Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Korean Elmwood Bandaji Chest
Beautiful, smaller sized Antique Bandaji Korean Chest. Chest has one door that drops down to reveal open space to store clothing and/or blankets. Traditional Korean brass fixtures, hardware, and locks. Beautiful Elmwood Color and grain, solid and in good condition. 19th Century /early 20th century Dimensions: 22.5" Tall, 31" Long, 41" Deep
item #1276306
Antique Pair of Burmese Buddhist Statues
Antique Burmese pair of wooden Buddhist figures kneeling in prayer/meditation. Red and gilt lacquer has been applied to both and each has inlaid mirrors along the edges of their robes. The smaller figure has glass inlaid eyes. Size: (smaller) 10" height (larger) 10.5" height
item #1276285
Antique Chinese Burl Stand
Antique Chinese burl stand, with a large solid area on one of its sides, with short nubs branching out like fingers. Its opposite side has twisting, gnarled areas and deep knotholes. Size: 6.5" height, 19.5" length
item #1276268
Antique Indian Miniature Painting of Holy Man
Antique Indian painting of a holy man seated upon a throne, identified by the halo around his head, a line of followers standing before him. The first man in line bestows a ceremonial gift, painted with gilt pigment. Two men stand out of line with a domesticated jaquar. Arabic writing decorates the top and the bottom of the painting. Set in a gilt frame. Size: (entire frame) 10.75" height, 7.25" width (artwork only) 6.5" height, 3" width
item #1276106
Antique Japanese Burl Tansu
Antique Japanese tansu with two sliding doors with large burl panels and a central lock, three small and three larger drawers, with burl wood fronts and sakura (cherry blossom) shaped locks. Size: 28.5" height, 34.5" width, 15.5" depth
item #1276099
Antique Indian Painting of Royal Couple
Antique Indian two-panel painting of a high-class man and woman in an elaborately furnished setting. They both wear matching orange robes and white pearl necklaces and sit upon gold thrones adorned with flowers. The couple gaze at each other from across the room, each holding a flower bud in their hands. A scenic view of the sun setting beyond a large pond and grassy hills can be seen through the large open window. Painting is framed. Size: (entire frame) 11" height, 14.75" width (each... Click for details
item #1276093
Antique Japanese Triptych Woodblock by Yoshitoshi
Antique Japanese triptych woodblock print, meaning it is comprised of three separate sheets, depicting Akechi Mitsuhide in the final battle of Yamazaki in 1582. He is shown seated upon his horse, which has been shot dead with arrows, clutching his sword and gazing over the river at the approaching enemy forces in the distance. Four of his own soldiers are seen scattered around, either dead or dying, soaked in blood, suffering traumatic injury. The bloody scene is done by renowned ukiyo-e artist... Click for details
item #1275948
Chinese Painting of Bamboo and Leaves in carved frame
Beautiful black ink painting of thin bamboo branches with dark painted and light wistful bamboo leaves. Well carved frame with small detail. Circa 1940 Dimensions: Frame 13.5" Tall, 17" Wide Painting:11" Wide, 9.5" Tall
item #1275935
Antique Indian Miniature Painting of Woman under Tree
Artistic Antique Indian painting of a woman sitting pensively under a tree. Woman is dressed in traditional indian clothing with beautiful red and gold colors. A towel is hanging on a branch by a stream. Painting is gilt with mineral pigments. Part of a collection dated 1964. Contains signature of Khet Singh 19th Century Dimensions: Frame 15" High X 12" Wide Painting: 3.25" Wide, 4.5" High
item #1275926
Antique Chinese Porcelain Boy Pillow
Antique Chinese porcelain pillow in the form of a young boy resting on his knees and elbows. He has a yellowish white crackle glaze, with deep brown/black accents on his pigtails, eyes, eyebrows, mouth, and on the front of his chest and wrist. Size: 9" height, 15" length
item #1275918
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