Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Japanese Vanity Tansu
Small Japanese vanity tansu with seven drawers and two sliding doors, the front done in a variety of hardwoods, panels in gorgeous dark Jichimu (chickenwing wood) framed in rosewood, another set of sliding doors done in Keyaki wood, with brass handles and a beautiful lacquered black interior. Taisho period (1912-1926) Size: 13.5" height, 13.5" width, 9.5" depth
item #1243490
Antique Japanese Rootwood Burl Tray
Antique Japanese rootwood burl kashibachi, or serving dish for sweets. It is hand-carved from a beautiful hardwood, all in one continuous piece, and has very interesting twists and gnarls throughout. Meiji period (1868-1912) Size: 12.72" height, 16.5" width
item #1243471
Antique Japanese Indigo Ikat Cotton Rain Coat
Antique Japanese raincoat made of hand-woven indigo cotton with sixteen panels, dyed using a technique called ikat, in which bindings are applied to the cotton threads in any desired pattern and dye is applied over them. The bindings resist the dye, leaving behind patterns in the original color of the threads. The raincoat has two sides: One has white stripes and the other has an attractive design of white arrows and crosses. The raincoat has a cloth loop and grommet closure in front and a... Click for details
item #1243350
Antique Chinese Porcelain Blue and White Joss stick holder
Chinese blue and white pug face, open mouth molded porcelain on rosewood stand. Beautiful coloring with fine detail on both

Circa Early 19th Century

Dimensions: 3 1/2" High w/stand, 2 3/4" High X 5 1/4" Long X 2" Deep
item #1243341
Antique Chinese Silk Rank Badge With Pheasant
Gorgeous silken Chinese rank badge with a navy blue background, golden stitching along its base, borders and accenting throughout, image of a silvery green pheasant standing on a rock, a fish jumping out at it from the water, and many designs of flowers, and clouds in various vivid shades of blue. Rank badges were to be worn on the front of a robe to show ranking and status of the elite in imperial China during the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties. Pheasants would show the status... Click for details
item #1243334
Burmese Repousse Silver Vessel
Burmese repousse silver covered vessel. Compressed bulbous form having an intricately hammered ground of interiors featuring pronounced narrative characters set between two bands of chased acanthus. Fitted lid mounted with a lotus bud. Circa 19th Century Dimensions: 12 1/2" Wide X 7 1/2" High 25.3 Troy oz
item #1243331
Burmese Repousse Silver Box
Burmese repousse silver box. Geometric form with intricate hammered landscape grounds featuring pronounced elephants in a realistic setting. Circa 19th Century Dimension: 10" long X 5 1/2" High X 5 3/4" Deep Acid Tested / 25.30 Troy oz
item #1243328
Chinese Ming dynasty Celadon
Chinese Celadon plate with Even coloring and glazing overall. Ming Dynasty 16th century. Dimensions: 11 3/4'' Wide X 2" Tall
item #1243321
Antique Chinese Embroidered Silk Children's Hat
Adorable and whimsical antique baby's hat in the image of a Chinese lion, made of teal silk with golden stitched flowers and swirled designs, side panels in black silk with stitched koi fish in bright multicolors, black back panel with embroidered butterflies, a beautiful, deep purple back flap with gold stitching and an embroidered bird sitting under flowers. The hat's interior is bright red silk. The lion has a wide, silly grin with accordion-like teeth and its tongue sticking out, and has... Click for details
item #1243296
Incredible Pair Chinese Huanghuali Alter Tables with Jade
Exquisite Chinese Huanghuali alter tables. Gorgeous grain with "eyes" seen in the hardwood. Finely carved all throughout with round Jade wrapped in the wood apron. Overall perfect condition with a wonderful color to the wood.

circa Early 20th Century

Dimensions: 33" High X 43 1/4" Long X 14 1/4" Deep
item #1243294
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