Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chinese Tang Dynasty Tomb Pottery Figure of Fat Lady
Beautiful Chinese tomb pottery figure of a portly court lady, wonderful slip painted details especially on face, lovely expression, hair in elaborate knot, T'ang Dynasty, Oxford T.L. test (thermal luminescence)-C105p25 Size: 16 1/2" high x 5 1/2" wide
item #1146094
Chinese Carved Camphor Wood Trunk
Chinese large trunk, carved of camphor wood with flowers and birds, a large ho-o bird and peonies are carved on the trunk lid. Size: 16 1/2" high x 34 3/4" long x 26 1/2" wide
item #1146066
Chinese Jumu Wood Low Table with Carved Stone Inset
Chinese low rectangular table, made of jumu (elm) wood with beautiful dramatic grain, inset with large rectangular piece of dark gray slate carved with design of scholar objects and archaic motifs, stone is protected by glass which is also inset into the table. Size: 19" high x 46 1/4" wide x 30 3/4" deep. (size of table top: 45 3/4" wide x 30" deep.)
item #1145899
Japanese Antique Large Painting of Carp Escaping Net
Antique Japanese large painting of carp escaping a net, painted in mineral colors with raised gofun for net and gold details, painted on silk and framed without glass. Painter: Mr. Tensyo Matsunaga. Born in Gifu Prefecture 12th year of Meiji Period (1880). He mastered Maruyama School style of drawing such as flowers and birds under Mr. Gyokusho Kawabata. His carp drawings are excellent and highly prized. His paintings of carp have been purchased by the Royal Family. A small piece of... Click for details
item #1145864
Antique Japanese Usubata Flower Vase
A detailed antique Japanese usubata flower vase. The vase contains a raised figure of phoenix flying and the entire vase contains carvings of paulownia flowers. The vase comes with an old box with an inscription on the top stating what the contents is and on the underside, the vases was acquired in December of 1893. Size: Diameter: 10.75" Height: 9"
item #1145695
Antique Japanese Kwan Yin Figure Rengetsu Studio
A subtle bisque figure of Kwan Yin done by the Rengetsu studio. A seal and signature is found on the back of the statue. Statue comes with a box with the inscription stating: Byakue Kannon (white robed Kwan yin) Rengetsu zo ( Produced by Rengetsu) Age: Late 19th century -early 20th century. Size: Height: 8.75" Length: 6.75" Width: 4.8"
item #1145694
Antique Japanese Usubata Flower Vase
A splendid antique Japanese usubata or flower vase used in ikebana. The surface of the piece is covered with a red coating to mimic cinnabar lacquer. The images of pheasants and peacocks surround the body of the vase. The sides are elephants and the legs are formed from a mythical beast. Age: Meiji Period (1868-1912) Size: Diameter 13" Height: 11.25"
item #1145691
Japanese Antique Iron Tetsubin with Shells
Antique Japanese cast iron tetsubin (tea kettle), cast with wonderful design of shells on each side, beautiful shape with tall handle and iron lid, Meiji Period. Size: 11" high
item #1144783
Chinese Antique Large Rustic Jumu Wood Table
An original Chinese large antique table, beautiful rustic heavy jumu (elm) wood with beautiful raised grain, traces of original dark lacquer finish. All constructed by hand milled from a single tree.

Ming Period (17th century)

Size: 34" high x 80" long x 28 1/2" deep.
item #1144739
Pair of Antique Japanese Shokudai Candle Holders
Antique Japanese pair of gilt copper candle holders (shokudai) engraved with Kodaiji style pattern on the base and the bottom of the holder. The Kodaiji pattern contains repeating pattern of chrysanthemums and paulownia flowers. The pattern originates from the noted temple on the eastern hills of Kyoto which the name is derived from. Age: Edo Period 17th/18th century. Size: Height: 24.5", Diameter: 9.5"
item #1143968
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