Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Bronze Four Prong Vajra
Japanese four prong Vajra or diamond thunderbolt form Chisakuin Temple, bronze with worn gilt, Edo age (over 200 years old). Very powerful ritual tool representing firmness of spirit and spiritual power. Worn gilt on one side, all over relief, double sided with lotus flower in center, trident prongs emerging from the four cardinal directions. Size: 6 1/8" long
item #979236
Antique Gilt Copper Buddhist Ritual Vessels
Worn gilt over thick copper pair of Buddhist ritual vessels, one with a single spout and movable handle, the other with double spouts and a long footed handle bisecting the middle opening of the container, the design has etched bamboo, pine, cranes and turtle on body, the handle has scrolling vines done with impressed dots, the traditional stylized crane of the Nichiren sect is on the medallion. Edo Period, (1604-1868). Size A: 8.5"H 5.75"D 8.5"L Size B: 4.5"H 10.5"D 18"L
item #977583
Antique Japanese Burlwood Stand
Beautiful large flat keyaki root wood stand with over 6 natural holes of root on surface, beautiful graining and sculptural presence, top edge carved at perimeter with incised line and raised surface on edging. Size: 40"L 25"W 5/8" H
item #977576
Japanese Antique Sendai Isho Tansu
Japanese antique isho tansu (clothing chest) from the Sendai area, made with all keyaki (elm) wood front with dramatic grain and translucent lacquer finish, elaborate thick iron hardware including moko shaped drawer pulls and ornate raised scrolling vine lock plates with unusual mon of a pair of sumo fans, large drawer on top, three drawers of the same width but that get gradually deeper as they go down, two smaller drawers and a safebox on the right side, safebox also has ornate iron work... Click for details
item #977246
Rare Pair of Japanese Antique Kiri and Cherry Wood Trays
Lovely antique Japanese large rectangular tray with a scene of a woman gazing at the moon (inlaid mother of pearl), she is sitting near a small stream with flowers and grasses, misty clouds above, the tray is made of kiri wood and the decoration is made of beautiful cherry wood bark, outer sides are also covered in cherry bark, Taisho Period. Size: 24 3/4" long x 15 1/4" wide x 3 1/2" deep.
item #975770
Japanese Unusual Tall Gyosho Bako (Peddler's Box)
Unusual Japanese antique gyosho bako (peddler's box), made of sugi (cryptomeria) wood, iron hardware including loops for rope so that peddler could carry box on his back, 4 drawers and a safe box, three interior drawers, Meiji Period. Size: 35 1/4" high x 11" wide x 16 1/4" deep.
item #972499
Japanese Storage Tansu with Locking Bar
Beautiful Japanese antique storage tansu with locking bar, made with all keyaki (elm) wood front and frame, iron hardware, top portion has three drawers covered by a vertical locking bar, bottom portion has sliding panels with horizontal slats, bottom right side opens to reveal two small interior drawers, deep red translucent lacquer finish, Edo Period. Size: 41" high x 38" wide x 19 1/2" deep.
item #970503
Japanese Rare Keyaki Kura Tansu
Rare and beautiful Japanese antique kura tansu (storage chest), all keyaki (elm) wood front and framing, iron hardware, top portion has 3 drawers and lower portion has sliding panels with horizontal slats, bottom right interior has two small drawers also made of keyaki wood, deep brown translucent lacquer finish with wonderful patina, Edo Period. Size: 41 3/4" high x 38 3/4" wide x 21 1/4"deep.
item #970500
Japanese Antique Rare Keyaki Karuma Tansu
Beautiful and unusual Japanese antique karuma tansu (storage chest on wheels), made all of heavy keyaki (elm) wood with iron hardware, front has sliding panels with horizontal slats, sides and back all have wooden bracing, interior left side has 4 drawers of different sizes with iron hardware, right side interior has hidden compartment that opens to reveal 2 secret boxes.

Late Edo Period

Size: 36 1/4" high x 38" wide x 23" deep.
item #970273
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Antique Japanese Keyaki Bar Tansu
Japanese keyaki bar tansu with original finish, kiri leaf shaped lock on top drawer, bar opens with one key. Dimensions: 24.25" High x 29.5" Long x 20.75" Deep
item #968012
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