Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Japanese Kotansu (Personal Chest) Lacquer Ash Keyaki Meiji
An antique Japanese Kotansu (personal storage chest) made of Toneriko (Japanese Ash) and Keyaki (Zelkova) woods. All original Urushi lacquer and hand made bronze/nickel hardware including the Mokko handles. The accent corners and backplates have incised designs of feathers, vines, and flowers. The bottom drawer is lacquered in Makie with Bamboo and a landscape design while the body has a lacquered silhouette of auspicious lucky Japanese symboled. Six fully lacquered drawers for storage and... Click for details
item #1449513
Antique Japanese Kotansu (Personal Chest) Lacquer Kiri Edo Period
An antique Japanese Kotansu (personal storage chest) made of Kirinoki (Paulownia) and Suginoki (Cryptomeria) woods. Original Urushi lacquer finish and hand forged iron hardware with Hirute handles. Four spacious drawers and a safe door that hides three small drawers for valuables. One small drawer has a secret false floor to hide precious smalls. Each side has 2 sets of carrying handles with one set used for long distance moves and a pair of hand held handles for placement in a... Click for details
item #1449314
Japanese Antique Small Lacquer Incense Brazier
Antique Japanese small censor carved of wood and decorated with a gold maki-e lacquer design of flowers and grasses behind a bamboo garden fence. The gold lacquer stands out against a black lacquer ground. The gilt bronze lid is in the shape of a lattice work basket. Charming and detailed.

Age: Meiji Period (1868-1912)

Dimensions: 2 1/2" high x 2 3/4" wide
item #1449313
Antique Kotansu (Personal Storage Chest) Kiri Meiji/Taisho Period
An antique Japanese Kotansu (personal storage chest) made of Kirinoki (Paulownia) and Suginoki (Cryptomeria) woods. Original bronze hardware with 5 drawers for plentiful storage space. Constructed using straight dovetail joinery and hardened wooden nails.

Age: Meiji/Taisho Period (1910-1920)

Dimensions: 23 3/8" Wide by 25 3/8" High by 14" Deep
item #1449312
Antique Japanese Choba Tansu (Merchant Chest) Keyaki Meiji Period
An antique Japanese Choba Tansu (merchant chest) made of Keyaki (Zelkova) and Suginoki (Cryptomeria) woods. Original hand forged iron hardware including the stylized Mokko handles. Seven drawers for organizing and storage with two sliding doors where store recordsn were kept and a safe door behind which two small drawers held merchant valuables. Am elegant chest that would also serve as a functional sideboard or storage cabinet.

Age: Meiji Period (circa 1880-1890)

Dimensions: 34... Click for details
item #1449310
Japanese Antique Bamboo Ikebana Basket with Rope Bamboo
Antique Japanese ikebana basket (for flower arranging). Squat, round body with tall arching handle. Woven of split bamboo. The handle is comprised of sections of bamboo twisted together like a rope. It attaches to the wider, bottom section of the basket made in the same technique. The upper portion of the basket is made of flat sections of bamboo woven in a repeating horizontal chevron pattern. The more orderly pattern is intentionally interrupted periodically with strands of twisted bamboo... Click for details
item #1449309
Japanese Antique Kiri Wood Hibachi with Gold Lacquer Fish
Antique Japanese small round hibachi carved of kiri (paulownia) wood and lined with copper. It is decorated with a still-life display of a fishing basket, fisherman's rod and the catch of the day. Beautifully captured in raised gold maki-e lacquer, the fishing basket and fish have a life-like appearance. The large fish that has just been caught glitters with inlaid shell. And could that be Ebisu's hat on the ground nearby?

Age: Meiji Period (1868-1912)

Dimensions: 8... Click for details
item #1449304
Japanese Antique Landscape Watercolor Painting by A. Yoshida
Antique Japanese large framed watercolor painting by A. Yoshida. A scene featuring a calm river cut between mountains. A lone figure carrying a large basket on their back approaches a group of huts on one side of a wooden bridge. On the mountain sides, colorful foliage adorns the trees possibly alluding to a late summer or early fall season. In a carved wood frame. Signed by the artist: A. Yoshida. Painted in watercolors on paper. He/she was an accomplished artist active during the... Click for details
item #1449298
Japanese Antique Framed Painting of Monkeys by Mori Sosen
Antique Japanese framed scroll painting by the artist Mori Sosen (1747-1821), Japanese painter of the Shij┼Ź school during the Edo period. Although he did paint other animals and birds, Sosen is most famous for his paintings monkeys. In this painting, a mother monkey grooms her young one. Her expression is one of intent concentration while her little monkey protests. Sosen was a master at painting monkeys, delineating every hair and creating a soft effect. Painted in sumi ink and light... Click for details
item #1448944
Antique Japanese Ema Votive Prayer Board Horse Stallion Makie Gold
An antique Japanese large rare Ema (votive prayer board) hand painted in Makie gold over a black lacquer background. A hand forged iron pin mounted to the top center of the frame was used to securely hang this dedication sacred object at a Japanese shrine.

Back in the day, live horses were donated and dedicated to a shrine. As the times changed, prayer boards were donated instead with painted horses replacing the live ones. More recently, all forms of subject matter are shown on the... Click for details
item #1448941
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