Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Black Silk Haori Jacket with Painted Trees
Japanese black silk haori jacket with design of trees in printed design with hand painted details, some gold thread, inside of shoulders are lined with white silk woven with a chrysanthemum motif, Taisho/Showa Period. Size: 49" wide (cuff to cuff) x 30" high
item #1228198
Silver and Wood Cigarette Set by Nagata Tomijiro
A elegant and luxurious cigarette set by Ikkakusai, Nagata Tomijiro. The work is a combination of silver, woven strips of wood, and lacquer. The exterior section of the lid has two fan shaped silver plates insets with traditional motifs of bamboo, lingzhi (reishi), and the sage jurojin. The box has a metal and glass ash tray, a compartment for a lighter, and below a drawer for extra cigarettes. Cigarettes became popular in Japan during the Taisho and early Showa Periods. Age: Taisho Period... Click for details
item #1227413
Meiji Period Eight Lobed Lacquered Dish
Eight lobed inlayed Japanese lacquered dish. Each lobe is decorated in makie, the flora and fauna of the four seasons with archaic designs set in between. The central area of the dish is depicting a female figure holding a lotus with a child attendant holding a bouquet of lotuses. The bottom is crafted in the nashiji style with a signature set in a medallion motif reading: Kaneko Zo, or Produced by Kaneko. Age: Meiji Period Size: Diameter 8.25" Height 1.5"
item #1227247
Antique Rare Satsuma Incense Censer
A splendid and refined Satsuma rectangular incense censer. Each painted panel is minutely painted with traditional motifs with images of a phoenix and Shi Shi Lion in raised detail. The bottom of the container contains a signature which reads, Dai Nippon Tokyo, Matsuura Yuzan Zo. Lovely condition Age: Meiji Period Size: length 3.5" width 2.75" height 2.15"
item #1227245
Chinese Enamel Painted Plate with Boy and Fish
Charming Chinese antique cast iron and enamel plate painted with a little boy holding a large fish and lotus flowers in his arms, scalloped rim decorated with flowers, the bottom is enameled white with blue and red characters around the rim, blue enamel four character mark on bottom, early 20th century Republic Period. Size: 6 3/4" wide x 1" high.
item #1227095
Paul Jacoulet print, "Le Miroir de Laque Rouge, Tokyo"
Woodblock print by the French/Japanese artist, Paul Jacoulet entitled "Le Miroir de Laque Rouge, Tokyo". A beautiful woman sits at her mirror, her make up sits in front of her on her vanity, she has her back turned towards the viewer, kimono and obi are beautifully decorated, mica used on the mirror, silver ink details, signature in pencil in lower left corner, title and publisher seal in lower right corner, 1938. Size of paper: 18 1/2" high x 14" wide/ Size of image: 15 1/2" high... Click for details
item #1227094
Paul Jacoulet print, Le Chant des Fileuses, Mongolie
Woodblock print by Paul Jacoulet entitled "Le Chant des Fileuses, Mongolie" ("The Song of the Spinners, Mongolia"), depicting a group of three young Mongolian women spinning sheep's wool into thread while they sing, fine details like the thread are done in silver ink, title and publisher's name in lower right, signature in pencil on lower left, 1958. Total size of paper: 17" high x 13" wide/ Size of image: 15 1/2" high x 11 1/2" wide
item #1226905
Chinese White Jade Figure of an Old Arhat
Beautiful carved white jade figure depicting one of the 18 Lohan (arhats), sitting with arm resting on one knee, leaning against one shoulder is a gnarled staff with peaches and a bat on top, wonderfully detailed carving especially to the man's face and an earring that is carved to hang free, Republic Period. Size: 6" high
item #1226896
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Chinese Hardwood Burl Brush Pot
Wonderful Chinese hardwood burl brush pot, nice striations and knots, beautiful reddish brown color, Republic Period. Size: 5 1/4" high x 4 1/2" wide.
item #1226874
Chinese Hardwood Stand
A Chinese hardwood stand crafted in the style of some examples of Ming dynasty furniture and in the preference of the literati. The simplicity of the stand compliments objects placed on top. Age: 20th century Size: Length 18" Width 12.5" Height 6.6"
item #1226222
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