Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Extraordinary Japanese Peacock Pigment on Silver Fukuda Suiko
A rare an Important work by Fukuda Suiko depicting a realizing all white realistic peacock on applied silver background. Very fine detail in every aspect. Pigment is layered to give a three dimensional feeling.
In Japan, Peacocks are associated with the deity called Kannon. Kannon is a Bodhisattva, which means she has prolonged her own eternal enlightenment to stay behind and help everyone who suffers in this world. They are a symbol of compassion and kind-heartedness, and it is... Click for details
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Antique Japanese Lacquer Incense Stand
Antique Japanese lacquer with gold shrine incense stand. Hand carved wood with black lacquer. Gold gilt floral details seen on all sides. Square flat top open to hold an incenser.
The burning of incense in Japan began during the 6th century (the Asuka period) with the introduction of Buddhism, which uses incense during rituals and ceremonies.

Meiji Period (1868 - 1912)

Dimensions: 11 1/2" square x 17 3/4" high
item #1424428
Rare Large Pair of Japanese Gold Gilt Temple Lotus Flowers
An dramatic pair of large Japanese golden gilt lotus flowers. Gold gilt in excellent original condition over hand carved wooden lotus flowers. Originally these would have been exhibited at a large temple. Rare to find such a large pair. Typically when found these are much smaller. Each is mounted to a matching base.

Meiji Period (1868 -1912)

26" wide X 53" High
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Antique Japanese 2 Section Choba Tansu (Merchant Chest) Meiji w/Secret
An antique Japanese 2 section Nagoya Choba Tansu (merchant chest) made of Hinoki (Cypress), Akita Sugi (Cryptomeria from the Akita region) and Suginoki (Cryptomeria) woods. Original iron fittings. Constructed using mortise and tenon & through mortise and tenon joinery as well as hardened wood nails. There are side horizontal slats for added strength and support. The top sliding door panels were decorated with beautiful flowing grain Akita Sugi wood boards. The hardware features stylized Mokko... Click for details
item #1424408
Vintage Japanese Ranma (Transom) Plum Blossom Tree and Bamboo Kusunoki
A vintage Japanese Ranma (transom) made of Kusunoki (Camphor) and Hinoki (Cypress) woods. Hand carved in deep relief depicting an auspicious Plum Blossom Tree with Bamboo and Irises. Celebrating the change of seasons from winter to spring, it shows many flower buds ready to bloom with a few blooming in all its beauty.

Age: Late Taisho through Early Showa Era (1926-1950).

Dimensions: 67 1/4" Wide x 16" High by 2 3/4" Deep
item #1424347
15th C. Gold Gilt Japanese Muromachi Flame
15th Century Japanese and carved wooded with gold gilt Japanese mounted flame. Once used as a flaming back drop to an important Japanese religious statue. Original gold pigment in great condition with undertones of black lacquer.
Custom forged iron stand mounted for home display.

Muromachi period 1336 to 1573 C. 15th Century

Dimensions: Base 9" long X 4" wide 34 1/2" high
item #1424335
Burmese Architectural Temple Carving
A Burmese architectual temple carving. Would have been mounted within the structural supports of the temple design. Original pigment of gold and red show well and are vibrant. Hand carved with multi colored glass beads imbedded within each detail.

19th Century

Dimensions: 28" wide X 28" high
item #1424323
Antique Japanese Ranma (Transom) Geese in Flight Early Taisho Keyaki
An antique Japanese Ranma (transom) hand carved from Keyaki (Zelkova) and the black lacquer frame from Aka Matsunoki (Red Pine) woods. Depicting geese in flight over a field of marsh plants and through the stylized clouds. Quite unique and rare to find Keyaki wood incorporated into a Ranma since Hinoki, Kusunoki, Suginoki and Kirinoki seem to be the ubiquitous wood often used. It is a floating carved panel within the frame.

Age: Late Meiji-Taisho Era (1900-1920) Dimensions: 70 3/4"... Click for details
item #1424151
Rare Japanese Gyosho Tansu (Peddler's Chest) Edo Period Multi-Secrets
A rare Edo era Gyosho Tansu (peddler's chest) made entirely of Kirinoki (Paulownia) wood. All original hand made iron hardware and original dark wiped lacquer technique finish. Unusual features include the front to back swivel carrying handles and three secret compartment boxes. One box hides to the back of either shelf tricking a thief to think that he/she found the precious treasure. Behind each of the two bottom drawers also hides secret boxes where the real treasure is kept.

This... Click for details
item #1424095
Incredible Japanese Shubuichi Mounted Nihon no ryƫ (Dragon) Okimono
Rare high grade Japanese mounted shubuichi dragon okimono. The dragon is seen as if it is in mid flight, twisting, an thrusting forward. Overall excellent original condition Shubuichi seen here has a Dark grey / silver tonality an has a trace of gold warm colors tones. Incredible detail seen from the fine scales to the tip of the dragons claws. The dragon represents freedom, good luck, and balance. Moreover, it is famous for having supernatural powers and wisdom. Although they... Click for details
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