Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese Silk Robe with Auspicious Symbols
Antique Chinese silk robe, made with light burgundy silk fabric, edged in gold embroidered silk. The backside is ornately hand-embroidered with auspicious objects and symbols within flaming rings. The central image is a large yin-yang outlined by gold embroidered scrolls. With some areas of wear. Some fading and losses.

Dimensions : 58" L x 47" H
item #1363571
18th Century Indian Wood Carved Figure
Antique Indian hardwood figure carving. Mounted on a custom high-quality iron stand for display. The female figure is in a dancing pose, with elaborate headdress and garb. Mounted on a High grade custom iron stand.

18th Century

Dimensions w/ stand: 18" high x 6 3/4" wide x 4 1/2" deep

Dimensions w/o stand: 16 3/4" high x 5 1/2" wide x 2 3/4" deep
item #1363499
Japanese Antique Pair of Bronze Shokudai Candle Stands
Antique pair of Japanese shokudai (candle stands), made of bronze. Beautiful simple design with faceted stem and small chrysanthemum shaped detail where stick meets base. Each stand has a little hook and circular candle guard.

Meiji Period (1868-1912)

Dimensions: 17 1/4" high x 8" wide
item #1363276
Japanese Antique Pair of Shokudai Candle Sticks with Chrysanthemums
Antique Japanese pair of shokudai (candle sticks). Made of copper repousse and overlaid with silver, these candle sticks are decorated with a intricate chrysanthemum and scrolling vine motif. The base and top of each of the candle sticks flares out and is lobed in a chysanthemum form with scalloped edges.

Meiji Period (1868-1912)

Dimensions: 22 3/4" high x 9" wide
item #1363275
Chinese Dragon Scholar's Brush Rest
A Chinese scholar's calligraphy brush rest, composed of mixed metals, in the form of a dragon resting on clouds. The hollow underside shows patina from oxidation.

Dimensions: 7.5" L x 2.5" D x 2.25" H
item #1363164
Antique Korean Celadon Bowl
Antique Korean bowl, with a rich crackle celadon glaze. Its outer edges are incised with thick lotus petals. The bowl displays small, buff areas, bare from the natural dripping of the glaze.

15th Century

Dimensions: 6.5" x 2.75" H
item #1363154
Large Indian Bronze Statue of Shiva-Nataraja, Lord of the Dance
Large Indian bronze sculpture of Shiva Nataraja, Lord of the Dance. This form of Shiva demonstrates his most dynamic aspect: that of Shiva the Creator, Shiva the Preserver,and Shiva the Destroyer all combined in a dance which makes up the cycle of time. Each of Shiva's four hands show important clues as to his distinct importance: one hand holds the drum which makes the first sound of creation and one the flame of universal destruction. One hand is held in abhayamudra, the gesture that... Click for details
item #1362826
Antique Japanese Carving of a Figure with Axe
Unusual Japanese wood carving of a figure, appearing to be a foreign man, who wields an axe head. The figure is seated, kneeling upon a jagged throne. The patina of the carving shows remnants of old lacquer.

Dimensions: 7.5" L x 5.5" D x 11" H
item #1362482
Antique Thai Gilt Wall Carving
Antique Thai panel with red and gilt pigments, featuring detailed hand-carvings of two dancing human figures with a monkey over a reticulated ground of various flora.

Dates from the 19th century

Dimensions : 13"L x 2" D x 16.5" H
item #1362481
Antique Japanese Small Blue and White Water Dropper
Japanese small porcelain blue and white water dropper, of a rectangular form with four very short legs. The top of the piece features lingzhi, lotus, and tight scrolling motifs with floral medallions over waves on its sides.

Dimensions: 2.25" L x 1.75" D x .75" H
item #1362471
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