Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Rare Japanese Antique Kannon Biraki, Minamoto Clan (Genji Clan)
Rare antique Japanese kannon biraki (tansu with hinged doors). The doors open to reveal 9 drawers of various sizes over a single large exterior drawer. Heavy iron hardware includes extensive cross bracing, large hinges, warabite drawer-pulls, a large round lock plate, a lock and 3 keys.
The lock plate has a large Minamoto Clan mon- likely that of the Seiwa Genji clan. Warriors such as Minamoto no Yoritomo, the founder of the Kamakura shogunate; and Ashikaga Takauji, the founder of... Click for details
item #1470506
Japanese Antique Small Cha Tansu
Antique Japanese small cha tansu (tea chest). Made with chestnut wood frame and burled hardwood drawer fronts. Two slider panels and a drop in panel are covered with gold-leafed silk on wood. The center of the chest has a small display area with a staggered shelf and two small drawers. The lower portion of the chest has three small drawers and a full-width drawer on the bottom.

Age: Taisho Period (1912-1926)

Dimensions: 25 7/8" high x 23 1/4" wide x 10" deep
item #1470505
Japanese Lacquer Kyodai with Three Mirrors
Antique Japanese kyodai (vanity box with mirrors). With three hinged mirrors that close inward. The back mirror swivels up and down. The box has 8 drawers of various sizes. The box is carved with peony flowers. The backs of the mirror panels are carved so that when it is closed they display large peony flowers on one panel and a fu-dog on the other. Carved all over with a faceted texture and finished with red and black negoro lacquer.

Age: Taisho Period... Click for details
item #1470501
Japanese Antique Kyodai (Vanity Box with Mirror)
Antique Japanese kyodai (box with drawers and mirror). Made with burled mulberry wood with intricate grain. The interior is all kiri (paulownia) wood with a wiped lacquer finish inside the drawers. The box has 5 drawers of various sizes for storing personal items. The spandrel under the mirror is carved with a bird flying in front of a full moon and tall grasses. Original beveled glass mirror which swivels up and down.

Age: Taisho Period (1912-1926)

Dimensions: 64 1/2"... Click for details
item #1470487
Japanese Antique Kimono with Shōjō Drinking Sake
Antique Japanese kimono made of chirimen silk died black with a dramatic paste resist and painted design depicting a group of shōjō. The red-haired mythical fairies that live in the sea are shown drinking sake from a large jar. They have long handled ladles and red sake bowls. They are dressed in beautifully patterned robes. The shōjō characters are made famous by the Noh play with the same name and a folklore tale of a man who comes across them while looking for a sip of sake, his... Click for details
item #1470112
Japanese Antique Anatomical Scroll of a Skeleton
Antique Japanese scroll painting of a skeleton. Realistically rendered for use in a doctor's office. Great detail and shading. Frontal view with a top view of the foot. Painted in sumi-e ink and light colors on paper. Signature seal.

Dimensions: Total size: 77 1/2" high x 27 3/4" wide (30 1/2" wide including rollers). Size of art: 55" high x 23 1/4" wide.
item #1470108
Japanese Porcelain Kutani Manjushri with Fu-dog
Antique Japanese porcelain figure of Manjushri. The bodhisattva is seated on a moss covered rock with one hand on a sword and scroll and the other on the fu-dog in his lap. Manju is usually seen riding on a large fu-dog, this image is a sweet departure from that tradition. The fu-dog look up admiringly. Mulit color glaze and gold details.

Age: Late Meiji Period

Dimensions: 18" high x 9" wide x 7" deep.
item #1470106
Small Japanese Kiri Kotansu Personal Chest Kiri Meiji Era
An antique Japanese Kotansu (personal storage chest) made entirely of Kiri (Paulownia) wood. All original bronze hardware including the stylized Gumbai handles and the metal embossings symbolizing the four seasons; Maple leaves on the handles representing the Fall season, Mums representing Spring, etc. Constructed using straight dovetail joinery and hardened wooden nails.

Age: Meiji Era (1900-1910)

Dimensions: 23 1/4" Wide by 16 1/4" High by 11 1/4" Deep
item #1470006
Antique Japanese Todana Tansu Chest Keyaki Meiji Era
An antique Japanese Todana Tansu (cabinet chest) made of Keyaki (Zelkova) and Sugi (Cryptomeria) woods. All original hand forged iron handles including the Warabite handles. Two sliding doors behind which lies a large storage area, a lift-out door where additional storage was used and 6 drawers of varying sizes used to organize ones belongings. Side slates added strength and support. Constructed using both single and double through mortise and tenon Japanese joinery.

Age: Meiji... Click for details
item #1469948
Small Japanese Cha Tansu Mulberry & Chestnut Meiji Era
An unusually small and rare antique Japanese Cha Tansu (tea chest) made of Kuwa (Mulberry) and Kuri (Chestnut) woods. All original bronze hardware. Two sliding doors behind which tea accessories were stored. A lift-out door behind which housed a tea canister of dried tea leaves ready for brewing. With four drawers of varying sizes to store additional tea accoutrements.

Age: Meiji Era (1900-1910)

Dimensions: 17 1/4" Wide by 18 1/4" High by 9" Deep
item #1469776
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