Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Tibetan Bronze Statue of Tara
Antique bronze statue of the Tibetan Bodhisattva Tara. She is sitting on a pedestal in a Lalitasana posture (one leg folded inwards), and making hand gestures called Mudra, which hold special meaning in Buddhism. Her left hand is shown making the Vitarka Mudra, symbolizing intellectual discussion, and her right hand is making the Varada Mudra to symbolize gift giving. She has a lotus flower wrapped around her body, which symbolizes good fortune and purification of the spirit. The backside of... Click for details
item #1242575
Southeast Asian Brass Bowl With Copper And Silver
Southeast Asian brass bowl with copper and silver overlay, most likely used in a ritualistic manner. It has round, copper accents going around the top and bottom of the bowl, as well as geometric shape allover design. The image of a silver, multi-armed figure holding a serpent also appears going around the bowl, possibly some kind of deity, some have been defaced. Early 20th century Size: 2.5" tall, 4" wide
item #1242561
Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Bowl With Butterfly
Chinese bowl or dish in a famille rose style, with a light blue base and interior rim, yellow ground with flecks of red and green in a floral pattern, and a large design of a butterfly with blue, pink, purple, and green colors. Signed on back. Late 19th-early 20th century Size: 5.75" wide, 2" tall, 4" deep
item #1242483
Antique Thai Hand Bronze Hand Of Buddha
Antique Bronze hand of Buddha from Thailand. The hand itself holds different meanings, depending on how it is being gestured. Fingers up and palm facing outwards means fearlessness and protection, fingers down and palm outwards means gift giving or bestowal, and fingers down and palm inwards is the gesture of earth witness, which Buddha is said to have been made during his Enlightenment. There is a lotus flower in the palm, which represents good fortune and purification of the spirit. 18th-19th... Click for details
item #1242467
Antique Tibetan Kapala With Stand
Antique Tibetan kapala, or human skullcup, with a beautiful bronze stand. In Tibet, it was considered a great honor to have one's cranium turned into a kapala, which would be used for religious purposes. Kapalas are used in the Hindu Tantra and Buddhist religions. The skull itself is very old and is lined with nickel. The bronze stand has a beautiful lotus design, skulls going all around, the image of a kneeling worshipper, and hoof shaped feet. Stand is 18th century. Provenance James Coburn... Click for details
item #1242371
Antique Chinese Jadeite Paper Knife
Antique copper letter opener with a Jadeite handle, with traces of gold gilt and overlaid silver hilt. The hilt is a small silver bat, a symbol of good luck. Carved on one side of the knife is a Chinese dragon and sun, on the other side is a phoenix or fenghuang with a long vine of berries and a flower. The jadeite insert handle has a bat and floral design. Provenance James Coburn Estate, Circa 1900 Size: 8" long, 3/4" widest point
item #1242361
Indian Bronze Offering Chalice With Sacred Peacocks
Beautiful bronze offering chalice from India with one large peacock surrounded by four smaller peacocks, bowing their heads in worship to the central bird. The chalice has a hinge on its front and back, which could secured shut with a pin or rope. The bronze has some red patina on the feathers of each bird and has bronze patina. The peacock is the national bird of India and is also considered a vehicle to the Hindu lord Murugan. Provenance James Coburn Estate, Age 18th/19th century Size:... Click for details
item #1242355
Indian Antique Copper Repousse Disc Depicting Krishna
Very detailed repousse made of copper depicting the Hindu deity Krishna, seen holding a spear in one hand and some sort of vine in the other. He has worshippers on either side of him, adorned in lavish jewelry, headdresses, and scarves. Behind Krishna is the winged holy being Garuda, who serves as the mount to Lord Vishnu. 19th century. Comes with metal stand. Size: 7.75" diameter
item #1242338
Antique Japanese Bugaku Genjoraku Mask
Beautifully hand-carved Japanese Bugaku theatre mask, meant to be worn whilst performing the solo, rejoiceful Genjoraku dance. This dance references the practice of snake-eating for medicinal purposes in central Asia and would often be performed as celebration of the return of an emperor to the palace. The mask has movable eyes, jaw, and eyebrows, stringy hair, bulging veins on its forehead, and an upturned nose of a tengu demon. Its eyes are golden, a common feature on demons, and it also has... Click for details
item #1241940
Antique Chinese Huanghuali Chair With Dragon Motif
Absolutely beautiful and exquisite Chinese antique chair, made from precious Huanghuali with gorgeous woodgrain, with a tan woven seat, and carving of a dragon in the front. Some damage on seat, minor scuff marks on handles. Measures approx: 40" tall, 27" wide 18th-19th century
item #1241919
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