Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Japanese Satsuma Ware Vase
Japanese vase with a view of a temple near a lake within the mountainside. The way the bamboo is painted and the serene setting is seen in similar pieces done in Kutani and Kyoto wares. Vase contains a signature on the bottom set in a cartouche with the name, Shintou. Age: Meiji/ Taisho period. Size: Height: 7.25" Diameter: 2.75"
item #1169395
Antique Japanese Satsuma Vase
Japanese Satsuma vase with various scenes from different periods in Japanese history and one view with Chinese scholars or sages. The views are framed with a motif of flowers and fans. Bottom of the vase contains a name that is impressed in the clay. The top part of name is unreadable, the bottom contains the name Satsuma ware. Age: Taisho Period. Size: Diameter: 2.75"
item #1169389
Chinese Antique Pair of Lidded Cloisonne Containers
Antique Chinese pair of high footed bulb shaped lidded cloisonne containers, decorated all over with a beautiful floral motif, very fine wire work, gilt details, interiors with a deep blue enamel, Republic Period. Size: 8" high
item #1169243
Chinese Jade Lidded Bowl with Dog on Lid
Chinese jade round container with lid carved with figure of a dog, handles carved in archaic style with chimeras and rings, nice light green color, mid 20th century. Size: 3 1/2" high x 5" wide (including handles)
item #1169242
Chinese Jade Vessel with Archaic Motif
Chinese jade vessel, carved with archaic motifs including a mask on either side, a chimera handle and an animal head with ring, beautiful light green color, with carved wooden stand, mid 20th century. Size including stand: 4 5/8" high x 5" long
item #1169238
Japanese Antique Satsuma Vase Signed Ryozan
Japanese Satsuma ware vase in the form of a water bucket, elaborately decorated in raised gold and colorful over glaze with scenes of beautiful maidens and children enjoying a stroll around a lake, beautiful detail, Meiji Period, signed Tanimoto Ryozan. Size: 7 1/4" high
item #1169043
Pair of Japanese Antique Satsuma Vases
Japanese pair of Satsuma vases, beautifully decorated all over with scenes of in raised gold and colorful over glaze, motif is portraying the 18 arhats surrounding a kwan yin like form bodhisattva and Chinese sages. The vases portray characteristics seen in Yokohama Satsuma wares which were produced during the latter part of the Meiji Period. Age: Meiji Period, each vase is signed on bottom: Satsuma attributed to Hattori. Size: 9" high
item #1169039
Japanese Antique Satsuma Lobed Vase with Genre Scenes
Japanese Satsuma ware footed vase with lobed mouth and squat lobed form, elaborately decorated all over with textile-like patterns in raised gold and colorful over glaze, five reserves with alternating scenes depicting Buddhist saints and samurai, exquisite details down to the individual features of each figure, Meiji Period c1900, a cartouche inscription on the bottom written Satsuma. The style of the calligraphy and the decoration appears similar to ones produced by Hotoda. Beautiful... Click for details
item #1169036
Japanese Antique Satsuma Censor of Ladies and Rakans
Japanese small and exquisite Satsuma ware censor, unusual double gourd shape with two handles and three feet, lid with delightful fu-dog finial, one side is decorated with two scenes from 100 Rakans (Buddhist saints), the other side is decorated with two scenes of beautiful ladies, everything else is covered with tiny designs in gold, beautiful condition, Taisho Period, 6 character kanji says: Satsuma yaki, Suigetsu ga. (trans: Satsuma Ware painted by Suigetsu). Size: 5" high
item #1169016
Japanese Small Fan Shaped Silver and Copper Box
Charming small Japanese lidded box in the shape of a folding fan, made of silver with copper for handle, incised with two family mon inside and two impressed marks on back of outside, one reads the name of the maker, Kyuka-sei and the other which reads jungin or sterling silver. Piece comes with small original tomobako, Taisho Period (1912-1926) Size: 3 7/8" long
item #1168900
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