Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Rare early 20th century Korean red lacquer cabinet with elaborate inlaid designs adorning the front of the chest. Four sections in total including the base. Imagery of exotic birds, deer, and turtles among a assortment of flowers can be seen throughout. Each cabinet is comprised of three sections : the top, bottom, and base Plus the stand (two pull out drawers).

Styled in traditional Korean fashion with double hinged doors on the top section and single hinged doors on the rest.... Click for details
item #1442947
An antique Korean true chest made entirely of red pine wood. Nickel hardware with double gourd hard mounts and stylized Chrysanthemum nail heads. Originally used to store valuables. Possibly originates from North Korea. Constructed using dovetail joinery.

Age: 19th Century

30 1/2" Wide by 17" High by 17 5/8" Deep
item #1440709
This is an antique two section Korean Nong made of a hardwood with beautiful Maple wood accents. Original Nickel hardware with four drawers along the upper part of each section. There are bat handles representing happiness and medallions behind the lower handles signifying a wedding. The four carved panels on the upper half display two scenes of deer searching for the magic mushroom Lingzhi and two scenes of a Phoenix next to the Paulownia tree.

This chest was part of a bride's... Click for details
item #1440291
Antique Korean nong, bedside chests for storage. Made with zelkova elm wood burl panels and cypress wood frame. On the front, black and deep red lacquer frames and highlights the burl wood grain. Hardware is made of brass and features bat drawer pulls and buddhist symbols. The upper portion of the chest has a row of 4 small drawers. Hinged doors open to a large open compartment.

Age: 19th century

Dimensions: 29 1/2" high x 44" wide x 20 3/4" deep
item #1436091
Antique Korean Nong storage cabinet. Single section with two compartments and four drawers along the top. Made with cypress wood frame and hardwood burl panels. Brass hardware with round lock plates and hinges.

Age: Joseon Period (late 1900's)

Dimensions: 56 3/4" high x 42 3/4" wide x 20 3/4" deep
item #1431786
Antique Korean bandaji, blanket storage trunk. Original finish with deep, rich patina. Iron hardware with cut out designs in hinges, lock plates, corner and side bracing. The door opens downward to a large compartment with a high shelf for storing smaller items. Though these trunks were used for storage of household items, bedding was usually folded and placed on top, thus giving them the name blanket storage chest.

Age: Joseon (Chos┼Ćn) or Yi Dynasty (early... Click for details
item #1431689
An antique Korean scholar's low desk made of Chestnut drawer fronts and heavy old growth Red Pine wood for the balance of the piece. Designed with cubby-holes for the book stack of small manuscripts and books providing a Korean scholar's precious visual arrangement. Brass drawer pulls with foliated backplates. Delineated hard mounts with foliated tips to match the desk design.

There are 7 drawers for the storage of brushes, papers, inkstone and paperweights and the construction... Click for details
item #1431619
Antique Korean pair of nong, bedside chests for storage. Made of zelkova elm wood panels with cypress wood frame. Hardware is made of brass and has butterfly shaped door latches and hinges. The upper portion of each chest has a row of 4 small drawers with handles featuring bat shaped back plates. There is additional decorative corner hardware on the body and doors of the chest. Hinged doors open to a large open compartment. The doors themselves are finely inlaid with contrasting hardwood.... Click for details
item #1431339
An antique Korean Bundaji (bedding chest) made of Elm, Genko and dense Pine woods. Likely commissioned to be made and presented as a wedding present for a married couple it features its original brass hardware filled with a multitude of auspicious symbols. The five gourd hinges represent fertility and wealth. The double cabbage design represents a harmonious marriage. The Sea Bream represents wealth while the diamond shaped archaic pyramids surrounding the front symbolizes the ancestral... Click for details
item #1429957
Antique Korean nong, personal beside storage chest. Made with genko and cypress woods with burl panels. Hardware is made of brass and includes a chased brass square lock plate with double happiness characters. Doors open to reveal a large compartment for storage. On original stand with matching hardware.

Age: early 20th century

Dimensions: 29 3/4" high x 34" wide x 15 1/4" deep
item #1429418
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