Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Korean Koryo Period Celadon Bowl with Floral Pattern
A sublime Korean celadon bowl with a flower and scrolling vine motif imprinted on the inside of the bowl bordered with an incised line below the rim. The grey green glaze displays a dense web or craze of lines. Korean celadon wares have been favored by the Korean court and by the Japanese, who call it Korai Seiji. The pieces were used in chanoyu as tea bowls and as bowls for sweets. Age: Goreyo Dynasty. Size: Height: 3" Diameter: 7.5"
item #1161512
Korean Joseon Dynasty Buncheong Ware Flask
Buncheong ware in a flattened ovoid form with a raised foot finished with a wide flared rim. It is decorated with a creamy colored slip and the faces are painted with a leafy plant in brown slip, all beneath a clear glaze with a faint celadon tint where pooled in drips along the shoulder, the creamy slip and the glaze are also applied within the recessed base. This piece has unique spots as a result of its aging process: water or oil that has been stored in the vessel permeates into the ware... Click for details
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Korean Joseon Period Buncheong Bowl
Korean Buncheong bowl from the Joseon period (15th century). A wide mouthed bowl is supported on a narrow foot ring. The flared rim is decorated with a grass pattern on both sides. The body is decorated with vertical rows of minute circles to form a flower centered roundel framed by a row of bat like silhouettes and a lotus petal band that also appears on the lower exterior of the body, the glaze layer has a straw color across white slip inlay, the fabric varies from gray on the exterior to... Click for details
item #1161081
Antique Korean Goryeo Ceramic Bowl
Korean ceramic bowl from the Goryeo dynasty, 12-14th century. The interior of the bowl is decorated with ducks and willow trees encircling the well which is embellished with blossoms. The exterior is decorated with a band of scrolling waves, flanking floral roundels. Old restoration. It measures 7.75" wide.
item #1154497
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Korean Antique Duijo Grain Storage Trunk
Antique Korean duijo (grain storage trunk), with nice elm wood panel on front, opens from top to large compartment, with traditional Korean lock and key, 19th century. Size: 37 1/2" high x 38 1/4" wide x 27 1/2" deep.
item #1149370
North Korean Unusual Bandaji Secretary Desk
Antique Korean traditional bandaji (blanket storage chest) that is also a fold out secretary desk with 5 small drawers and organizational compartments, exterior has beautiful cut out hardware with intricate filigree and birds, large handles and lock, circa 1900. Size: 44" high (44 1/2" high with lock) x 40 1/4" wide x 20" deep (when closed).
item #1142668
Antique Korean Painting of Sunrise and Phoenixes
An elegant Korean painting of two phoenixes standing next to a tree with the sunrise in the background, colors and ink on paper, Age: 19th century. Size: Height: 47.25" Width: 18.5"
item #1142157
Antique Korean Painting of Leopard and Cubs
A lively and splendid Korean painting of Leopard with and her two cubs, overhead are a pair of magpies perched on a pine branch, sumie and color pigments on cotton with paper backing, age Chosun Period, 19th century. Size: Height: 51.5" Width: 35.25".
item #1140868
Antique Korean Stacking Clothing Chest
Beautiful Korean stacked clothing cabinet "Yi Chung Nong" in 2-sections with elm wood and inlaid hardwood design, and brass hardware, top section has a row of 3 small drawers on the top, with 2 sets of opening doors. Chosun Period (circa 1900). Size: 57 1/4" high x 38 1/4"" wide x 16" deep. top section: 25" high bottom section: 32 1/4" high
item #1051994
Korean Large Kitchen Cabinet
Large Korean antique kitchen cabinet, deep brown finish, elm wood panels on front with beautiful grain, iron hardware, 3 large compartments with hinged doors, 2 small drawers at top, 19th century. Size: 67 3/4" high x 46 1/4" wide x 20 1/2" deep.
item #1012803
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