Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Japanese Scroll Recumbent Cat Amongst the Peonies Artist Sign
An antique Japanese scroll of a recumbent cat gazing into the foreground amongst the blooming Peony flowers. Hand painted on silk using opaque pigments. Subject was painted in the style reminiscent of the Sung and Ming dynasty images of cats with the unusual exception of its gaze towards the viewer rather than looking up or at the flowers. Both the cat and the Peonies are auspicious symbols in the Japanese culture and often depicted in its art and poetry. It is artist signed.

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item #1421540
Pair of Japanese Byobu Shrine Visiter
Framed beneath a slender sapling, a wispy figure kneels at the shrine steps hands together in prayer. Beautifully painted details performed with thick pigments on silk. Darkening Cedar trees naturally frame the calming scene. Condition is excellent and ready to display.

Signed Kuniyama (Kokuzan) Possibly the work of Higashiyama Kuniyama (elder brother of the famous artist Higashiyama Kai)

Taisho Period (1912 - 1926)
item #1421534
Quail in Autumn Reeds
A timeless scene especially poignant is this season, quail peck for seeds under the shelter of the low lying saga bamboo yellowing with the onset of cold. Signed Koun, it is performed with pigment on silk and has been completely remounted using antique border cloth and black lacquered wood frame. Painted on beautiful silk, condition is excellent.

Taisho to early Showa Period.

51" High x 64 1/2" Wide
item #1421462
Antique Japanese Negoro Lacquer Temple Vases
A pair of Japanese negoro lacquer temple ritual sake offering containers, rich dark red lacquer over a black lacquer with a graceful body and a wishing ball stopper, Gigoshi, with a spiral design. The pair used for Buddhist purification and fulfillment rituals, and show the patina of respectful use.

Purchased in Japan from a Private Collection
Dates 18th/19th Century
Size H 14" x W 6"
item #1420880
Antique Japanese Gyosho Tansu (Peddler's Chests) Kirinoki Edo Era Rare
An antique Japanese Gyosho Tansu (peddler's chest) made entirely of Kirinoki (Paulownia) wood. The hinged door opens to 4 drawers where the merchant's wares were stored. The bottom drawer was used to keep documents, writing brushes, an inkstone and other business related accessories. Two iron rings on each side used with rope for carrying this chest on a peddler's back. All original finish and hardware with straight dovetail joinery and hardened wooden nails.

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item #1420818
Antique Japanese Haribako (Sewing Box) Mulberry Wood Traditional Style
An antique Japanese Haribako (traditional tall neck sewing box) made of Kuwa (Mulberry), Kuri (Chestnut), and Kiri (Paulownia) woods. All original finish and hand made bronze hardware. The two upper drawers and the small drawer on the upper neck all have wooden sliding covers to protect the contents within. The hinged cover on the upper neck opens to a small recess where a pin cushion was kept. The center of the neck has a hole where originally a ruler called Shaku used to be held. The tiny... Click for details
item #1420748
Antique Funa Tansu (Captain's Chest) Kirinoki Edo Period & Secret Box
An antique Japanese Funa Tansu (Captain's Chest) made entirely of Kirinoki (Paulownia) wood. All original finish and hand made iron fittings. It was constructed using straight dovetail joinery and hardened wooden nails. The base has an original cross beam support that adds strength and durability to this chest.

Originally used in the captain's quarters of a merchant boat or ship where vessel's valuables and important documents were stored. Should the boat ever be under a attack by... Click for details
item #1420669
Antique Tanuki Statue Shigaraki Pottery Japanese Good Luck Badger Dog
A Japanese Tanuki garden statue made of Shigaraki pottery. A perfect good luck mascot for any garden or indoor decor. Entirely hand made and created by a Shigaraki artisan. It wears a straw hat to protect its head from the elements and it carries a Japanese ledger book in its left paw. Known in Japan for its good luck abilities, it is often seen standing outside of restaurants and pubs attracting customers and diners to enter the business establishment. Minor loss commensurate with its age.... Click for details
item #1420627
Antique Japanese Nihon Matsu Kasane Tansu Keyaki Meiji period
An antique Japanese Nihon Matsu Kasane Tansu (stacking chest on chest) that was made of Keyaki (Zelkova) and Suginoki (Cryptomeria) woods. All original beautiful Urushi lacquer finish and hand made iron and bronze hardware including the Warabite handles. Pine and plum blossom Atari (handle backstops) and lock plates featuring a wealthy traveler's hat, Mino (straw cape), Takarabukuro (treasure bag) and Uchide No Kozuchi (treasure mallet). A natural dark patina developed around all of the metal... Click for details
item #1420574
Asian Neolithic Clay Jar
Asian neolithic pottery, bulbous top with a top flange over a trumpet base, soft weathered red designs of swirling patterns on the upper areras and a spade design on lower area, shows patina marks and ware, a dramatic piece.

East Bay Collector
Dates Approximately 1500BC
Size H 11 1/2" x W 9 1/2"
item #1420572
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