Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Persian Sarouk Ferehan Rug
Persian Sarouk Ferehan rug floor covering. Inside boarder ban with deep blue tones. Soft pink pastel tones transition into an off white beige coloring around the center medallion. Made of 100% hand woven wool. Overall in beautiful original condition, ready to be enjoyed.

Sarouk village lies to the north of the town of Arak and has been known since the 12th century. It is probably the most well-known Persian carpet weaving area.
Designed for a regional aristocratic... Click for details
item #1460490
Pair of Syrian Pier Mirrors Wengi Wood Inlaid Throughout and Beveled
A pair of Syrian pier mirrors made of Wengi wood. Inlaid crown and frame with brass, mother-of-pearl, Ebony, bone, and Mahogany. The crown each features a bouquet of flowers each with its own individualized pot displaying Carnations and Poppies. The frames display scrolling morning glories and a double border of an inlaid rope design of bone, Mahogany and Boxwood. scrolling morning glories. With beveled mirrors.

Dimensions of each: 47 1/4" High by 23 3/4" Wide
item #1459978
Bracelet with Ancient Egyptian Scarabs, Faience and Silver
Vintage silver bracelet set with 7 Egyptian faience scarabs. Each beetle is mounted so that the hieroglyphic writing on the underside could be seen. The largest scarab in the middle. Beautiful blue coloring consistent with fine faience. Stamped silver.

Scarabs (Egyptian dung beetles) were believed to have close ties to the sun god, Ra and were used in amulets and funerary art. They represented protection, transformation and resurrection.

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item #1435135
Ancient Persian Pair of Bronze Mythical Creatures
Pair of ancient Persian small cast bronze mythical creatures. Each figure has a rounded head, the short horns of a bull, an arching neck and a single hoofed foot. Various holes and slots point to a utilitarian as well as decorative function. Most likely these were feet used for a ritual incense vessel. The holes were for the censor to hang from above but the tripod vessel could also stand. Lovely coloring and encrustation of bronze consistent with age. (ref sources: Luristan, Persia.... Click for details
item #1435134
Turkish Antique Pair of Inlaid Side Tables
Antique pair of Turkish square side tables with elaborate mashrabiya openwork on the sides. This traditional Islamic lattice work is the same that is used on mashrabiya balconies, an architectural element used to help cool the upper floors of buildings. The tops of the tables are inlaid with mother of pearl with a star form in the center and bands of geometric tessellations on the exterior border.

Age: 19th century

Dimensions: 23 1/2" high x 21 1/2" wide x 21 1/2" deep
item #1433581
Ancient Roman Terra Cotta Figure of a Woman
Ancient Roman figure of a standing woman sculpted of terra cotta and with traces of slip pigment. In accordance with the fashion of the time, she is in the process of wrapping her breasts in a strophium, rolling the band of linen around her with her right hand while holding it in place with her left. Her lower body is draped in flowing robes tied at her hips. Her hair is appropriately styled and she wears earrings and a bracelet. With custom wooden base.

Age: Roman Empire (27 BC... Click for details
item #1433151
Large Oushak Turkish Handknotted Wool Carpet
Large Oushak Turkish hand knotted angora wool carpet with lovely color and deep luxurious pile, made with rich color vegetable died palette of rust gold reds and various blues with charcoal and apple greens.

Size: 14.4' x 15.9'

Age: circa 1920s
item #1432658
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Semi-Antique Sarouk Persian Carpet
Lovely semi-antique Sarouk Farohan hand-knotted carpet from Persia. In good color palette of red-rusts and navy. Important produced piece is signed and dated on borders in Farsi. Good condition with fringed ends.

Age: Circa 1940s

Size: 3'0" x 5'0"
item #1431512
Antique Roman Vase with Stand
Red clay Roman pottery vessel with handle, flanged lip over curved body, worn white design, most likely a wine ewer, display stand.

Provenance Handley Collection
Date 300 AD
Size without stand H 9.5" x W 4.5"
with stand H 11 1/2"
item #1414888
Ghandara Grey Schist Frieze Birth of Buddha
Ghandara grey schist frieze of the birth of the Buddha with five figures.

Provenance: Spinks and Son, London 1960s
Handley Collection
4th century 8" H x 10" W x 1 3/4" D
item #1414368
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