Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Original Antique Japanese Pair of Iron Abumi (Stirrups)
Original Early Meiji period Japanese abumi. These stirrups are made for riding horses brought to Japan. They are forged out of iron with stunning original silver inlay with designs of flowers. Great natural patina. Early Meiji Period (1868 - 1912). Size: 10" H x 12" L x 5.25" W
item #1322409
Large Japanese Antique Screen Painting of Mountains and Horses
Exquisite Japanese 6-panel byobu screen painting of grand mountain landscape with high peaks and distant waterfalls. In the foreground, men water their horses before ascending the narrow mountain trail. There is a beautiful sense of whimsy conveyed in the group of horse and men as they wade in the mountain stream in the shade of weeping willows. Far in the distance, the mountain range disappears in the mist. Painted in sumi ink on paper. Signed and with a large chop seal. Size: 69"... Click for details
item #1322401
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Rare Antique Japanese Keyaki Choba Tansu
Rare antique Japanese choba tansu made of keyaki (elm) wood with beautiful grain. Two full width drawers, one on top and one on the bottom. The center of the chest has three small drawers in a vertical row on the right. A large compartment with an interior shelf has an unusual lift out door. Iron hardware includes cross bracing on the lift out panel and square shaped handles. Beautiful original deep brown translucent lacquer finish. Edo period: Early 19th century. It measures 25.25"... Click for details
item #1322300
Stunning Extremely Rare Japanese Castle Safe Tansu
Extremely unusual and hard to find Japanese Vault tansu from the Matsumoto Castle in Japan. Very heavy as it is thick solid 100% Keyaki hardwood. The vault sits atop its own original thick keyaki stand. Each door has three iron locks, top, bottom and center. Two black iron handles are located in the center to aid in opening each door. The original working key is included. There are twelve open faced shelves inside, and four small locking drawers inside. Absolutely Beautiful and in all... Click for details
item #1322294
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18th Century Indian Pair of Sandstone Statues
18th Century Antique Indian pair of sandstone architectural fragment statues of mythical beasts called Yali, who have mixed body parts of an elephant, a lion, a horse, and other such animals. They would often stand guard and protect Hindu temple entrances. One of these statues stand atop a bird, while the other stands atop a human figure. Very heavy pair in original condition, some remnants of red pigment around the mouths, interesting detail throughout. Early 18th century. Size: 29" H x 20"... Click for details
item #1322217
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Antique Tibetan 17th Century Bronze Ganesha
Antique Tibetan bronze statue of Ganesha, with an arch of flames around his head, a mouse beneath his foot, four arms holding an axe, a noose, and a delicacy. His only empty hand performs the abhaya mudra, a gesture of protection. Traces of vermillion pigment. The bottom of the statue is lined with metal embossed with a flower. 17th century. Size: 6" H x 3.5" W
item #1321968
Antique Japanese Lacquer Altar Tansu
Beautiful Japanese altar tansu with gilt lacquer floral motifs along many front drawers, each with a mokko style handle. Two sliding doors line the top with gold ocean scenery. Two hinged doors with gilt inlay court figures bear the signature seal of the artist. Behind the two doors are three nishiji lacquer drawers with wonderful gilt fish and octopus surrounded with shells. The interior of each door is also in nishiji lacquer with gilt lacquer boats. The top of the chest depicts arrangements... Click for details
item #1321965
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Japanese Landscape Scroll
Japanese scroll painting of a mountain landscape with a river leading into a waterfall, tree branches overhanging the edge of the mountain, a tent set up at the water's edge beside some flowers. Artist chop on side. Size: (entire scroll) 72" H x 18.5" W (artwork only) 41" H x 13" W)
item #1321938
Antique Japanese Burl Container
Antique Japanese burl wood container, very solid and heavy with visually pleasing natural burl form. Size: 7" height, 8" width
item #1321871
Antique Japanese Ikebana Basket
An exceptional Japanese ikebana basket, used for artistic arrangements of flowers with a thick woven rectangular form, a beautiful gnarled wisteria branch handle, light yellow bamboo edging and feet, red bamboo container lined with metal inside the basket. Meiji Period (1868 - 1912) Size: 18" height, 9" width
item #1321865
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