Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Nepalese Bronze Dharmaraja Yama with Yami
Antique Nepalese bronze figures of Yama Dharmaraja and Yami in tantric embrace. The buffalo headed Buddhist protector, Lord of Death and Justice stands with his consort. He tramples a male buffalo with one foot, a female victim with the other. He brandishes a skull-tipped stick in his right hand and his hair streams out in flames behind his horns.

Age: 19th century

Dimensions: 5 1/4" high x 3 1/4" wide x 2" deep
item #1427538
Tibetan Antique Gilt Wood Carved Sutra Cover
Antique Tibetan wooden sutra cover, carved with 58 seated bodhisattvas on the front, gilded and painted with details. The interior side of the cover is lacquered red and painted with 64 seated bodhisattvas. Each figure is seated and with different mudras. The left side edge of the cover, is deeply carved with the head of a guardian demon flanked by scrolling vines. With metal stand.

Age: 16th-17th century

Dimensions: 9 1/2" high x 28 3/8" long x 1" thick (13" high on... Click for details
item #1427319
Tibetan Gilt Copper Repousse Seated Figure of Arhat
Tibetan seated figure likely that of arhat Ajita, one of the 16 arhats. He is identified by two corresponding features; his hands which are resting in his lap in dhyanamudra (the gesture of mediation) and his covered head. His face is handsome (due to an accumulation of virtue) and his gaze is tranquil. Made of gilt copper repousse and with silver repousse over laid details. He sits on a lotus base and his facial features are painted.

Age: circa 1900
item #1426236
Antique Tibetan Storage Cabinet Late 19th Century Dragon Motif
An antique Tibetan storage cabinet made with hand hewn carved wood. Painted serpentine dragons holding sacred jewels in each claw on 11 panels. The Tibetan dragon is a mythical creature that utilizes massive creative energy representing the principles of heaven, change and wealth. There are top and bottom wood hinged center doors.

Age: Late 19th Century (1870-1900)

Dimensions: 59 1/2" Wide x 48 3/4" High x 17 3/4" Deep
item #1425164
Antique Tibetan Thangka of Blue Tara
Antique Tibetan Thangka of the blue Tara, Ekajati, a meditative deity expressing female energy of compassion, kindness, and the light of the god source, holding a Vajra and a Ghanta, surrounded by 100 secondary Bodhisattva and other religious figures, beautifully rendered.

East SF Bay Collection
Dates 18th/19th century
Size H 41" x W 32"
item #1420506
Rare Pair of Antique Himalayan Chitapati Skeletons Ritual Objects
Very rare Pair of original Antique Himalayan Chitapati bronze Skeletons once used in important Himalayan rituals. Depicted as male and female, standing with grimacing countenances, Condition is constant with age an natural worn from use. Mounted on custom bases for presentation.

Citipati known in Sanskrit as (चितिपति) is a protector deity or supernatural being in Tibetan Buddhism and Vajrayana Buddhism of India. It is formed of two skeletal deities, one male and the... Click for details
item #1414682
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Exceptional 17th C. Nepalese Antique Ganesha Stone Stele
Black Stone Stele of Ganesha, seated on lotus throne with four arms holding mace, tusk, rope, and sweetmeats, crowned headdress, losses. Large size wondrously carved. With old losses consistent with age.

Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and the deva of intellect and wisdom. As the god of beginnings, he is honored at the start of rites and ceremonies. Ganesha is also invoked as patron of letters and learning during writing... Click for details
item #1414605
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Mid 17th Century Nepalese Stone Stele Vishnu Striding Earth
Nepalese Stone mandorla shaped stele with Vishnu four-armed striding the earth with his giant stride. Light grey stone plinth with devotee and consorts at lotus throne base. Rough back at reverse. Hishnu was know to be able to cover the entire distance around earth in three strides.

Provenance Handley Pvt. Collection

Circa early 17th century Size: 14 1/2" H x 11 1/2" W x 3" D
item #1414407
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Rare Late 17th C. Nepalese Narimsimha Black Schist Head
Very unusual an rare Nepalese Simhamukha, also known as Narimsimha, avatar of Vishnu, ferocious countenance of half man, half lion, black schist head model on stand. Old losses with original patina consistent with age.
In terms of these Higher Tantras, a meditation deity (yi-dam lha) who is both wrathful and female is the Jnana Dakini Simhamukha. It is important to understand that, despite her exceedingly wrathful appearance and animal head, she is not a guardian spirit (srung-ma),... Click for details
item #1414401
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Nepalese Wood Stele of Bharayvasati
Nepalese Wood Stele of Bharayvasati and his Consort. Wonderfully carved with crowned headdresses , his eight outstretched arms holding attributes, standing on vanquished foe, consort riding on lion, atop a lotus thorne, lowest level with devotees.

Ex: Spink, London

circa 15th, 16th century

Size: 17"H x 12"W x 3 1/4" D
item #1414400
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