Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Japanese Hibachi with Glass
Antique Japanese hibachi or brazier made of beautiful original keyaki hardwood. Bold natural grain with warm finish. The front features five small drawers convenient for storage. Glass has been added to the top of the allowing it to be used as a small table. (Glass removed for photos). Original seen in the patina copper within. Mid Meiji Period (1868 -1912) Size: 24"H x 28"L 16"D
item #1328094
Japanese Iron Edo Period Tsuba
Japanese antique tsuba (hand guard for a samurai sword), cast all of iron. The motif appears to be a combination of two kamon (family crests); one being the inside part of a mokko crest and the other the swirling comma shaped arms of a tomoe or mitsudomoe (Shinto) mon. The resulting design is an open work of elegant lines. Edo Period. Size: 3 1/8" wide diameter
item #1328090
Japanese Iron Tsuba with Daikon Raddish
Antique Japanese tsuba (hand guard for a samurai sword), made all of iron and cast in the form of a daikon raddish. The leafy tops of the daikon are highly raised and the raddish root itself twists around becoming the circular rounded edge of the tsuba. Wonderful three dimensional quality. Edo Period. Size: 3" wide diameter
item #1328088
Chinese Republic Period Tall Hardwood Stand
Chinese antique tall rectangular stand. Made of hardwood and carved with stylized scrolling clouds and dragon head motifs. Elegant lines. Republic Period. Size: 40 3/4" high x 18" wide x 15" deep.
item #1328010
Original Chinese leather wrapped Trunk
Chinese original wrapped leather trunk. Brass hardware side handles on both sides and front lock. Charming calligraphy on interior of lid. Great original condition with no issues. Late 19th century. Size: 19" H x 30.25" L x 22" D
item #1327996
Antique Japanese Small Bar Tansu
Antique Japanese small lock bar tansu with beautiful Keyaki wood front in original red lacquer finish, adorned with decorative iron plating. Bottom drawer has incised lock plate with the image of a crane and pine trees with a safe box beside it. Meiji period (1868-1912) Size: 24.5" H, 24.5" W, 12" D
item #1327613
Chinese Hardwood Octagonal Stand
Chinese small hardwood stand with an octagonal top surface, with carved grapevines along the outer edges and cascading down the legs, ending in clawed feet. Provenance; Christian de Guigne IV Estate, Hillsborough, CA. Size: 20" H x 11" W
item #1327587
Chinese Inlaid Hardwood Mirror Box
Antique Chinese mirror vanity box made of beautiful heavy hardwood. Inlaid with scenes of birds, flowers, and bamboo. Original brass hardware. The top is hinged and opens up to reveal a vanity mirror. A small cabinet underneath opens up to show a total of 6 small drawers of various sizes. Each door also has a compartment with a sliding panel for access from the top. Mid 19th Century. Very nicely detailed with original finish and condition. Size when open: 22" high x 25" wide x 15 1/4"... Click for details
item #1327525
Chinese Hardwood Stand
Chinese small hardwood plant stand. The underside panels are hand carved with a bowl of fruit, legs connected in an elegant undulated form. 19th Century. Original conditon and finish. Size: 21" H x 9" W x 9" D
item #1327521
Chinese Inlaid Barrel Stool
Chinese hardwood barrel stool, with inlaid designs of flowers on scrolling vines and swirling dragons. Nicely detailed birds perched on branches wrapped around the stool. Republic Period (circa 1950's). Size: 13" H x 15.5" W
item #1327518
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