Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Antique Jingasa, Samurai's Hat with Kikusui Mon
Antique Japanese circular jingasa with a gradually pointed top. Textured to simulate leather and lacquered a bronze color with red and gold lacquer on the underside. The raised, carved lacquer kikusui (chrysanthemum and water) mon is covered in gold leaf. The Kikusui mon was used by Masashige Kusunoki, a samurai lord who helped overthrow the Kamakura Shogunate. Kusunoki was loyal to the Emperor Godaigo and was awarded the use of the Kiku mon which he personalized to create this Kikusui... Click for details
item #1436151
Chinese Antique Highly Carved Jade Lidded Box with Fu-lion
Antique Chinese jade lidded box in rectangular form on four cylinder legs. Carved with highly raised relief designs of archaic motifs featuring lion heads, key frets and scrolling chimera. Loose carved ring handles on the sides and large fu-lion finial on the lid. Beautiful coloring ranging from white to green. On carved hardwood base.

Age: Republic Period (1912-1949)

Dimensions: Total size with stand: 10 3/4" high x 10 1/2" wide x 6 1/2" deep. Size of jade box: 8 3/4"... Click for details
item #1436149
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Japanese Antique Painted Porcelain Brushwasher/Brushrest of Daruma
Antique Japanese porcelain brush washer and brush rest in the form of Daruma. Derived from BodhiDharma, the monk founder of Zen Buddhism, this is a whimsical and utilitarian object for the scholar's table. After a long meditation, Daruma opens his mouth in a wide yawn, creating the water container portion of the brush washer. He stretches his arms up over his head, his hands together, making a perfect brush rest. Painted wearing his signature red robes, details in black and... Click for details
item #1436116
Japanese Antique Ceramic Figure of Daruma, Meiji Period
Antique Japanese painted ceramic figure of seated Daruma. Made from a mold and painted, this is an unusually expressive and detailed depiction of Bodhidharma, the monk founder of Zen Buddhism. He has his traditionally intense expression and, in this case, his robes are decorated with flowers. Daruma is a popular good luck symbol for prosperity and perseverance.

Age: Meiji Period (1868-1912)

Dimensions: 10" high x 7 1/2" wide x 7" deep.
item #1436114
Antique Japanese Kansai Choba Tansu (Merchant Chest) Hinoki Meiji Era
This is an antique Japanese Kansai Choba Tansu (merchant chest) made of Hinoki (Cypress) and Sugi (Cryptomeria) woods. All original hand forged hardware including the Hirute handles. Center sliding doors with horizontal slats open to a spacious storage area. Side horizontal bars for strength and aesthetic beauty.

The Japanese merchant chest was originally used by store owners as a chest to keep business records, books, stationery, an abacus, and calligraphy brushes and paper. Often... Click for details
item #1436093
Japanese Antique Keyaki Wood Choba Tansu (Merchant's Chest)
Antique Japanese choba tansu (merchant's storage chest). Made with keyaki (zelkova elm) wood frame and front. Sugi (cryptomeria) wood sides and top. 2 large sliding panels open to a large compartment. Below this are 4 drawers of various sizes. Iron hardware includes warabite shaped drawer pulls. Deep reddish wiped lacquer finish.

Age: Meiji Period (1868-1912)

Dimensions: 37" high x 35 1/2" wide x 18" deep
item #1436092
Korean Antique Nong, Bedside Storage Chest, 19th century
Antique Korean nong, bedside chests for storage. Made with zelkova elm wood burl panels and cypress wood frame. On the front, black and deep red lacquer frames and highlights the burl wood grain. Hardware is made of brass and features bat drawer pulls and buddhist symbols. The upper portion of the chest has a row of 4 small drawers. Hinged doors open to a large open compartment.

Age: 19th century

Dimensions: 29 1/2" high x 44" wide x 20 3/4" deep
item #1436091
Japanese Antique Tall and Narrow Ikebana Basket
Antique Japanese tall basket for ikebana flower arranging. Woven of narrow split bamboo. The design is slightly open at the bottom, tightens up in the middle and turns into a bold weave towards the mouth of the basket. Comes with a bamboo insert.

Age: Meiji Period 1868-1912

Dimensions: 16" high x 5 1/2" wide
item #1435900
Japanese Antique Kiri Wood Tansu with Safe
Antique Japanese tansu made all of kiri (paulownia) wood. Three large drawers have iron warabite shaped pulls and square lock plates. The lower right hand side has a safe with a hinged door and heavy iron cross bracing. The safe door opens to reveal two small interior drawers with small warabite pulls.

Meiji Period (1868-1912)

Dimensions: 31 3/4" high x 31 1/2" wide x 16 1/2" deep
item #1435872
Japanese Antique Large Choba Tansu
Japanese antique choba tansu (merchant's chest) with locking bars and safe box. Made with keyaki (zelkova) wood frame, hinoki (cryptomeria) wood drawer fronts, sugi (cypress) wood top and side panels. The upper portion has three large full-width drawers held into place with a locking bar. The lower portion has two medium sized drawers held in place with another matching locking bar. The lower right hand side has a safe box opened by a hinged door. Inside are four small drawers, one of... Click for details
item #1435863
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