Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese Scroll Painting signed Bada Shanren
Antique Chinese scroll painting, signed Bada Shanren (1626-1705) of two small birds sitting upon a rock structure, with a tree branch hanging overhead. Has red artist's chop in corner, inscribed and signed.

Size: (entire scroll) 90" height, 19" width (painting only) 36.5" height, 13.25" width
item #1305317
Antique Tekke Garden Design Rug
Antique Turkmen rug with a Tekke garden design in red, black, navy, cream, and tan wool. Good condition, very soft. 19th Century, Stunning Rug. Size: 52" x 50"
item #1305108
Antique Kurdish Blue Diamond Carpet
Antique Kurdish woven rug with blue, red, yellow, and green diamond design. In good condition, with a beautiful sheen. 19th Century, Bag face. Size: 48" x 49"
item #1305106
Antique Japanese Ikebana Bamboo Basket
Antique Japanese woven bamboo basket for ikebana, or flower arrangements. The body has a gourd form, inside it holds a large bamboo vase lined in metal. Size: 16.5" height, 9" width
item #1304877
Antique Japanese Kiri Bedside Tansu
A charming Japanese kiri (paulownia) wood bedside tansu. The metal hardware pairs nicely with the very light wood, creating attractive simplicity. Taisho age (1912-1925) Size: 19" height, 23.75" width, 11.75" depth
item #1304803
Chinese Jadeite Cigarette Holder with Gold Accents
A Chinese jadeite cigarette holder that has been fashioned into a pendant, with a gold band around the body and gold flower shaped plates on both ends. The white jade has luminescent apple green areas and natural tan veining towards the top. Size: 2.5" length, .5" width
item #1304075
Chinese Jadeite Long Cigarette Holder
A beautiful jadeite cigarette holder, carved with a smooth, rounded mouth piece and a thin incised line where the cylindrical body meets the handle. The jade has is a wonderful blue green tone with splashes of spinach green toward the end and apple green areas by the mouthpiece. Size: 3.5" length, .25" width
item #1304065
Chinese Bronze Peach Tray with Inlay
A beautiful Chinese bronze tray in the shape of a heavenly peach, with sides pierced through in decorative design. The tray has an inlay scene of Immortals in billowing robes. The underside has the embossed artist's signature. Early 20th Century Size: 12.25" height, 14" width, 1.25" depth
item #1304014
Unusual Philippines Hardwood Side Table
Unusual special hardwood side table or stand with a beautiful dramatic woodgrain. It is of an hourglass form and is very heavy. Very fun interesting stand. Size: 25.5" height, 12.5" width
item #1303899
Chinese Emerald Green Jade Ring 14K
A beautiful jadeite in a wonderful emerald green tone, mounted on a 14K gold band with feminine form. Band is marked "14K" and "5.85". Size: .75 cm x 1 cm
item #1303887
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