Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Japanese Unusual Choba Tansu
Antique Japanese unusual choba tansu (merchant's chest) with original red lacquer finish hardwood. A single long drawers runs along the top, with four small drawers along the righthand side, and two large, hinged doors on the left, with an interior storage area. Simplistic decorative iron plating of round locks, squared (kakute) handles, and scalloped corner hardware decorative the front and frame of the piece.

Meiji period (1868-1912)

Size: 32.75" L x 13.5" W x 26.5" H
item #1352919
Antique Chinese Pair of Hardwood Stands with Marble Inlay
Antique Chinese pair of hardwood two-tiered stands, with sides carved of scroll ends and floral motifs. Each tier is inlaid with natural marble. Original finish hardwood with attractive, natural grain.

Size: 12.5" L x 17.25" W x 33" H
item #1352853
Antique Japanese Keyaki Front Tansu
Unusual Japanese single section isho tansu (clothing chest), with dramatic Keyaki (elm) front drawers, opened by simplistic hirute style handle pulls and small, squared locks. Its bottom safe box opens to reveal three small drawers within, for the storage of smaller precious articles.

Meiji period (1868-1912)

Size: 42" L x 18" W x 42" H
item #1352606
Antique Japanese Sendai Tansu
A gorgeous Japanese isho tansu (clothing chest) from the Sendai region, with a red lacquer Sugi (cedar) frame and Keyaki (elm) front drawers in its original, rich honey finish. Each drawer opens with mokko (melon) style handles on lotus back plates, and is adorned with elaborate scrolling vine iron locks. The bottom safe box holds three red lacquer front drawers, and hides away a secret back compartment.

Meiji period (1868-1912)

Size: 46.5" L x 23.5" W x 34.5" H
item #1352603
Antique Chinese Oxblood Porcelain Bowl
Antique Chinese porcelain bowl, with oxblood underglaze, the edges of the foot left in buff, with Kangxi mark in cobalt blue within double rings.

Size: 4.5" Diameter x 2.25" H
item #1352530
Sale Pending
Chinese Han Dynasty Tomb Horse
A Chinese tomb figure of an equestrian horse, made with gray clay, its body showing age with old pigment remains and tomb dirt. Lifelike hand sculpted form.

2nd century Han Dynasty.

Size: 12" L x 3.5" W x 12.5" H
item #1352457
Antique Japanese Tatami Gurata Gusoku
The tatami armor was used by foot soldiers, archers, and spearmen. Its a lightweight armor which allowed the warriors to be more swift and fluid with their movements. It is also an economical munition armor as a alternative to the traditional lace scale construction. Going to battle was costly and this gave the clan army full protection from all levels of warfare.
The armors head gear covering has two flaps with a back slit. The head gear is completely made of russet iron plates... Click for details
item #1352451
Price on Request
Antique Chinese Blanc de Chine Quan Yin
Chinese blanc de chine porcelain figure of Quanyin, the bodhisattva of compassion. Her delicate expression with lifelike detail, pierced nostrils and ears, and carefully incised hairs, her crown depicting the Amitabha Buddha, her flowing gown draped over her form, her hands clasped together holding a small vase with the elixir of life, the vessel tipped over so the waters may wash away the suffering of the mortal world. The interior of the figure is hollow from underneath.

17th... Click for details
item #1352364
Antique Japanese Pair of Baku Corbels
Pair of Architectural corbels of mythological elephant baku’s are commonly placed under the eaves of Japanese Buddhist temple and Shinto Shrines to wore off evil spirits. The baku’s devour dreams and nightmares and protector against evil. The baku cannot be summoned without caution, however as ancient legions say that if the baku is not satisfied after consuming the nightmares, he may devour ones hopes and dreams. The open mouth is to scare off demons and the closed mouth baku shelters... Click for details
item #1352283
Antique Japanese Shishi Corbels
Wooden shishi carvings used as architectural elements placed under the eaves of Shinto and Buddhist temples to ward off evil spirits. Beautifully carved keyaki wood shishi with glass reverse painted eyes.

Mounted for wall presentation of custom iron stand.

Meiji Period 19th Century

Size : 18" L x 9" W x 11" H
item #1352278
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