Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chinese Painting of Lotuses and Goldfish Ou Hou Nian
Mounted Chinese painting of goldfishes swimming among lotuses attributing to the Taiwanese artist Ou Hao Nian (1935~). The view appears as if it was a view of the lotus pond during the rain. The painting contains a signature and seal of the artist. Age: Late 20th century Size: length 42.25" height 23.25"
item #1226064
Chinese scroll of Birds Among Peonies Yu Xing
A Chinese hanging scroll depicting a pair of golden pheasant like birds flying above a group of flowers including peonies and orchids. The work contains the signature of Yu Xing. The work was done possibly around the mid 20th century or later. Age: 20th century Size: 78" long 28" wide
item #1226057
Japanese Peach Colored Silk Kimono with Flowers
Beautiful Japanese silk kimono decorated with lovely understated design of flowers in a paste resist technique, painted details in gold, some use of gold thread, peach colored silk, Showa Period. Size: 61" long x 51" wide (cuff to cuff)
item #1226038
Japanese Antique Futon Cover with Phoenix
Beautiful Japanese antique futon cover, made in 4 panels of indigo dyed cotton, paste resist design of a phoenix and leaves, beautiful colors, Meiji Period. Size: 62" high x 47" wide
item #1225931
Antique Imari Covered Basin
An antique Japanese imari ware covered basin. The basin is decorated with traditional auspicious Japanese motifs such as pine, bamboo, plum, and cranes. Along with the auspicious motifs are designs often seen with imari wares such as scrolling vines and chrysanthemum-like patterns. Often, these patterns are known as kinrande, where the motifs are emulating gold brocades. Age: Meiji Period Size: Diameter 11.5" Height 7"
item #1225086
Kutani Mille Fleur Vase by N. Kingyoku with Tomobako
A round vase decorated with various flowers, emulating the Chinese style of porcelain known as mille fleur. The work was produced by the contemporary kutani artist, Nakata Kingyoku. The Nakata family is known for the raised painted technique. Includes its own tomobako, signed by the artist. Age: Showa Period Size: Diameter 9" Height 8.5"
item #1225080
Sumi Painting of Bamboo by Sentsuji Butsugai
A simple and rustic painting of a group of bamboo done in sumi on silk by the abbot of Sentsuji, Butsugai. The inscription on the top is providing a metaphorical allusion of enduring suffering with the flexible nature of the bamboo.

Age: Showa Period Size: Length 85" Width 22"
item #1224930
Antique Imari Bowl
A beautiful antique Japanese Imari ware bowl. The bowl is decorated with motifs of phoenixes, plum flowers, scrolling vines, peony like patterns, and other geometric patterns. The bowl contains a pomegranate symbol on the bottom. Age: Taisho-Showa Period Size: Diameter 10.25" Height 4.2"
item #1224902
Kutani Ware Hexagonal Gourd Shaped Vase
A hexagonal faceted gourd shaped vase decorated in a style not often found in traditional Kutani ware, but more so in traditional Japanese kinrande style porcelains. The vase is decorated in auspicious motifs. The top area of the gourd contains stylized characters of the word, "eternal longevity".Age: Showa Period Size: Diameter 7" Height 11.5"
item #1224893
Japanese Haori Coat in Black and Red
Japanese haori coat, red and white designs on black, interior has beautiful tie dyed silk and ties. Showa Period Size: 29" high x 48 1/2" wide
item #1224618
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