Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Porcelain Kutani Beauty
Beautiful porcelain kutani beauty, geisha in training. She reads a poem, possibly a love poem. She wears a robe that is tied in front, miko, indicative that she is not yet a geisha. The outer robe is blue decorated with white, red, green, and gold colors. Overall excellent condition. She measures 13.5" tall. Meiji Period (c1900).
item #1091091
Antique Stone Chinese Dragon in Clouds
Beautifully carved stone pocket miniature of a dragon in clouds. The dragon writhes in the clouds and seems to be inhaling a vapor. It measures 2.5" long, .25" thick, 1.7" wide. 18th century.
item #1091088
Antique Chinese Twin Fish Dish
Beautiful antique bowl from the late Southern Song/ Yuan Dynasty, 12-14th century. The bottom of the bowl is applied with two scaly fish. The bowl is covered overall with a sea green tone glaze that is paler on raised areas. It measures 1.75" high by 5.25" wide.
item #1091076
Antique Japanese Gigaku Mask
Antique Japanese 17century Gigaku mask from the early Edo period. Carved from wood and painted with black, red and other colors. Loses of pigment throughout. It would have been used a temple play.
item #1091059
Antique Ghandaran Stucco Head
Beautiful Ghandaran modeled stucco head. This artifact is from the McCloud collection. Ghandara refers to the Peshawar valley and some parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan. This region was heavily influenced by greco-roman style as a result of Alexander the Great's campaign in the far east. The facial features are more european with almond shaped eyes and a bow shaped mouth. The hair falls in loose curls and is drawn into a bun atop the head called the ushnisha, the flame of supreme... Click for details
item #1091006
Japanese Lacquered Marquetry Cabinet
Rare Japanese Tansu made of inlaid woods with lacquer panels. Beautifully inlaid with wood in designs of fans and japanese symbols. The inside has black with gold landscape scenes. The drawers are black with copper colored design. The doors have scenes with chickens and a rooster. Outfitted with brass hardware. It measures 13" deep 23" wide 21" tall. Late Meiji period, circa 1910.
item #1090601
Antique Javanese Head
Sculpted from soft white volcanic tuff from central Java of a Majaphit royal princess. Her coiffure is pulled back and topped with a lotus tiara, and she wears a pair of foliated looped earrings. The rendering of her delicate features is very reminiscent to classical Indian sculptures.

The Majaphit empire is the last Indianized kingdom in Indonesia. Based in eastern Java, it existed between the 13th and 16th centuries. The power of Majapahit reached its height in the mid 14th century... Click for details
item #1090591
Japanese Buddhist Scroll of Parinirvana
Beautiful antique Japanese temple scroll from the Edo period (1615 -1867). The Buddha has left his physical being and attained enlightenment. After one of his close followers prepares a bed under the sal trees for him, the buddha dies. All the beings of the earth, good, evil, divine, and animal mourn his departure. The buddha is painted in gold leaf. Sumie ink and mineral colors. Provenance: from a Montclair, California estate. It measures 46" wide by 94" long.
item #1090533
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Antique Chinese Scroll of Deer with Fungus
Tranquil scene of a deer on a precarious cliff. From the master shiden school, shou yuan'nan Gu Hei- Old mortar calligraphy translation "one hundred blessings" with a cartouche. Picture measures 62.5" high by 33.5" wide. Overall it measures 38 6/8" wide by 88" long. Ink and mineral colors on paper.
item #1090512
Japanese Antique Keyaki Choba Tansu
Japanese antique keyaki choba tansu from Fukushima prefecture Japan. Use as an accountant's chest. Beautiful lacquered elmwood burl with a translucent re-finish. Square locks an iron handles in excellent condition. Meiji Period, (1868-1912), circa 1880's. Size: 16" deep x 34.5" wide x 35" high
item #1090225
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