Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Japanese 64 Ken Kabuto Helmet
This superb helmet bowl is comprised of 64 iron plates that are slightly embossed between the suji, double front plates, and a washer underneath the top front riveted inside. The bowl has been given a very dark russet finish and fitted with a simple iron visor. The meadate is a forged iron hornet with gilt brass wings. The shikkoro of five - lames of false scale laced in blue silk and brown russet lacquer. Unsigned

Size: 14" L x 14" W x 13"... Click for details
item #1351812
Antique Japanese Iron Tomiodai Candleholder
Antique Japanese iron tomiodai candleholder. Includes full five tiered with twenty five iron prickets, used in traditional buddhist or Shinto rituals. Forged iron with age consistent to usage.

Meiji Period 19th Century

Size: 27.5" L x 14.5" W x 26.25" H
item #1351796
Chinese Small Soapstone Dragon Toggle
Charming tiny Chinese toggle of a dragon, carved of orange and pale yellow soapstone, recumbent dragon with his head turned to look over his shoulder, mouth carved open, traces of black pigment.

19th century

Size: 1 1/2" long
item #1351788
Listed Price $500.00
Antique Chinese Stone Quanyin Carving
Antique Quanyin stone carving, the bodhisattva of compassion. She is seated upon a lotus throne with her legs crossed in the lotus position, her left hand holding a container, with her right hand performing the akash mudra or Buddhist hand gesture, increasing the space element within. She wears beautiful open robes with delicate patterns and a crown upon her head.

Dates circa 1920.

Size: 8.75" height, 5" width
item #1351787
North African Bronze Black Powder Container
Antique bronze North African Sudanese black powder container. Appliqué copper with fine chasing. Original patina matching that of its age and use. Copper rings used for mounting piece for ease of use while traveling.

18th Century With brass display stand.

Size: 5" W x 8" H
item #1351459
19th Century Malaysian Malay Silver Niello Belt Buckle
Incredible belt buckle with chased Malay floral motifs on a niello ground. Three layers of ogival form with jagged edges and pointed sides. Several bands of geometric designs, line work and floral motifs ornament this piece. The centre is of plain silver with a central niello dot.The back has a looped carrier which allows a belt to pass through.

Niello belt buckles were worn with textile belts on ceremonial occasions. The size, material and intricacy of the buckle’s design signalled... Click for details
item #1351457
Antique Indian Gold Damascene Shield
Antique Indian gold damascene iron shield. Original remnants of the hand grip materials, which consist of leather and cushion cut velvet remaining on the inside of the shield. Four protruded mounts are gold damascened with fine floral detailing.

Mogul 18th Century, India

Size: 13" Diameter x 2" H
item #1351455
Antique Japanese Yumi Set of Arrows
Antique Japanese Yumi set of six Hawk feather and arrow reed. These were used to shoot long distances before and after the introduction of firearms. Mounted on a custom stand for a stunning presentation.

Meiji Period 19th Century

Size: 36.5" L each (on display 16.5" W x 4" D x 37.75" H)
item #1351387
Antique Japanese Tanegashima Teppo Matchlock Rifle
The Japanese matchlock was introduced to the Japanese by the Portuguese during the Sengoku period. Originally called teppo, it was known as the name tanegashima where its origins was founded.
The tanegashima rifle where used by the samurai class and their foot solders (ashiguru) and within a few years of the introduction of the munition it completely altered Japanese warfare. This long rifle gun has an octagonal russet iron barrel with a flat sighting plain on top and a bore of... Click for details
item #1351386
Antique Japanese Bajo Zutsu Pistol
Introduced to Japan through the Portuguese in 1543. Intended for use by mounted samurai, these pistols where called horsemen cannon's (Bajo zutsu).
They proved however to be totally impractical weapons to fire, since the rider had to ignite a piece of chord to the lock, while aiming the chamber and at the same time controlling his moving horse. None the less, owning a pistol remained a symbol of a samurai family's power, rank, and wealth. This example has a bronze barrel of circular... Click for details
item #1351381
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