Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Seal Container
Chinese Porcelain Seal Container, Blue and White porcelain, with an inscription on the base.

Steve McIntyre Collection
Dates from 19th century
Size H 1.5 " x W 3.5" x D 2.875"
item #1413950
Chinese Antique Tomb Pottery Guardian Figure
Chinese Antique Tomb Pottery Guardian Figure standing proudly on vanquished head of foe. Great modeling, wonderful pigment remaining on the figure.

Tang Dynasty (618- 947 AD)

Size: 22" High x 6 1/2" Width x 4 1/2" Depth.

From a New York Collector.
item #1413949
Chinese Tomb Pottery Figure of Standing Guardian
Chinese tomb pottery of standing guardian. Wonderfully modeled with flaming headdress, dragon form shoulders and breastplate armor, standing in relaxed pose atop vanquished foe. Expressive with bold expression, red pigment over white slip, black pigment on hair and face. Tang Dynasty (618-917 AD) Size: 22 1/4"High x 7 1/4" Width x 4 3/4" Depth. Signs consistent with age, old encrustation, restoration. From estate of a NY collector.
item #1413947
Chinese Antique Tomb Pottery Fat Lady
Chinese Antique Tomb Pottery Fat Lady with hollow body, modeled with upswept hairdo and pursed lips. Standing with right hand upheld. White slip on terra-cotta body. Old restorations. Tang Dynasty (618-917 AD). Size: 14" High x 4" Width x 4" Depth. Provenance from a NY Collector.
item #1413945
Tibetan Arm Dagger 19th Century
Tibetan bronze arm guard dagger,showing a mythical animal with a knife tongue rendered in great detail. This is a rare artifact that dates from the 19th century.

Provenance Broad Collection
Dates 19th century c1850
Size H 9.5" x W 4.5" x D 3.5"
item #1413943
Chinese Antique Tomb Pottery Fat Lady
Charming Chinese Tomb Pottery Fat Lady with hollow body. Standing with hands demurely hidden by long sleeves. Floral design painted on flowing dress. White slip on body with black painted features and hair. Consistent signs of age.

Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD)
Provenance New York Collector
Size 13 1/4" High x 4 1/2" Width x 3 1/4" Depth
item #1413942
Antique Himalayan Gilt Bronze Kubera Diety
Antique Gilt Bronze Himalayan Seated Diety of Kubera, lord of riches and wealth, holding mongoose spitting gold. Ornamented with crown headdress and jewelry with flowing robe on lotus throne. Pleasant face with well nourished pot belly. Base intact, sealed with cover with incised vajra design.

Size 5 1/4" High x 5 " Wide x 3 1/4" Depth
circa 1920s
item #1413940
Chinese Antique Jade Quanyin
Large Jade Quanyin dates from the 19th century , beautifully carved, with great detail. Rich rare dark green Jade with interesting internal figures, great luster.

Provenance Vibroondej Collection
Dates 19th century
Size H 13.875" x W 7" x D 3.75"
item #1413939
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Antique Chinese Blue and White Kendi
Chinese antique blue and white underglaze porcelain serving container with spout on side. Ribbed body with bulb shaped pouring spout. Foliage design on today and floral design on spout. Small restoration to bottom.

Circa 17/18th century
Size: 5 1/2" High x 4" diameter.
item #1413938
Chinese Antique Blue and White Stickneck Vase
Chinese antique blue and white underglaze stickneck vase with beautifully painted blooming prunus and flying birds design, key fret design at high footed base. Signed at bottom.

Republic period, 1930s

Size: 12 1/2"High x 4 1/2" Diameter
item #1413937
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