Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chinese Qianlong Marble Moghul Bowl with Gems
Splendid Chinese marble Moghul bowl with variety of gems inset in gold. The gems vary between beautiful and radiant ruby, emerald and sapphire. Decorated all over with a peony motif. Beautifully carved design of a chrysanthemum on bottom and a peony carved on the inside bottom. Condition report: 1 loss gem. Age: Qing Dynasty (1735 - 1796). Size: 7.25" diameter x 3" height.
item #1191178
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Chinese Antique Carved Lapis Lidded Bottle with Chimera
Antique Chinese large lapis stone carved into a lidded bottle with highly raised dragon-like chimera, topped with a lid in the form of a hu-bird, beautiful lapis ranging from dark to light and mottled all over with areas of quartz, 19th century. Size: 7" high x 4" wide.
item #1191029
Chinese Jade Grapes
Delightful vintage Chinese jade "stone fruit" grapes with beautiful agate leafs. Age: 20th Century (circa 1970). Size: 7" L x 5" W.
item #1191019
Chinese Carved Jade Lidded Container with Rings
Chinese jade carved container in the style of archaic bronzes, with fitted lid, square form with flanged handles on either side, carved all over with archaic motifs, a total of ten pierced carved handles in the form of lions heads each with a freely carved ring in it's mouth, beautiful translucent green jade with pale green and white striations, Republic Period. Size including wooden stand: 9 1/4" high x 5 1/2" wide x 3 1/2" deep.
item #1191012
Chinese Antique Pair of Large Cloisonne Lions
Antique Chinese pair of lions, made all of gilt copper repouse and cloisonne, the female lion rests her paw on her young lion who is laying on it's back, the male lion has his paw resting on a ball with elaborately draped ribbons symbolizing the world, each lion has a bell hanging from around it's neck, the cloisonne work is extremely ornate with detailed patterns, birds and flowers, beautiful and dramatic, 19th century. Size of each: 20 1/2" high x 13" wide x 18" deep.
item #1190992
Japanese Edo Period Keyaki Pulley
Beautiful Japanese antique pulley made out of keyaki wood with all original finish and wonderful patina. This piece is enhanced by its trapezoid shape and utilitarian qualities. Age: Edo Period. Size: 14.75" h x 9.5" w x 5" d
item #1190989
Chinese Zitan Wood Incense Table
A beautiful red zitan incense table with burlwood inset top; carved signature of and accompanied by the original inscribed wooden tomabako; Zitan.

Age: 18th Century Qing Dynasty
China Provenance: acquired in Tokyo, Japan.

Size: 26.75" Height x 15" Width.
item #1190803
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Antique Japanese Zenibako
Rather unusual zenibako where the fittings seen on the box are typically done in iron, the fittings of this zenibako are carved from the wooden pieces that are used for this box. The top section of the box contains the characters: Kin Senryo, or 1000 Ryo of Gold and underneath the lid is a lacquer decoration of a Tensho period gold coin. A traditional lock and key comes with the zenibako and a manju netsuke with an ojime decorated with images of mice. Age: late 19th to early 20th century. Size:... Click for details
item #1190385
Antique Kazak Hand Knotted Rug
Antique Kazak rug with blue, red and olive green colors. the border has four bands. The three medallions sit amongst a blue ground interspersed with flowers. 19th-20th century. It measures 7'3" by 5'2".
item #1190330
Antique Japanese Vase Emulating Song Glaze
Antique Japanese vase decorated with scroll vine motifs around the mouth of the vase and animal like figures near the mid-section of the vase. The glaze used for this piece is emulation Jun ware which was developed in the Song Dynasty in China and in Japan, Song dynasty style glazes captivated connoisseurs and tea masters. The popularity and preferences of these glaze still continue to this day. Age: 19th-20th century. Size: Height 14" Diameter 7"
item #1190271
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