Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chinese Pale Green Jade Snuff Bottle
Chinese carved jade snuff bottle, elegant flattened ovoid form, very pale green jade with small dark striations on one side. Brass spoon and fittings with carved coral colored Peking glass top, Republic period. Size: H: 2.75" x W: .75" x L: 2.25"
item #1183353
Chinese Peking Glass Lotus Brush Washer
Chinese Peking glass brush washer in the form of a lotus blossom in pink and white glass with green foot in the form of a curling lotus leaf, unusual and beautiful shape - round with slight gourd shape. Republic Period. Size: 2.25" height and 3.5" diameter.
item #1183346
Chinese Jade Toggle, Carved with Horse and Monkey
Beautiful antique Chinese jade toggle, carved with horse and monkey with coin, very pale green almost white jade with some orange striations from rind of pebble. Republic Period. Size: 2.5" long
item #1183330
Peking Glass Water Coupe with Lotuses and Carp
A sublime Peking glass water coupe with a carved motif of lotuses and a carp surrounding the object. The water coupe is often part of the group of objects found on a scholar's desk. Age: Republic (c1920). Size: diameter 3.25" height 2.3"
item #1183197
Chinese Blue and White Vase in the form of a Gu
A Chinese qinhua or blue and white vase, beautifully painted, in the form often seen in archaic bronzes known as a gu, or a wine vessel. The vase is decorated with framed sections of views of landscapes and scholars near an embankment. The images are surrounded by cloud patterns with the character longevity done in the seal script. The vase has a Kangxi mark, but most likely republic period. Size: diameter 4.2 in. height 9 in.
item #1183194
Large Chinese Rosewood Table
Antique chinese rosewood table with carving on the sides. The sides are beautifully decorated with carvings of birds on blossoming plum branches. It measures 60" long, 36" deep, 15" tall. circa 1980
item #1182795
Antique Japanese Red Lacquer Table
Antique Japanese red over black lacquer low table with negoro finish. It is decorated with incised scrolling leaves and floral design, scallop legs, circa 1910. It measures 35.5" wide 35.75" long 13.25" tall.
item #1182763
Chinese Monochrome Pale Blue Crackle Porcelain Vase
Antique Chinese pale cream glaze monochrome eight sided porcelain vase. The glaze suffused with a matrix of fine contrasting dark and fine lighter crackles, inside and out, including the base. Period: 18th century, Qing Dynasty. Size: Height 6.25"
item #1182637
Chinese Ox-Blood Monochrome Porcelain Small Vase
Shapely antique Chinese monochrome porcelain small vase, ox-blood glaze. Period: 19th century, Qing Dynasty. Size: Height 4.5"
item #1182624
Chinese Ox-Blood Monochrome Porcelain Vase
Beautifully shaped antique Chinese monochrome porcelain vase, ox-blood glaze. White rim with ox-blood stripe. Imperial Guangxu mark (1875-1908) Size: Height 7.875"
item #1182621
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