Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Famille Rose Porcelain Brush Pot With Quails
Antique famille rose brush pot, made of Chinese porcelain and decorated with two perched quails, surrounded by flowers in hues of purple, pink, yellow, orange, and blue. The bottom of the vase has a Jian Ding seal that reads "Shende Tang Zhi", meaning "Made for the Hall of Prudent Virtue" (1831-1850). 19th century Size: 4.75" tall, 3" diameter
item #1243125
Antique Chinese Canton Painting
An interesting set of two Chinese Canton paintings depicting two festival scenes that were possibly seen on the streets in China during the Qing dynasty. The top view depicts a figure riding a horse and people are flocking to receive blessings. The bottom scene is showing a theatrical troupe passing by. The painting contains techniques that were brought in from the West in Canton during the 19th century. Age: 19th century Size: Length 15.5" Height 19.75"
item #1242693
Antique Chinese Canton Painting
A pair of two different paintings depicting different views of people either engaged in different activities. One scene appears to show a soldier like figure coming back or meeting a lady and another scene is depicting a family at leisure. Particular elements have elements similar to Chinese theatrical costuming and designs. The techniques are more Western since these works were made in Guangzhou in the Canton concessions. Age:19th century Size: Length 15.5" Height 19.75"
item #1242691
Antique Chinese Canton Painting
A refined antique Chinese painting done in a style similar to Western style paintings. These paintings were thought to be done in the Canton Concessions in Guangzhou during the late 19th century. Often these works depicted scenes of daily life in the streets of the Qing Period. This particular view is showing two martial artists showing their skills. Age: 19th century Size: Length 12.78" Height 9.25"
item #1242690
Japanese Zen Calligraphy By Gesshu Soko
An impressive Japanese Soto zen calligraphy by the noted calligrapher, Gesshu Soko (1617-1696). Gesshu was known for his research and interpretation on Dogen's work, Shobogenzo (The Treasury of the Dharma Eye). The calligraphy is a famous zen phrase which translate as: The moon reflected on the water while the breeze amidst the pines blow in this eternal evening. What is the cause or purpose on this pure twilight. The scroll comes with an inscribed box by Awakawa Koichi (1902-1977) who was known... Click for details
item #1242684
Antique Japanese Zenga of Wish Granting Jewel
An energetic and bold zenga painting depicting the wish fulfilling jewel known as a hoju in Japanese. The jewel represents the energy of the dharma and often is used for the hope that people's wishes can be granted. Signed Shunbokuzan. Provenance James Coburn Estate.Age: Edo Period Size: Length 49" Width 22.75"
item #1242681
Antique Chinese Peking Glass Snuff Bottle With Flowers
Antique Chinese snuff bottle made of peking glass (Tao Liao Ping), with an orange background and white and bright green glass overlay, hand carved into the shape of flowers on a vine. The artist would have started with a single-colored glass,dipped the bottle into the white and green glass to create layers, and then carved away the excess. 19th century Size: 2 3/8" tall, 1" wide
item #1242593
Antique Porcelain Snuff Bottle Depicting Two Dragons
Antique white porcelain snuff bottle with hand painting of two Chinese dragons and a topper of green agate. One dragon/serpent swims through the waves, while another flies over its head. Dragons are a symbol of good luck to the Chinese and also used to represent the emperor of China. Five claws is a symbol of elitism, while three or four claws is suitable for commonfolk. 19th century Size: 3.25" tall, 1.25" wide
item #1242590
Antique Indian Copper Treasure Box With Portrait Of Man
Antique copper treasure box with a miniature portrait, painted on bone, of an older Indian man wearing a turban and a blue and gold tunic, with a red cloth hanging behind him and a view of trees in the background. The portrait is set against a piece of gold and green cloth under glass on the lid of the treasure box. Image is surrounded by gem stones, most missing. Provenance James Colburn Estate.19th century Size:2" diameter
item #1242576
Antique Tibetan Bronze Statue of Tara
Antique bronze statue of the Tibetan Bodhisattva Tara. She is sitting on a pedestal in a Lalitasana posture (one leg folded inwards), and making hand gestures called Mudra, which hold special meaning in Buddhism. Her left hand is shown making the Vitarka Mudra, symbolizing intellectual discussion, and her right hand is making the Varada Mudra to symbolize gift giving. She has a lotus flower wrapped around her body, which symbolizes good fortune and purification of the spirit. The backside of... Click for details
item #1242575
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