Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Japanese Pair of Cloisonne Vases with Birds
Pair of dark blue cloisonne vases with scenes of birds among reeds. The base and mouth of the vases are bordered with an intricate design. The backs of the vases have a simple depiction of reeds with grasses. They measure 1.75" wide at base 11" tall. The bases are both signed with the same signature. Meiji period, 1868-1912.
item #1194888
Japanese Cloisonne Vase with Blooming Rose
Japanese cloisonne small vase with blooming roses. There is a fully bloomed red rose and a small budding red rose. Along the base, there is a blooming white rose with pink edged petals. The body of the vase is a cool white. Taisho period, early 20th century. It measures 1.75" base diameter, 4" widest, 5" tall. Good condition.
item #1194872
Chinese Jade Carving of Pixiu Holding a Coin
A small yet lively Chinese jade carving of a mythical beast known as pixiu, a mythical beast that is similar to a winged lion. The pixiu is an important creature that attracts zaiqi or the energy of wealth and retains it while keeping evil spirits at bay, according to traditional fengshui. Age: 19th century. Size: height 1" width 2.8" length 3"
item #1194486
Chinese Jade Carving of Foo Dog with Ball
Finely carved foo dog playing with a small ball done in Jade. The fur of the foo dog is carved in stylized scrolled motif with detail work showing each fur. Foo dogs are an auspicious motif in East Asia and often paintings and sculptures are produced. Age: 20th century. Size: height 1.3" width 1.75" length 2.5"
item #1194475
Antique Angkor Period Vase
a magnificent angkor period vase glazed in a brown caramel color glaze which is often seen with pottery from the Cambodian to Thai region. Age: 800AD-1300 AD. Size: diameter 5.3" height 9.25"
item #1194450
Chinese Jade Carving of a pair of Horses and a Monkey
Chinese jade pair of horses with a monkey riding one the back of one of the horses. The imagery used on this Chinese carving can be derived from the noted legend of Journey to the West, where the monkey king is assigned by the Jade Emperor to oversee the heavenly stables, but does mischief in the end. Horses in East Asia represent swiftness and the monkey representing representing foolishness yet with the ability to learn its lesson. Age: 20th century. Size: height 4.25" width 5.5" length 6.5"
item #1194395
Japanese Meiji Period Boxwood Grouse Bird, signed Ryoshun
Beautiful boxwood okimono of a Hazel Grouse/Ptarmigan, native bird to Hokkaido. Feathers and feet are naturalistically rendered and delightful carved details all over. In excellent condition. Signed Ryoshun. Age: Meiji Period (c1900). Size: 3.875" height x 9" length.
item #1194095
Antique Afshar Hand Knotted Rug
Antique Afshar style persian hand knotted rug. Bright pinks dominate the design with accents of orange, white, brown, and other colors. THere is a large central medallion and an intricate border. It measures 8'2' by 4'4". Early 20th century.
item #1193986
Antique Hand Knotted Afshar Rug
Antique Afshar rug from the early 20th century, circa 1910. Hand knotted from blue and red wools. The border has a maroon pattern on a blue ground. It measures 10'6" by 5'.
item #1193985
Pair of Japanese Cloisonne Vases
Very elegant pair of Japanese cloisonne vases in the style of Hayashi. Dark midnight baby blue with sparrows flying amidst bamboo, with chrysanthemum flowers in exquisite detail, Top and bottom rims with special lapid in beautiful hues of orange, purples and greens. The natural scene in each vase are complimentary to each other and not identical. Vase are in perfect condition. Age: Meiji Period. Size: 9" Height x 4" Diameter.
item #1193973
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