Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Three-Section Kiri Kimono Tansu
Japanese three-section kimono tansu made from kiri wood, its mid and bottom section has five long drawers with round metal lockplates that slide open to reveal a keyhole, and two warabite handles adorned with flora. The topmost section of the tansu has two smaller drawers with a single handle each, topped with two sliding panel doors, opening to a shelved interior and two more small drawers with adorable twin fish handle pulls. Size: 61.5" height, 45.5" width, 16" depth
item #1264529
Antique Chinese Herb Cabinet with Display
Antique Chinese hardwood cabinet, with 20 drawers for storing herbs and spices. The upper portion has a beautiful open display space with lovely carved panelling. The wood has a distinct, attractive grain with a warm glow. Size: 50" height, 35" width, 18" depth
item #1264339
Antique Tibetan Painted Trunk
Antique Tibetan trunk with a gorgeous painted front depicting a wide array of bright animals roaming grassy plains. From the left side, a blue scaled dragon with red hair and scales descends from a billowing cloud, clutching a ball in both of its front claws. Sheep, an ox, tigers, a rabbit, a horse, a large bird, and a dog span the plains, and two small monkeys are shown climbing a tree to pick its fruit, while a snake coils its body around the trunk. In the background a beautiful waterfall can... Click for details
item #1264337
Japanese 2 Section Black Lacquer Sakata Isho Tansu
Japanese antique two section isho tansu (chest on chest for clothing), made of sugi (cedar) wood and finished all over with an opaque black lacquer, beautiful ornate raised iron hardware included four lock plates each with a different design depicting birds and pines, the bottom lock plate has a turtle, the bottom section has a safe compartment in the lower right hand side, inside the safe are two small drawers, Sakata Area, Meiji Period (1868-1912) Size: 39" high x 33 1/4" wide x 16"... Click for details
item #1264316
Sino Tibetan Laqcuered Cabinet
Unique Antique Tibetan 19th century lacquered cabinet with beautiful age and charming country look. Sunflower and peony flower detail on doors painted in yellow and green. Top of cabinet has two drawers that pull out and bottom cabinet has two opening doors with loop hole handles. Circa 1800-1850 Dimensions: Height 39", 38" Long, 21.5" Deep
item #1264221
Antique Japanese Embroidered Chirimen Silk Kimono
Antique Japanese light orange chirimen silk kimono, with beautiful floral and linear designs woven in the fabric. It is heavily embroidered with bright and beautiful flowers of many kinds, colorful leaves, twisting striped ribbons in thick gold and silver thread, and shibori accents.The upper interior is lined in white silk. Early 20th century Size: 66" height, 51" width
item #1263870
Antique Chinese Pair of Hardwood Chairs
Beautiful pair of Chinese hardwood chairs with a dark reddish brown tone and smooth finish. It has an open back with a center support panel, carved with an auspicious Chinese design. The connected headrest and arms run along the top of the chair, with two curving vertical panels on either side. The legs of each chair are carved with squared spiral designs. Size: 26.25" height, 23.25" width, 22" depth
item #1263853
Chinese Garden Elephant Statue
Charming Ceramic Clay Garden Elephant. Elephant is green with blue variations on saddle sitting on Elephant's back. Saddle also has a floral design with cream lining and provides a flat top for ideal placement of garden plant. Beautifully aged, this elephant has a playful countenance, with trunk curled to one side and leaf like tale resting against back side. Republic Period (1912-1949) Dimensions: 23" Long, 22" High, 10" Across
item #1263767
Antique Chinese Cooler with Stand
Antique Chinese hardwood cooler with a very attractive woodgrain, lined with tin, with a small hole for draining water after the ice has melted. It has two sets of handles on each side for carrying and metal adornments along its sides, similar to bamboo. 19th century Size: (with stand)26" height, 20.75" width, 12.5" deep inside cooler
item #1263765
Chinese Blue Garden Plant Stand
Lovely low glaze ceramic garden stand. Ornamented with cut out lotus flower, water, tree and bat designs throughout. Top two tiers are circular shape, with very top modeling a green cut out design with yellow circular ring. Bottom of stand is hexagonal shape. Republic Period (1912-1949) Dimensions: 30.5" Tall, 14" Diameter
item #1263746
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