Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Tansu Chest Gifu Choba (Merchant) 2 Section Hinoki Meiji Era
An antique Japanese 2 section tall Gifu Choba Tansu (merchant chest) made of Hinoki (Cypress) and Sugi (Cryptomeria) woods. All original hand forged iron and bronze hardware including the Hirute style handles. It features 2 pairs of large sliding doors and a lift-out door behind which were kept store records and books. 12 exterior drawers were used for storage and organizing. A small pair of sliding doors near the bottom hides two small drawers where valuables were kept.

Age: Meiji... Click for details
item #1458034
Japanese Tansu Chest Kamo Isho Tansu 2 Section All Kiri Mid Century
A vintage mid century 2 section Kamo Isho Tansu made entirely of Kiri (Paulownia) wood. All original bronze hardware including the central Peony flower lock plates on the doors and the arabesque back plates to the drawer handles. Constructed using dovetail joinery and hardened wooden nails. Behind the hinged doors of the upper section is housed 6 full width Kimono trays and two Obi trays with 3 small drawers for fashion accessories like Tabi, Kami-kazari and Himo. The lower section has 3... Click for details
item #1458033
Chinese Antique Blue Porcelain Double Gourd Vase with Gold Scenes
Antique Chinese unusual double-gourd monochrome porcelain vase. The body with circular reserves in the center of either side of the vase. On one side is a highly raised and detailed scene of noblemen and a horse with a carriage and attendants. In the background is a pavilion roof and mountains. On the other side, a maiden sits in a garden beneath the moon with two attendants. All the genre scenes are painted with exquisite detail in gold and the negative space (like the rest of the vase)... Click for details
item #1458007
Chinese Neolithic Hongshan Jade Kneeling Creature
Ancient Chinese jade figure of a kneeling anthropomorphic creature. Angular face with large, almond-shaped eyes and two dragon-like curling ear/horns. The body of the figure appears human with hands resting on bent knees and feet tucked under. Carved of pale green jade with orange rind and striations. The back is pierced for a chord to suspend or sew to clothing. Considered precious, carvings like this one were passed down through generations before finally being buried with the owner.... Click for details
item #1458004
Chinese Antique Ritual Bronze Handle Fragment, Song Dynasty
Antique Chinese small bronze handle fragment from a ritual bronze vessel. Made with swirling cloud motifs and dragon-like creatures. Beautiful patination. With custom metal stand.

Age: Song Dynasty

:Size H 4.5" x W 2.75" x D 2.5" (on stand)
item #1458003
Chinese Mixed Metal Belt Hook with Owl, Warring States
Antique Chinese belt hook of an unusual anthropomorphic figure with the head and wings of an owl but with human-like arms and legs. The opposite "hook" portion is another animal head. Made of bronze and mixed metal with inlaid swirling motifs and inset with carnelian eyes.

Age: Warring States ( 475BC-221BC)

Dimensions: 3 3/8" long x 1 1/8" wide x 1 1/4" high
item #1457957
Antique Tansu Chest Rare Single Section Kirinoki Early Meiji Period
An antique Japanese single section Kimono Tansu (chest) made entirely of Kirinoki (Paulownia) wood. All original hand forged iron hardware including the Hirute style handles. Front corner reinforcements on all drawer fronts with two side handles on each side for carrying this tansu from room to room. Constructed using thick straight dovetail joinery and hardened wood nails.

Age: Early Meiji Era (1868-1880)

Dimensions: 36 1/2" Wide by 37 3/8" High by 17 3/4" Deep
item #1457935
Antique Tansu Chest Gifu Choba (Merchant) Hinoki Meiji Era
An antique Japanese Gifu Choba Tansu (merchant chest) made of Hinoki (Cypress) and Suginoki (Cryptomeria) woods. All original hand forged iron hardware including the Warabite stye handles. 5 exterior drawers for storage and organizing with 2 sliding doors behind which store records and books were kept. Hinged door secures 2 small drawers where valuables were hidden away. Horizontal side slats provide strength and a visual design element complimenting the sliding door slats. Through mortise... Click for details
item #1457933
Chinese Antique Rare Gold Filigree Hair Ornament
Antique Chinese rare gold filigree hair ornament. Made to sit over a top knot. Shaped as an oval dome with a raised filigree back. Decorated with applied repouse lotus flowers on a backdrop of tightly spiraling filigree and inset with cabochons of jade, ruby and sapphire. Hair ornaments of this style would have been reserved for members of the royal court.

Age: Qing Dynasty

Dimensions: 4 3/4" wide x 4 3/8" deep x 2 3/4" high
item #1457718
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Japanese Art Deco Bronze and Silver Parrot, by Tanshо̄ Inoue
Antique Japanese Art Deco bronze and silver figure of a parrot sitting on a holly branch. Elegant simplified lines and form with swooping tail and copper color eyes. In two sections. Signed by the artist, Tanshо̄ Inoue. He was famous for his Art Deco bronze work during the Taisho Period and a member of Tokyo Chukinkai (Tokyo Cast Bronze Craftman's Association).

探勝作 Tanshо̄ saku "Made by Tanshо̄"

Age: Taisho Period (1912-1926)

Dimensions: 15 3/4"... Click for details
item #1457714
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