Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese Jumu Bench
Antique Chinese hardwood bench made from Jumu (elm) with lovely, swirling grain patterns. The legs have attractive carved panel accents. 19th century Size: 19" height, 48" length, 12.75" width
item #1306758
Unusual Japanese Edo Period Large Safe Box
Very Unusual Antique Japanese large safe box made all of hinoki (Japanese cypress) wood, door has elaborate six drop-in hinges (when door is unlocked it can be lifted completely off), other hardware inlcludes heavy iron cross and corner bracing, heavy side handles, and warabite shaped drawer pulls on the two interior drawers, the outside of the box is finished with it's original reddish orange translucent lacquer finish. Edo Period (circa 1850's) Size: 41 1/2" high (42" high including... Click for details
item #1306641
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Original Antique Japanese Sword Tansu
Original Antique Japanese sword tansu made from kiri (paulownia) wood with a brown lacquer finish. The front features four long drawers and one small drawer with iron locks and handles. Original finish.

Mid Edo age (1603-1868)

Size: 42" L X 12" D X 14" H
item #1306640
Antique Japanese Small Ko Tansu
Antique Japanese small ko tansu made from light kiri (Paulownia) wood with original finish. Simple two drawer design with metal warabite style handles. Size: 11.5" height, 12" width, 16.75" depth
item #1306632
Antique Japanese Geisha Painted Door
Antique Japanese door with a beautiful painting of a playful looking geisha holding the folds of her robes and carrying a maple branch in her hand. Her robe is navy blue with a turquoise obi, with intricate auspicious symbols accented by red. A low hanging maple branch with fall colored leaves and mushrooms hangs above her head. Splashes of gold flecking surround her. The opposite side of the door has been painted with a wonderful scene of boats and mountains. Meiji age (1868-1912) Size: 71"... Click for details
item #1306530
Antique Japanese Geisha Painted Door
Antique Japanese door with beautiful painting of two beautiful geisha. One holds a black and gold lacquer tray while the other kneels beside her. Flecks of gold accent the space surrounding the painting. The backside of the door has a monochromatic painting of waterside scenery. Meiji age (1868-1912) Size: 71" height, 37" width, 1.25" depth
item #1306515
Large Chinese Ju-Mu Hardwood Cabinet
Large Chinese Ju-Mu hardwood cabinet/wardrobe with a beautiful, distinct grain and warm glowing finish. The two front doors lock and pull open with round brass hardware. Interior has roomy shelved area. Original condition finish. Very functional and simple in design. Size: 76.5" height, 39.5" width, 26.5" depth
item #1306502
Beautiful Antique Chinese Huanghuali Table
A beautiful Chinese huanghuali side table of simple, elegant design with lavish grain and a warm lacquer finish. Wonderful Condition. Size: 21.75" height, 24" width, 17.75" depth
item #1306179
Original Antique Japanese Kiri Two Door Gyosho Bako
Original Antique Japanese gyosho bako (merchant's chest) made from kiri (paulownia) wood with a red lacquer finish. Its front features two doors on iron hinges, with iron fan shaped corner hardware and locks. Many drawers of varying size and handle styles sit within. The sides of the box have iron rings for a merchant to attach straps and carry. Original condition and glowing finish. Wonderful piece. Edo age (1615-1868) Size: 34" height, 11.75" width, 22" depth
item #1306123
Chinese Large Gold Lacquer Round Carved Wall Hanging
Large Chinese ornately carved wall hanging, highly raised and detailed pierced carving of pair of phoenixes with blossoming peonies, other small birds on rocks and branches, round form, minor repairs. Early 20th century. Size: 40" wide diameter x 5 1/2" thick.
item #1306067
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