Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Hailstone Tetsubin
Lovely vintage cast iron Tetsubin. Majority of pot is hailstone covered, leaving spout, handle, and top of pot smooth. Lid contains a small lion character, giving pot a charming quality. Models a small dainty spout. Dimensions: 8" High X 7.5" Diameter
item #1260711
Antique Japanese Lacquered Container
Charming Kiri (paulownia wood) lacquered Japanese Container. Inlaid on branches with mother of pearl. Decorated elegantly with blooming cherry blossoms, with bird perched on a branch. Has a pleasing deep mahogany-like lacquer finish. Taisho Period (1912-1926) Dimensions: 7.25" High X 3.25" diameter
item #1260642
Antique Chinese Bronze Vase with Bottom Mark
This intriguing bronze Daoist vase is decorated with chinese taotie, circling the top and bottom slender areas of the cylindrical vase. Symbols circling around middle part of vase are from the "I Ching" Prophesy, one of the oldest Chinese texts. The solid lines representing the Yang, the creative principle. The open lines represent the Yin, the receptive principle. The Wilhelm translation explains meanings such as "the creative force, the joyous open, the clinging radiance, the arousing snake,... Click for details
item #1260629
Antique Chinese Carved Huanghuali Table
Antique Chinese table, made from huanghuali with a beautiful, glowing grain. Around its sides are carved spirals designs over a large border panel. The front and back panels are carved with the calligraphy symbol for double happiness in between two dragons with clouds of billowing smoke around their bodies and two phoenixes flying on either side. The table's side panels are without dragons but otherwise the same with carved double happiness symbol and smoke detailing. The tops of each table's... Click for details
item #1260588
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Chinese Steatite Brush Washer
This finely crafted Chinese Steatite brush washer is an artistically carved pomegranate that sits beautifully attached with vines, small berries and a blooming flower. A beautiful scholar object that was made to rest and wash calligraphy brushes, mid 20th centhury. Dimensions: 3.5 in. Long X 2 in. Tall
item #1260586
Chinese Rust Colored Monochrome Small Vase
This rust colored copper oxide monochrome has a gorgeous tea dust glaze. A chinese scholar's object used for collecting, this beautiful porcelain monochrome is a wonderful decorative piece as well as a small flower vase. The black and rust combined compliment each other, showing a lovely contrast. Contains a chinese inscription on bottom. From the Republic Period (1912-1949) Dimensions: Height: 5.5" High X 3.25" in Diameter
item #1260582
Black Oil Spot Monochrome
Beautifully rich Black Chinese Monochrome. A scholar's object, this vase has a gorgeous deep black oil spot coloring, 19th century. Dimensions: 7.25" High, 4" Diameter
item #1260579
Antique Japanese Iron Tsuba with Inlay
Antique Japanese iron tsuba or hand guard for a sword, in a mokko or melon shape, decorated with motifs of thin tree branches with plums and blossoms, with silver and Shokudo inlay, and an engraved sun in the top corner. The backside has a small cluster of plums inlaid with silver. Size: 3" height, 2.75" width
item #1260569
Antique Japanese Iron Tsuba with Gold Inlay Bamboo
Antique Japanese iron tsuba, or hand guard for a sword. It has an oval shape with raised motif of gold inlay bamboo shoots and leaves crossing in from the outer edges. Its backside has a single bunch of gold inlay leaves peeking in from the bottom. Size: 2.75" height, 2.5" width
item #1260568
Antique Chinese Monochrome Bowl
Antique monochrome bowl with a beautiful deep peach bloom glaze and a clear over glaze. Inside this porcelain bowl is light bluish- white coloring. Bottom of bowl models a round foot. Edges of the bowl shows are the blue-white as well. From the 18th-19th century. Dimensions: 6.5" in diameter
item #1260563
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