Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese Hardwood Side Table
An antique Chinese hardwood table decorated with auspicious motifs of peaches and a stylized character of happiness. Peaches are a symbol of fortune and longevity in East Asia. The motif is often seen in various works of art. Age: 19th-20th century. Size: length 15.5" width 15.5" height 18.5"
item #1210665
Japanese Lacquer Tea Caddy (Natsume) by Kyosai
A splendid tea container decorated with hydrangeas done in makie. The container is known as a hira natsume, where the wide structure is a signature element. Motif of hydrangeas are associated with the mid summer- monsoon season in Japan and often seen in summer tea gatherings. Age: Taisho Period Size: diameter 3" height 2.25"
item #1210647
Antique Chinese Child's silk Hat
Antique chinese silk had mede for a child. The hat is beautifully embroidered with peonies and chrysanthemums. There are tassles, light pink, on either side. The top of the hat has a bird with a tassle in its beak, a smaller bird sits below. Republic period.
item #1209975
Antique Chinese Ladies Shoes
Antique Chinese ladies shoes made of silk and embroidered with flowers and butterflies. These shoes were worn during the 19th century by someone who would have had their feet bound in the lily style. Qing Dynasty. 19th century.
item #1209972
Antique Japanese Sword Stand with Dragon Makie
Antique Japanese lacquered samurai sword stand,holds five swords. The stand is simply done in black lacquer with gold paintings on the front and back panels. The bridge of the stand is decorated with a view of Mount Fuji divided into two sections. One side shows Mount Fuji with a dragon ascending the peak of the mountain. The other side shows the foothills of mount Fuji with a view of the bay of Tago (Tago no Ura). Age: 19th century. Size: length: 19.5" width 7.5" height: 19"
item #1209856
Chinese Celadon Charger
A simple Chinese celadon charger incised with motifs of scrolling vines and flowers. Celadon wares were developed in China during the Song Dynasty and were traded throughout East Asia. The simple designs and colors is what made celadons popular throughout the centuries. Age: 19th-20th century. Size: diameter: 13.75" height: 2.5"
item #1209854
Lacquered and Inlaid Sword Stand
An elaborately decorated lacquered sword stand. The stand is made into a small chest with three drawers. The chest is decorated with motifs of plums, a phoenix, and a Chinese style landscape with inlaid embellishments. The interior of the drawers is done in nashiji or pear skin makie. Age: 18th/19th century. Size: length: 19.75" width: 9.5" height 20"
item #1209845
Pair of Chinese Porcelain Famille de Rose Bowls
A pair of Chinese porcelain bowls decorated with peonies. The bowl contains a short poetic inscription which generally states: As if (one is) cherishing the beautiful, likewise at the moment (the flowers) are displaying its colors. The bottom of the bowl contains a mark reading, Yongzheng Nianxing. Age: Republic Period. Size: diameter: 4.3" height 2"
item #1209806
Chinese Jade Toggle of Chimera
Beautiful carved dark green jade toggle of miniature chimera on top of coins and surrounded by vines. The jade stone shows natural orange striations. Nicely carved details. Age: Republic Period (c.1920) Size: 1.75" by 1.25"
item #1209711
Antique Japanese Miniature Netsuke Cannon Firearm
Beautiful antique miniature netsuke cannon form firearm made of bronze with hardwood handle and silver fittings. Nice patina. Small ring on bottom. Measures 2" long. Age: 19th century.
item #1209697
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