Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Japanese Two Section Cha Tansu w/ Glass Doors
Antique Japanese two section cha tansu (tea chest) made with beautiful burl wood front drawer panels, and persimmon wood front frame, in all original lacquer finish. The top section has two burl sliding doors and two very large textured glass panel doors, the interior of which has very unique shelving with natural wood accents, lacquered in red. The bottom most section has six drawers, two small sliding burl panels and one hinged door. Taisho period (1912-1925)

Size: 33.5" L x 14" W... Click for details
item #1339690
Pair of Chinese Antique Porcelain Plates
Antique Chinese pair of porcelain plates with foliate rim, with matching enamel scenes of chrysanthemums and other budding flowers in pinks, purples, blues, greens, and yellows. The foot is marked reign of Guangxu (1875-1908).

Size: 8" L x 1" H
item #1339674
12th Century Hindu Stone Sanskrit Tablet
A large Hindu 12th Century stone fragment with Sanskrit inscription. Extremely heavy, displayed on a custom made iron stand.

12th Century

Size: (stone only) 14.5" L x 4.5" W x 13" H (entire size on stand) 15"L x 6" W x 17" H
item #1339591
Japanese Burl Root Wood Carving of a Man
A wonderful Japanese burl wood carving of a man with a very expressive face with black eyes, holding two containers, most of his body retaining the natural burl form of the wood, with a wide-stance atop a larger piece of natural burl. 19th Century

Size: 16" L x 10" W x 14" H
item #1339362
18th/19th Century Tibetan Bronze Tara Statue
Antique Tibetan bronze statue of Tara, with old traces of gilt pigments, beautifully hand sculpted with elaborate decoration. Natural patina. 18th/19th century

Size:6.5" L x 5.5" W x 8.25" H
item #1339354
18th Century Tibetan Gilt Buddha Statue
Antique Tibetan gilt buddha statue, seated upon a lotus throne, holding a medicine jar in the left hand and touching down to earth with the right. Beautifully detailed with natural patina, based embossed with lotus mark. 18th century

Size: 3" L x 2.5" W x 4" H
item #1339351
Antique Tibetan Gau Portable Buddhist Shrine
Antique Tibetan Gau, or portable shrine, with a small statue of Buddha inside behind a window of glass, padded with old fabric. The wooden box has remnants of old red lacquer, and the back opens so that the Buddha may be removed. 19th century.

Size: 3.25" L x 2.5" W 4.25" H
item #1339346
Antique Tibetan Gau Portable Shrine
Antique Tibetan Gau, or portable shrine, in a metal repousse container with imagery of lotuses and various figures, within is a deity behind a small glass window. Directly below the deity is the face of Kirtimukha, a common image in Southeast Asian temples. The box is secured within a pouch woven of cotton and silk, with a long strap and small stone clasps. 19th century.

Size: 3.5" L x 3" W x 1.25" H (length of strap 20" hanging)
item #1339342
Antique Japanese Calligraphy Scroll by Rengetsu
Antique Japanese scroll signed Rengetsu (1791-1875), with beautiful calligraphy poem, and small painted flying crane, painted in sumie, beneath. Grass writing calligraphy poem reads: Tsuki no , aki no tomoshi, saki no toki matsu hodo, shiru toki wa, hatsukari no shiru Along with The Autumn moon, Instead of waiting for its coming, The first geese Know already

Size: (entire scroll) 70" L x 12.5" W (artwork only) 38" L x 9.25" W
item #1339338
Japanese Natural Burl hardwood Stand
Natural Japanese burl wood stand with dramatic, long gnarling root legs and wide, flat base. Hardwood with beautiful grain.

Size: 15" L x 11" W x 6" H
item #1339333
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