Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Lacquered Tansu with Locking Bar, Mikuni Prefecture
Antique Japanese single section isho tansu with locking bar. The upper portion has a full width drawer with a large iron money bag shaped lock plate. Below this are two drawers held in place with a locking bar (with key). The bottom portion has two smaller drawers and a safe box in the lower right hand corner with two small interior drawers. Beautiful and extensive iron work also includes raised corner handware on the drawers and square shaped drawer pulls. Original deep red lacquer finish.... Click for details
item #1405229
Japanese Antique Single Section Isho Tansu
Antique Japanese single section isho tansu (clothing chest). Kiri (paulownia) wood front with sugi (cryptomeria) wood frame and drawer interiors. Three full-width drawers, the middle drawer is 3/4 width with two small drawers to it's right hand side. Blackened iron hardware includes moko shaped drawer pulls and round lock plates.

Meiji Period (1868-1912)

Dimensions: 41 3/4" high x 32 3/4' wide x 16 1/4" deep.
item #1405228
Antique Blue and White Vietnamese Jar with Lid
An antique Vietnamese jar with covered lid with blue under glaze. The lustrous ivory glaze covers the whimsical 3 blue floral images. The bowl's interior center has splotches of blue paint intermingled with a rust colored paint. The rim is unglazed, as is the small footing. Provenance: Prominant private collection from San Diego, CA

Date: Tran Dynasty (1225 - 1400)

Dimensions: 8" diameter X 7"high
item #1405198
Rare Japanese Antique Keyaki Karuma Tansu
Antique Japanese karuma tansu (wheeled chest), made all solid quartered sawn keyaki (zelkova) hardwood with beautiful and dramatic natural grain. The upper and lower portions of the chest have open compartments which close with sliding panels. Each panel is reinforced with either vertical or horizontal wooden slats. A heavy hand forged iron plate sits in place along with hand forged iron locks and hardware with a key to keep the door panels from sliding. The back and sides have wonderful... Click for details
item #1405197
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Rare Pair of Antique Japanese Screen - Four Seasons of Ginza
A rare pair of original Japanese six panel screens depicting the four seasons of Ginza. The panels are painted in the traditional Kano school. Using exceptional technique, the images are hand painted with natural rimpa paint and ink and gold leaf ground on gofun paper. The six panels depict the seasonal landscape of a Ginza garden. Excellent overall condition.

Date: Edo Period (Early 19th Century)

Dimensions:41 1/2” high X 110 1/2” wide (Each screen)
item #1405196
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Antique Japanese Screen - Ducks, Egrets and Pheasants
An unusual Japanese six panel screen of Ducks, Egrets, and Pheasants. Painted with rimpa paint on an unique mix of gold and silver leaf gofun paper, which gives the screen an incredible look and balance of cold and warm tones, depending on lighting. The painting composition shows influences of natural history and the importance of empty space.

Date: Meiji Period (early 19th Century)

Dimensions: 67” high X 147 1/2” wide
item #1405189
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Anitque Japanese Screen - Birds and Flowers
An antique Japanese six panel screen depicting a quiet pool with birds taking a rest amongst the grasses and flowers. Ink and light colors on paper. Silk boarder. Condition consistent with age.

Date: Taisho Period (early 20th Century, 1912-1926

Dimensions: 65” high X 148” wide
item #1405178
Antique Japanese Screen - Language of Flowers
An antique Japanese screen. Each of the flowers shown has its or natural meaning known as the Language of Flowers. Depicting Love, Loyalty and Family is a beautiful Japanese four panel screen painted with raised rimpa paint on gold leaf gofun paper.

Date: Meiji period (19th Century), Taisho

Dimensions: 67 1/2” high X 96” wide
item #1405177
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Incredible 18th Century Japanese Screen - View From the Garden
A truly stunning Japanese six panel screen hand painted with raised rimpa paint on gold ground leaf gofun paper. The subject matter is a view of a natural overgrowth of hollyhock, sweat peas, and morning glories cascading and creeping over the bamboo fence.

The Hollyhock flower in Japan represents is fertility and fruitfulness. During the end of its life cycle when the leaves and stem begins to droop, the hollyhock produces a round disk that encompasses many different seeds so... Click for details
item #1405168
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Antique Vietnamese Bowl with Incised Lotus Petals
A monochrome porcelain Vietnamese bowl from the 14th-16th Century. The clear ivory glaze has an incised design of a flower with 2 lines above it. The exterior of the bowl has a carved lotus pattern that extends to the bowl's small footing. During the 14th century, a second stacking method for firing was introduced using a ring-shape separator. It became the preferred stacking method by the 15th century. Vessels fired using this method have an unglaze ring on the inner base. The stacking process... Click for details
item #1405097
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