Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Woodblock "Calme. 'truck' " by Paul Jacoulet 1941
Woodblock "Calme.'truck' " by Paul Jacoulet 1941, showing two Polynesian lovers in a scenic outdoors setting. Signed in pencil "Paul Jacoulet" with a red butterfly seal with title and date. Jacoulet was born in France in 1902 but lived his entire life in Japan studying and mastering woodblock technique producing 166 masterpieces.

Boston Estate
Dates Showa 1941
H 14" x W 17"
item #1416358
Large Antique Japanese Sumie Dragon in Clouds Scroll
Large Japanese antique sumie dragon flying in clouds scroll. Exuberantly painted on silk with lovely splashes of ink. Brown brocade mounting. Good condition. Signed and sealed signed Hōgen Nyosen, one of the names used by Kanō Chikanobu (1660-1728), a leading Kano-school painter of the eighteenth century Edo. (Hōgen means "dharma eye" and Nyosen means "river-like"). Translation reads that he painted it at the age of 67. The characters are: 法眼如川行年六十七歳筆 Hōgen Nyosen... Click for details
item #1416216
Antique Japanese Choba Tansu (Merchant Chest) Lacquered Keyaki
An antique Japanese Choba Tansu (merchant chest) made of Keyaki (Zelkova), Suginoki (Cryptomeria) and Kirinoki (Paulownia) woods. Original Urushi lacquer front with a wiped lacquer technique used on the body. Hand made iron fittings with the round sliding door handles featuring an incised design of a lucky Pine tree and an old Minka (thatched roof Japanese home). The bottom hinged door opens to reveal a set of 3 small drawers.

Merchant chests provided two important key elements for the... Click for details
item #1416138
Antique Japanese Basket With lacquer Designs Overlay
Japanese woven bamboo five tiered basket emulating chinese style with whimsical lacquer overlay of scholar objects and buddhist objects, including a mirror with inscriptions, a plaque with the god of scholarship, a bird, seal with deer on top, water bucket with neolithic chinese designs, paste seal box, religious gong, a sun emblem, a split bamboo handle with tightly knotted with gold painted designs, all interior compartments in black lacquer.

Los Angelus Collection
Meiji Period... Click for details
item #1416044
Pair of Antique Japanese Bronze Candlesticks
Pair of antique Japanese bronze candlesticks modeled as guardians with cartouche on bottom. Dates from Meiji period.

Provanence East Coast Estate
Meiji Age (1868-1912)
Size H 10 3/4" x W 3 1/2" x D 2 3/4"
item #1416023
Very Rare Antique Japanese Traveling Kusuri Tansu Medicine Chest
A very rare antique Japanese Kusuri Tansu (medicine chest) made of Kirinoki (Paulownia) and Hinoki (Cypress) woods. All original finish and bronze hardware. Doe skin drawer pulls used to prevent drawer fronts from marring when the chest is closed. Consisting of 168 small upper drawers to house herbs and medicines with 9 drawers below varying in size used to organize pharmaceutical records, business papers. and writing tools. Of these 9 drawers, the right hand small drawer houses a Suzuri... Click for details
item #1416009
Price on Request
Antique Japanese Edo Choba Tansu (Merchant Chest) Rare Many Secrets
A rare antique Japanese Edo era Choba Tansu (merchant chest) made of Keyaki (Zelkova), Kurinoki (Chestnut) and Suginoki (Cryptomeria) woods. Sliding doors in front with various small drawers and shelves that originally store merchant documents, books and other store related items.

The merchant chest served two purposes in a business. The first was its basic utilitarian function of serving as a business records storage and safe for keeping money and valuables. The second less obvious... Click for details
item #1415980
Price on Request
Chinese Antique Jade Vase with lid
Chinese antique Jade Vase with lid, intricately carved and elegant in a Mughal design.

Provenance Berkeley Hill Estate
Dates 19th Century
Size H 9" x W 3"
item #1415929
Sale Pending
Antique Bronze Rain Drum Laos from F Knoll Collection
An antique bronze rain drum with natural patina from the F Knoll Collection. Country of origination is Laos. Top features a bas relief in the concentric circles with families of stacking frogs on each of four positions. Elephant figurals shown marching up to each handle. The center displays a 12 pointed sun.

Age old restoration. Some loss to one frog consistent with its age.

Age: 18th Century-Luang Prabang Period

Dimensions: 26" High x 24 3/4" Width x 24 3/4" Depth
item #1415903
Price on Request
Mid Century Console Table Acacia Natural Finish
This is a mid century modern console table made of solid Acacia wood. Thick slabs were combined with strong dovetail joinery to make this beautiful piece. The natural finish eccentuates the undulating wood grain of this table.

Age: Mid Century 1950's

73 1/4" Wide x 31 1/4" High x 15 5/8" Deep
item #1415880
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