Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chinese Carved Cinnabar Lacquer Squash Shaped Box
Chinese cinnabar lacquer box in the form of a lobed squash or fruit with stem for handle, deeply carved with intricate scenes of flowers and butterflies, interior is lacquered black.

Mid 20th century.

Size: 6" wide x 3 1/2" high including stem
item #1214209
Chinese Ming Style folding Chair
Chinese Ming style folding chair made of Jumu wood. Circa 1950's. Beautiful finish with fine attention to detail in the metal work. Comfortable seating position with wrap gorgeous wrap around arm rest. Dimensions: 42 1/2'' X 32' X 29'
item #1214201
Chinese rosewood tiered stands
Pair of Chinese rosewood tiered stands form the late Qing/Republic period. Set with a floating panel on top with humpback supports further joined to two lower tiers. Dimensions: 29'' X 16 1/4'' X 12 1/2''
item #1214198
Chinese hardwood Tiered seal case
Chinese Humo hardwood tiered seal case from 1950's. Has four rectangular stacked shallow trays. Carved lid with scholar painting on a rock with seated attendant. The base is fitted with a handle flanked by guy-dragons. Dimensions: 11'' High X 10 1/2'' Long X 7 1/2'' Deep
item #1214057
Antique Japanese Lacquer box
Japanese lacquer box form the Meiji/Taisho period circa 19th century. Decorated with gold flowering clematis vines on dark brown lacquer interior with gold rim inset and shallow tray. Accented with gilt fittings with paulownia decoration and ring handles. Dimensions: 5 1/2'' X 6 1/2'' X 5"
item #1214036
Large Chinese Landscape Painting Sun Yun Sheng
A Chinese landscape painting done on a gold paper base done in the style of Zhang Da Qian. The work contains a signature and seal of Zhang Da Qian's noted disciple Sun Yunsheng (1918-2000). Zhang Da Qian established a style influenced from traditional Chinese landscape paintings combined with Song Dynasty style ink wash landscapes. Work is dated in June of 1975. Age: 20th century Size; Length: 64" Height 38.5"
item #1213546
Chinese Couplet Scroll Zheng Xiaoxu
A Chinese couplet scroll in calligraphy excerpting from a work composed by the noted literati scholar, Su Dongpo from the Song Dynasty. Work contains the signature and seal of Zheng Xiaoxu (1860-1938).The two line couplet expresses how as there are different ways to point out the errors in an embroidered robe, or a crane hesitating to fly has yet to mature into an immortal. Age: Early 20th century Size: Height 67.5" Width 16.25"
item #1213543
Chinese Hanging Scroll of Lotuses Qi Baishi
A Chinese hanging scroll portraying a group of lotuses set in a marsh-like environment with a butterfly flying over the flowers. The work contains a seal and signature of the noted artist, Qi Baishi (1864-1957). Qi Baishi became famous through his independent studies in Chinese painting and his energetic brush strokes and styles evolved Chinese art in the 20th century. Age: Late 20th century Size: Height 86" Width 23"
item #1213535
Chinese Pair Scroll of Calligraphy Zhang Da Qian
A pair of hanging calligraphy scrolls with a couplet verse inscribed signed with the name of the noted Chinese artist, Zhang Da Qian (1899- 1983) known for his traditional landscapes, lotuses, and human figures. The scroll expresses the scenery of the mountains and the plum blossoms in full bloom marking the return of spring. Age: 20th century Size: Length 68.6" Width 15.8"
item #1213532
Antique Japanese Kansai Area Issho Tansu
A large Kansai area issho tansu made from keyaki and sugi woods. Copper handles are used on the sliding door panels and a special cabinet with a lock is set on the bottom area of the chest. Tansu such as these were often placed in the private quarters of the home and clothes, family documents, and important objects were placed inside. Age: Meiji Period Size: Length 45.75" Width 18.25" Height 60"
item #1213525
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