Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Japanese Shikoku Pilgrim's Coat
Antique Japanese Buddhist Pilgrim's coat. Buddhist monks associated with the teachings of Kukai (or Kobo Daishi) would embark on a pilgrimage to visit the 88 temples on the island of Shikoku. Upon arriving to each temple, the monk would bathe before giving offerings and reciting prayers as well as receive a stamp distinctive to each temple. Normally a monk would carry around a special stamp book however it is not unusual to stamp the monk's coat as seen here. Made of asa (hemp).

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item #1428167
Antique Chinese Bronze Daoist Figure on Small Teapot
Charming antique Chinese small teapot with Daoist figures encircling body, lid with flowers and figures, signed on body and on recessed base.

Size: 3.5"H 5.5"L 3.5"D

Republic Period
item #1428139
Pair Jade Peony Floral Arrangement in Cloisonne Planters
Lovely pair of Chinese jade and agate peony floral arrangements, flowers in various colors of pink, yellow, orange and cream with dark green leaves of jade, cloisonné planter base with scholar motif design. Good condition.

Republic Period

23"H x 18" Diameter for each
item #1428138
Japanese Antique Studio Ware Porcelain Dragon Vase by Miura Chikusen I
Antique Japanese studio ware porcelain vase, carved all over with a raised design of a dragon in swirling clouds over churning waves. The clouds are covered with a glaze that gradates from a deep blue at the top to a light blue where they meet the waves. Both the dragon and the waves are kept white with a very pale light pink glaze on the dragon's flames. A band of repeating lingzhi pattern in blue underglaze encircles the rim and foot of the vase. A four character signature on the bottom... Click for details
item #1428131
Japanese Antique Mokugyo, Buddhist Wooden Fish Bell
Antique Japanese mokugyo, fish bell, carved of keyaki (zelkova, elm) wood with traces of red and white lacquer. This wooden temple bell was used by Buddhist priest during religious ceremonies and chants. Laid on it's side on a pillow, the bell was struck to a rhythm to match the cadence of the chant. The carving on the bell is of two fish embracing a pearl, a symbol of unity. The fish themselves symbolize wakefulness, in this case to remind the chanters to focus on the sutra. ... Click for details
item #1427924
Edo P. late 18th C. Japanese Blue and White Kakiemon Porcelain Plate
Antique Japanese porcelain round Kakiemon dish with subtle foliated edges. Decorated with blue and white floral designs. The center contains a circular shaped pattern of grapes, leaves and vines which float in a white, otherwise undecorated field. The edge of the plate is decorated by a wide band of scrolling vines and sideways chrysanthemums. The back side of the plate has minimal decoration of vines with fine rings and a Uzufuku (good fortune) mark in the center.

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item #1427923
Chinese Chinoiserie Gilt Pagoda
Chinese Chinoiserie pagoda evocative of Chinese motif in architecture especially in the 18th century. Very popular in Europe and highly collected as an exotic curiosity. Made of lacquered wood and gilt wood roof in hexagonal shaped shrine structure.

Age: 18th century

Size: 15.5"H 10"D
item #1427905
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Antique Chinese Pewter Gourd Container
Charming antique Chinese pewter gourd shaped container with labels on body. Diamond etched design with floral and shou symbols on banding. Stem lid cover. Makers manufacturing mark stamped on bottom.

Age: 19th century

Size: 6"H 3.5"D
item #1427904
Pair of Antique Japanese Inari Foxes (zenko, good foxes, kitsune)
Japanese antique pair of zenko, good spirit kitsune (foxes) specifically associated with the goddess, Inari. These figures are carved of wood and painted with gofun, a white paste made from oyster shells. Details are painted using black and red pigments. Gold lacquered hoshi no tama, resembling flames and symbolizing magical jewels that hold part of the kitsune's power, are held by each fox on the tip of it's tail. These foxes were believed to be both messengers and guardians serving... Click for details
item #1427903
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Chinese Mustard Yellow Peking Glass Container
Lovely mustard yellow body and black peking glass container with Shou symbol of good fortune and happiness and five bats encircling the edge of the lid. Well carved and with Chinese reign mark on the base's incised bottom.

Age: Late Republic Period Size: 4.5" Diameter, 2" High
item #1427868
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