Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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An antique Japanese bamboo Ikebana basket with grated half hooped corners it in its design. The handle is loosely suggested in its token form suggesting its ethereal nature and use in the art of Ikebana flower arranging. It is a two slatted flat base with a bottom grid pattern measuring about 1" apart. The basket has an ephemeral quality as if it was made at the whim of the basket artist for the moment.
,br>Age: Meiji Era (1890-1910)

Dimensions: 18" High by 10" Wide by 11" Deep
item #1440532
An antique Japanese bamboo Ikebana basket in a stylized Baluster form with bi-color bamboo intertwined with mature bamboo featuring dark nodules in a diagonal cross-hatch pattern. Each square of the pattern measures 1 3/8" and they are not tightly woven though they are in scale with the size of the basket. The handles were created using twisted stalks that were integrated free-form into the basket. Open mouth with twisted rope lip.

The base has a low foot with a three slat star... Click for details
item #1440531
A stunning fine antique Japanese makie lacquer box decorated with a tataki-nuri style black background with makie of vines and gourd and folding fans on the exterior. The interior is decorated in nashiji with a still life of a flower arrangement set in a basket with a charming lifelike rabbit and autumn grass for the inner tray. The vibrant colors and designs are often seen in lacquer works from the Edo and Meiji periods. Overall excellent original condition.

Age: Early Meiji Period... Click for details
item #1440249
An antique Japanese Ikebana basket woven in a rope-like technique to create a classic design similar to a textured Macrame weave. The shape is an inverted cone with a splayed foot and flat weave. The wrapped handle creates a crescent-like opening and the body features a cross hatched undulating weaving design.

Age: Taisho Era (1912-2020)

Dimensions: 18" High by 9" Wide by 8" Deep
item #1440102
An antique Japanese bamboo Tsuki Kago Ikebana basket. Beautiful interwoven design of narrow and young bamboo with a. mature thick spit bamboo on each side angled as if it is pointing towards the sky and the moon. Use of mature and young bamboo representing the circle of life. Depicting a timeless Japanese cultural pastime of the autumn moon viewing. Low relief foot with a 3 slat star bottom. Unsigned.

Age: Meiji Era (1868-1912)

Dimensions: 13 1/2" Wide by 13 1/4" High by 10"... Click for details
item #1439603
An antique Japanese bronze temple bell called Bonsho with a handle depicting diverging dragon heads called Ryuzu, protrusions called chi chi or nye to improve resonance of sound, two opposing Tsuki-za striking panels and a Mei-bun inscription of the bell's history. Bonshō (Japanese: 梵鐘, Buddhist bells), also known as tsurigane (釣り鐘, hanging bells) or ōgane (大鐘, great bells) are large bells found in Buddhist temples throughout Japan, used to summon the monks to prayer and to... Click for details
item #1438708
An antique Japanese bamboo Ikebana basket in a ballister shape with a cross-hatch weaving of bi-color bamboo closed woven into a design reminiscent of a classic Japanese garden bamboo fence. The body features 1/2 split bamboo with its nodules accentuating its natural form. It has a low foot with a 2 slat bottom. The handle and mouth are Wisteria attached and reinforced with the same bi-color bamboo strips. Natural soot patina. It contains a bamboo vessel for water and flowers.

Age:... Click for details
item #1438703
An antique Japanese bamboo Ikebana basket in a rounded barrel shape with small mouth. Large bamboo splat work measuring 3 1/4" wide forming the body with rhythmic braided bamboo reinforcing the splats while adding a visual tempo. It has a flat foot and a triangular bottom. The handle is a twisted bamboo rope connected by two legs on each side. The basket is firm and solid in terms of its construction due to its strong woven braided technique incorporated in its creation. The coloring used a... Click for details
item #1438689
An antique Japanese bamboo Ikebana basket in a free-form nest-like shape created using multi-layered 3/4" wide strips interwoven with rope made of woven bamboo. The voluminous handle was created using interwoven bamboo rope in an abstract style. Patina is in a natural smoke and chestnut color. Flat foot with a three star patterned base. Unsigned. It comes with a cylindrical metal water and flower vessel.

Age: Meiji Era (1868-1912)

Dimensions: 22" High by 12" Diameter
item #1438687
An antique Japanese bamboo Ikebana basket in the ballister shape with a flat mouth rim. Visual complex plaidwork design on the body and a high recessed foot with a 3 slat star bottom. Aged soot and natural patina. Handle is attached with a braided turtle pattern on each end exemplifying maturity versus youth by way of surrounding the thin youthful bamboo around the old segmented nodule accentuated main bamboo. Symbolizing the strength and bond of a family, the handle is bound in six opposing... Click for details
item #1438232
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