Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese 2-panel Gold Leaf Screen
Antique Japanese 2-panel byobu screen. Covered with small squares of pale gold leaf. That this is antique is told by the size and quality of the gold leaf squares.

Dimensions: 35 1/4" high x 51 1/2" long
item #1425203
Chinese Scroll Painting of Beauty with Peony by Wu Fan
Chinese scroll painting of a beautiful maiden. She stands in a loosely draped salmon colored gown with red chording, a transparent shawl around her bare shoulders. Atop her head is a bright pink peony flower. At her feet, is an exuberance of wide leaves, the over all appearance is that she is part of the blossoming plant. Dramatic calligraphy dominates the left hand side of the painting. Signed by Wu Fan. Wu Fan (Simplified Chinese: 吴凡; Hanyu Pinyin: Wú Fán) (born December 1923)... Click for details
item #1425201
Chinese Antique Porcelain Turquoise and Gilt Vase
Beautiful Chinese antique porcelain turquoise and gilt baluster vase and flared neck with red overglaze markings. Body with floral design done in gilt. with markings on body and inset bottom. Perfect condition.

Size: 9.25"H x 5.5"D

Age: Republic Period
item #1425188
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Antique Chinese Stoneware Bodhidharma Figure
Well modeled figure of Bodhidharma in stoneware with a whitish celadon glazed body. Depicted as an itinerant monk with hat and walking staff, with large earrings and beaded necklace and flowing robe. Unglazed base with brownish-grey color to clay body. Very good condition.

Size: 9" high

Age: late 19th century, Ching Dynasty
item #1425176
Korean Antique Tall Painted Panel of Two Phoenixes and Flowers
Antique Korean painting, very tall and narrow, of a pair of phoenix birds, one occupying the upper portion of the painting and the other one on the bottom. The lower phoenix emerges from water as shown by a blossoming lotus. The rest of the space surrounding both birds is filled with robust peony blossoms of different color. Painted in rich mineral colors on paper. Later put into a custom lacquered wood frame.

The magical phoenix is called Bonghwang in Korea. The double phoenix... Click for details
item #1425174
Antique Japanese 2-S Tall Choba Tansu (Merchant Chest) Shunkei Lacquer
An antique 2 section tall Japanese Choba Tansu (merchant chest) made of Hinoki (Cypress) and Suginoki (Cryptomeria) woods. Beautiful original finish of fine Shunkei-Nuri (lacquer) in front and a wiped lacquer technique on the top and sides. In addition, the handmade iron hardware is original with Warabite handles. Top section has two sliding doors with 5 drawers below. The bottom section has 8 exterior drawers, 2 sets of sliding doors and 2 small drawers behind the hinged door.

Age: Mid... Click for details
item #1425173
Antique Tibetan Storage Cabinet Late 19th Century Dragon Motif
An antique Tibetan storage cabinet made with hand hewn carved wood. Painted serpentine dragons holding sacred jewels in each claw on 11 panels. The Tibetan dragon is a mythical creature that utilizes massive creative energy representing the principles of heaven, change and wealth. There are top and bottom wood hinged center doors.

Age: Late 19th Century (1870-1900)

Dimensions: 59 1/2" Wide x 48 3/4" High x 17 3/4" Deep
item #1425164
Chinese Antique Silk Robe Woven with Fenghuang (Phoenix)
Antique Chinese robe, made of silk and woven with brilliantly colored fenghuang (phoenix) or firebirds, flowers and other feminine objects on a blue ground. Generous use of gold leaf covered thread, especially on the head and body of the birds.

Fenghuang (or Chinese phoenix) are considered a strong female symbol and the embodiment of high virtue and grace. This is especially true when it is used in the decorations for weddings or royalty along with dragons. The Chinese consider... Click for details
item #1425119
Japanese Antique Gold Asa Kesa Cloth (Buddhist Priest's Vestment)
Japanese antique rectangular kesa or priest/monk's outer vestment cloth. This asa (hemp) kesa is a yellow/gold color and finely woven with a design of phoenixes and clouds.

Often described as a mantel or robe, the kesa is worn draped diagonally over the left shoulder and under the right armpit. It is meant as a reminder of the Buddha's own simple patched garment, kesa are formed from many fragments of the same cloth. Within each garment, the fragments are typically organized in a... Click for details
item #1425116
Three Piece Doucai Wine Serving Set
Rare three piece set of Chinese porcelain Doucai for wine serving, beautifully and delicately painted floral roundels with reds, greens, blues outlined with black on white porcelain ground. A pair of small wine cups and their wine server, each with the Drunken Ink Studio mark on their recessed bottoms. Perfect condition.

Size: Cups 2 3/8"D 1 1/4"H, Saucer 1 1/2" Opening 1 3/4" Widest 2"H
item #1425110
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