Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Japanese Triptych Scroll by Sesson Shukei
Zen triptych scroll by Sesson Shukei (1504?-1589) The set of three are paintings of a radish and nappa cabbage with Lao Tzu riding a bull as its centerpiece. Scroll set comes with a box with paper labels naming the object and figure in the painting. One label reads that one of the Kano Eisen (the first or second) had provided an opinion, but the orignal document does not exist anymore. Age: Late Muromachi 16th century. Size (for all three approx.) Height: 74.25" Width: 18.3" (with ends): 20.5"
item #1142801
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Momoyama Period Landscape Painting Hanging Scroll
Splendid and majestic Japanese landscape painting showing a pavillion with a large scholar's rock and pine tree. Scroll contains a signature attributing to Sesshu Toyo but may have been added later. Age: Momoyama Period. Size: Scroll: Height: 74.25" Width: 18.3" (with roller ends): 20.5"
item #1142776
Japanese Antique Carved Dragon Bench
Antique Japanese bench elaborately carved with dragons, fitted with custom cushion of red silk with dragon pattern, flip top seat (with matching throw cushions inside), back carved with two large dragons and three reserves with dragons and a phoenix in the center, arms in the shape of dragons, beautifully carved, Meiji Period. Size: 53 1/2" high x 69" long x 26" deep.
item #1142677
Japanese Antique Rare Large All Keyaki Sendai Tansu
Antique Japanese rare large oshi-ire isho tansu from the Sendai area of Japan, (Oshi-ire refers to the closet which housed such large chests and exposed only the front of the cabinet, guests were seated in front of such chests to honor them, unusually large construction with double drawers across the top, beautiful all keyaki (elm) wood with burl wood on drawer fronts and keyaki wood frame, translucent lacquer finish, iron hardware includes large square shaped lock plates with raised... Click for details
item #1142674
North Korean Unusual Bandaji Secretary Desk
Antique Korean traditional bandaji (blanket storage chest) that is also a fold out secretary desk with 5 small drawers and organizational compartments, exterior has beautiful cut out hardware with intricate filigree and birds, large handles and lock, circa 1900. Size: 44" high (44 1/2" high with lock) x 40 1/4" wide x 20" deep (when closed).
item #1142668
Antique Japanese Imari Covered Dish
A beautiful antique Imari covered dish painted with purple, green and yellow spotted Chinese lions surrounded with peonies. The bottom section of the dish contains scrolling vine and geometric patterns. Age: 19th century. Size: Diameter: 9.75" Height: 5.8".
item #1142176
Japanese Sculpture of a Lady by Owa Sakunai
An amazing wood sculpture of a standing lady looking at a mirror while fixing her hair. Sculpture was done by Owa Sakunai (1894- active 1987) originally Sakunai was a farmer in Nagano and did sculpture as a hobby. Sakunai received the opportunity to study at the Academie Julian when he was 65 years old. After his study in France, he submitted many of his works to the Nihon Bijutsu-in exhibition. The work shown may have been submitted to an exhibition during the 1960s - 1970s. Age: late 20th... Click for details
item #1142173
Antique Korean Painting of Sunrise and Phoenixes
An elegant Korean painting of two phoenixes standing next to a tree with the sunrise in the background, colors and ink on paper, Age: 19th century. Size: Height: 47.25" Width: 18.5"
item #1142157
Antique Japanese Okimono of Monkeys
A charming little okimono of three monkeys posed in the famous style known in Japanese: Sanzaru (Hear no evil, See no evil, Say no evil). Inlaid eyes, amazing detail work on the fur and the face. Signed Shugetsu. Age: Meiji Period. Size: D: 1.6" H: 2.8".
item #1141615
Antique Japanese Onigawara Roof Tile
Amazing reticulated oni gawara (Japanese roof tile). The cloud pattern is unusual that it is reticulated and a brush is placed on the bottom of the tile. A mark is found on the bottom of the piece. Age: Edo Period c. 1850. Size: Length" 16.25" Wdith: 5.25" Height: 10.25
item #1141608
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