Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese Song Dynasty Bowl
Antique Chinese Five Dynasties/Northern Song ceramic bowl with a white glaze, incised ring in the inner center and a rolled rim. The underside of the bowl has glaze drips around the foot that resembles an eye. (age 907-1127 AD) Size: 2.25" height, 7" diameter
item #1313679
Antique Chinese Song Dynasty Scalloped Bowl
Antique Chinese Southern Song ceramic bowl with scalloped rim and incised, cloud like design in middle center. Extremely thin and delicate with lovely crackle yingqing glaze. (age 960-1279 AD) Size: 1.75" height, 4.75" diameter
item #1313677
Large Japanese Antique Sumo Wrestling Promotion Sign
A charming, large wooden Japanese sign covered top to bottom in kanji promoting sumo wrestling match. Dates from the Meiji Period 19th century. Size: 58" height, 45.5" length, 1" width
item #1313347
Antique Chinese Set of Four Bronze Pole Tops
Beautiful set of four (4) bronze Chinese Buddhist temple pole tops mounted on stands, with large auspicious symbols such as a flute, sword, and lotus pod, billowing ribbons, dragon and tao tie motifs. Two are engraved at the base. 19th century. Size: 30" height, 13" width
item #1313339
Antique Japanese Framed Woodblock Triptych
Antique Japanese framed triptych (series of three) woodblock prints, signed by Utagawa Kunisada/ Toyokuni III (1786-1865). Size: (entire frame) 34.75" length, 19.75" height (each print only) 9" width, 14" height
item #1313319
Antique Japanese Cloisonne Box with Birds
Antique Japanese cloisonné box with dark blue navy enamel background on its top and sides, with shimmering gold flakes. The lid has a beautiful scene of two birds flying over a running stream while a beautiful cluster of chrysanthemums arches over them. The sides have small gold spirals with lilac and pastel yellow enamel flowers. The bottom of the lid is done with a reticulation of inlay spirals over vibrant green enamel. Inside of the box is lined in metal with engraved small flying birds and... Click for details
item #1313302
Antique Japanese Firefighter's Water Pump
Japanese antique water pump, with iron hardware and inscription carved below the handle. Meiji age (1868-1912) Size: 38.5" length, 4" width
item #1313197
Large Antique Korean Persimmon Chest
An unusually large Korean chest made with persimmon wood, with four drawers with brass pulls running along the top, and three sets of doors on brass hinges going down the center. Very attractive and functional design, perfect for a kitchen cabinet. 19th century. Sie: 66.75" height, 42.2" width, 21" depth
item #1313195
Antique Japanese Horse Saddle
Antique Japanese horse saddle, wooden frame with brass hardware, leather is decorated with orange and gold lacquer with peony design, indigo cotton fabric with woven mesh saddle cover with long fringe, Meiji Period (1868-1912). Size: 18" high x 31" wide x 25" deep.
item #1313100
Antique Japanese Hardwood Choba Tansu
Antique Japanese choba tansu (merchant's chest) made of kuri (chestnut) wood in warm brown lacquer finish. Each drawer face is decorated with elegant iron hardware accenting. The middle of the chest has two sliding doors with a center locking pin, with two more drawers and shelving within. Keys are included. Dates from late Edo period c1850. Size: 28" height, 30" width, 16.25" depth
item #1313099
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