Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Rinpa Style Two Panel Screen of Two Deer on Gold Leaf
Two panel Japanese folding screen with image of two deers set on a grassy meadow-like surrounding with a waxing gibbous moon set on the left panel screen. The simple watercolor appearance, minimalist lines, and motif like appearance of the images are the signature elements seen in most Rinpa School. Age: Edo Period (18th-19th century). Size: Height: 67.5" Width: 68"
item #1167116
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Beautiful Burmese Antique Marble Head of Buddha
Burmese carved and painted marble head of Buddha, beautiful serene expression, exquisitely subtle details for example the carved arching brows and slightly smiling mouth, black hair with traces of gold, 18th century. Comes with black metal stand. Age: 17th-18th century. Total size on stand: 26 1/4" high x 8 1/2" wide x 8 1/2" deep.
item #1166937
Thai Antique Bronze Figure of Ksitigarbha and Demons
Beautiful and unusual antique Thai gilt bronze figure of the Bodhisatva Ksitigarbha, called the Bodhisatva of Hell Beings because of his vow: "If the Hell is not empty, I will not attain Buddhahood". He is dedicated to revealing all the secrets of the teachings of Buddha to all sentient beings whether they be on earth or in Hell. In this sculpture, a group of seven wonderfully strange hell beings, some with animal heads, stand around a square form with an offering and pray to Ksitigarbha... Click for details
item #1166510
Pair of Japanese Kakiemon Porcelain Dishes
Pair of beautiful Kakiemon porcelain dishes painted with a motif of peaches and pomegranates. Age: 19th century. Size: Height: 1.25" Diameter: 5.75"
item #1166328
Carved Chinese Dragon Jade Belt Buckle
A finely carved jade belt buckle carved in the form of a dragon with scrolling clouds surrounding the dragon set on the simply done buckle. Age: 18th-19th century. Size: Height: 1.5" Width: 1" Length: 3.75"
item #1166325
Japanese Antique Large Carved Dragon Bench
Japanese antique large bench carved all over with dragons in swirling clouds, a total of 8 dragons, large oni demon face and birds flying over waves on apron just below seat, seat lifts up for storage, a beautiful and dramatic piece, Meiji Period. Size: 46" high x 57" wide x 23" deep.
item #1165097
Japanese Antique Wooden Nio, Temple Guardian
Antique Japanese carved wooden figure of Nio (Buddhist temple guardian), carved of wood with wonderful details and intensity of expression, traces of original pigment, once guarded the exterior gate to Buddhist temple, on metal stand, Edo Period. Size of figure: 30" high x 17" wide x 7" deep. Size on metal stand: 32" high x 18" wide x 12" deep.
item #1165061
Chinese Antique Lacquer Cabinet with Inlaid Stone
Chinese cabinet, lacquered all over and inlaid with scenes of beautiful ladies and children in a pavilion garden setting, the sides of the cabinet are also lacquered and inlaid with scenes of birds and flowers, interior has three shelves - the middle shelf has is two drawers built in, the front of the drawers are also decorated to match the front with beautiful lacquer work of scrolling flowers, 19th century. Size: 56 1/4" high x 36 1/4" wide x 17" deep.
item #1164214
Antique Japanese Bronze Quan Yin
Antique Japanese bronze figure of Quan Yin from the Meiji period, late 19th century. The figure is holding a scroll and wearing draped robes decorated with necklaces and flowers. Quan Yin is the budhist goddess of compassion. It measures 12" tall, 4" wide at base.
item #1164208
Antique Japanese Set of 8 Porcelain Plates
Set of 8 beautiful vintage Japanese scalloped porcelain plates from the mid 20th century. The plates are decorated with flowers and other patterns. The outside of the plates are decorate with a blue scrolling pattern. The base is marked with 6 characters. They measure 8" wide.
item #1164183
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