Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Small Bowl
This is a mystery piece. Purchased by my mother about 30 years ago in japan. The piece is definitely quite old but the origin is not clearly Japanese, Chinese or Southeast Asian. l welcome any opinions. The glaze and patina is very attractive brown with a creme splash interior, I would venture a guess of age 18th/17th century.

Provenance Sharon Zentner Collection
18th/19th century
Origin unknown
Size H 1.5" X W 3 7/8"
item #1414088
Indian Antique Bronze Dancing Ganesha
Antique Indian bronze Ganesha standing on mouse, with nimbus surrounding his figure. Holding axe, golubjub his sweetmeat, on base with sanskrit writing.

Age late 19th century
Size: 5" H x 3" W x 1 1/2" D
item #1414086
Antique Tibetan Gilt Bronze Tara Bodhisatva
Antique Tibetan gilt bronze Tara diety, seated with left hand raised and thumb and forefinger touching and right hand resting on knee. Eye drawn on forehead and palms of both hands. Dressed in royal garb. Beautiful serene expression. Well worn, remnants of blue pigment on hair.

Provenance LA Collector
Age: 17th century or Older

Size 6" H x 4 1/4" W x 3 1/2" D
item #1414085
Price on Request
Antique Japanese Hexagon Kakiemon Bowl
Antique Japanese Hexagon Kakiemon Bowl, with floral, pine and plum blossom "Shochikubai motif". Some repaired loses on the rim but dates from the 17th, 18th century. This a very rare piece with the typical white bisque and colors of over enamel distinctive of 17th, 18th century work. Considering the age and rarity the piece is in excellent condition.

Provenance McIntyre Collection
Dates 17th/18th century
Size H 4" W 8 7/8"
item #1414084
Price on Request
Sino-Tibetan Antique Gilt Bronze Medicine Buddha
Antique Chinese gilt bronze Medicine Buddha, seated on lotus throne base. With hands held together upright on his lap. Eyes downcast in meditation. Base closed with cover embossed with the visvavajra or double vajra, symbolic of the thunderbolt and diamond. Wear consistent with age.

circa 17/18th century
Size 8" High x 4 3/4" Wide x 3 1/2" Deep
item #1414083
Chinese Antique Blue and White Dragon Vase
Chinese antique blue and white dragon vase. Three-clawed dragon flying in clouds on body with molded side handles of fu dog heads. Bottom of vase with divided lapels. Unglazed bottom with reddish color. Good condition.

Provenance McIntrye Estate
Dates 19th century
Size: H 13 1/4" x 8" Diameter
item #1414082
Antique Vietnam Creme Colored Vase
Dramatic 14th century Vietnam Creme colored vase five tie loops along top, contoured cylindrical shape with a recessed foot and flanged lip opening on top. Perfect condition.

Provenance San Diego Collection

Dates from 14th century
Size H 6.75" x 5.5" Circumference
item #1414081
Japanese Antique Kakiemon Porcelain Dish
Japanese antique Kakeimon porcelain cone-shaped dish. Delicately painted with chrysanthemum flowers, using palette colors of underglaze blues, overglaze reds, green yellow and grey. Raised moriage and incised white flower on white body. Good condition.

Provenance McIntrye Collection
Edo period, circa 1800s
Size: H 3 1/2" x W 5 1/2"
item #1414080
Price on Request
Indian Yoni Lingam Ceremonial Vessel
Indian Himalayan Copper Yoni Lingam ceremonial vessel for Holy water, Dates from the 17th - 18th century. Forged from hand hammered copper, a tier-shaped vessel with a navel on the interior. Placed on stand, the vessel has a dramatic sculptural presence with a patina showing its use and age. The Yoni (vulva) is the symbol of the Hindu God Shakti.

Dates 17th-18th Century

Size H 16" x W 8" x D 2.5" without base
item #1414079
Chinese Antique White Brass Handwarmer
Chinese antique white brass hand warmer with moveable handle. Reticulated lid with central Shou or Happiness design and with floral pattern cutout on cover. Oblong in shape. Good condition.

Circa 1900s Ching Dynasty

Size: 5" H (includes handle) x 5 3/4" W x 5" D
item #1414061
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