the Grasselli Library Gallery of John Carroll, University with more information on the artist. Size: (artwork only) 8" height, 5.75" width (entire sheet) 19.5" height, 13.75" width
item #1255727