Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Antique Bronze Candle Holder with Handle
Antique Japanese Buddhist candle holder with long handle. Made of bronze and incised all over with an octopus vine motif. The chalice shaped stand sits on a chrysanthemum shaped foot and has a candle pricket that is hinged so it closes when not in use. A long handle is attached to one side so it can be carried.

Age: Edo Period (1603-1867)

Dimensions: 3 3/4" high x 11" long x 3 1/2" wide
item #1465488
Japanese Antique Takayama Tansu with Locking Bar
Rare antique Japanese tansu chest from Takayama city in the Hida region of Gifu Prefecture. Made of hinoki (Japanese cypress) wood with orangish lacquer finish. Iron hardware includes scalloped drawer corners and round lock plates on the three small drawers which line the upper portion of the chest. Below this are four larger drawers with hirute drawer pulls. The large drawers are held in place with a locking bar.

Meiji period (1868-1912)

Dimensions: 30 3/4" high x 30"... Click for details
item #1465225
Japanese Rare Pair of Black and Gold Lacquer Dowery Tansu, Edo Period
Antique Japanese pair of rare black lacquer dowery tansu for clothing. These fine lacquer cabinets would have held folded clothing and been carried to a brides home containing her dowery of fine textiles. Hinged doors open to reveal 4 shelves inside. Hardware includes 5 hinges on each door, corner bracing, handles for carrying by hand and by pole, and large lock plates all of which are incised with scrolling floral details and made of bronze. Finished inside and out with black lacquer and... Click for details
item #1465224
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Japanese Antique Hardwood Low Table
Antique Japanese low square table. Made of unusually dense hardwood. Overall elegant lines with simply carved legs and beautiful grain.

Age: Taisho Period (early 20th century)

Dimensions: 13 1/4" high x 29 3/8" wide x 29 3/8" wide
item #1465223
Very Large Japanese Baku Corbel Keyaki Carving Edo Era
A very large example of an antique Japanese Baku corbel used in a temple or shrine. The Baku is a mythical spiritual creature which resides in the Buddhist realm. Its purpose is to devour evil spirits as well as one's nightmares. Carved from one solid block of Keyaki (Zelkova) wood, this architectural sculpture has stood the test of time.

Edo Period (early 19th Century)

Dimensions: 44 1/2" Long by 19 1/2" High by 13 1/4" Deep
item #1465222
Japanese Antique Choba Tansu with Kiri Wood
An antique Japanese choba tansu (merchant's chest) made of kiri (paulownia) wood. All original hand forged iron hardware including stylized gumbai handles. Two sliding kiri wood panels framed in black lacquer over two large drawers for safe keeping of inventory. Iron drawer corners feature raised seed pods suggesting this chest originated in the Yonezawa region of Japan.

Age: Meiji Era (1880-1890)

Dimensions: 30 1/2" high x 30 " wide x 15 1/8" deep
item #1465221
Japanese Gold Gilt Samurai Armor with Dragon Fish Maedate
Antique Japanese Yokohagi Okegawa Dō samurai armor of the Edo Period (early 19th century). The kabuto (helmet) is of 64 ken plate construction with a dramatic maedate in the form of a dragon fish flanked by cresting waves. As the story tells, the gods took notice of a koi fish who was trying to swim up a waterfall, rewarding its perseverance by changing it into a dragon. The dragon fish became a symbol of strength and determination in the face of an uphill battle - an appropriate symbol for... Click for details
item #1465014
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Pair of Bronze Temple Lanterns Bronze Early Showa Era
A pair of Japanese vintage bronze temple lantern. Each lantern is made of 3 sections, the base, the light housing and the crown. The crown has a scalloped rim with heart shaped designs and a beautiful finial. The housing has an arabesque design and the base has matching heart shaped designs and a upper hexagon shaped platform with a design of 2 pine needles representing longevity that changes into a stylized infinity symbol.
Age: Early Showa Era (1930's)

Dimensions of each: 37"... Click for details
item #1465011
Japanese Hibachi Koma Lacquer 5-Color Urushi Modern Era
Japanese modern era lacquer hibachi. Carved of wood in round form with stacking bands of 5 alternating colors called Koma Urushi (literally translates to spinning top lacquer). Inset with traditional copper lining.

Age: Showa Period (1926-1989)

Dimensions: 9" high x 17" diameter.
item #1465008
Japanese Antique Tansu Chest Nagoya Mizuya Unusual Small Size
An unusually small size Nagoya Mizuya Tansu in 1 section made of Hinoki (Cypress) and Sugi (Cryptomeria) woods. 3 sets of sliding doors with spacious storage behind each set. 4 side by side center drawers and 3 drawers at the bottom for additional storage needs. Narrow depth allows for placement in even the narrowest of hallways.

Age: Meiji Era: (1890-1900)

Dimensions: 43 1/4" Wide by 49 1/4" High by 14 1/4" Deep
item #1465006
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