Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Indian Antique Mughal Miniature Painting of a Princess
Antique Indian Mughal miniature painting of a court princess, holding a child's crown on a small, round tray. She is draped in shear yellow robes with red salwar and she is bedecked with jewels. Her long black hair flows down her back. Here beautiful face has a slight smile. Behind her are tall plants flowering yellow and white. This court painting was probably once an album leaf from an illuminated text. Gouache on paper.

Age: 19th century

Dimensions: 10 1/4" high x... Click for details
item #1430387
Indian Mughal Miniature Equestrian Portrait of Emperor
Antique Indian Mughal album leaf miniature painting most likely of the Emperor Jahangir on horseback. A halo and bejeweled crown imply his Imperial rank. Jahangir was ambitious about taking over the reign of his father, Akbar the Great, and the two were at odds until reconciling later in life. Akbar was a patron of the arts and it was he who brought together the Indian and Persian artists who defined the genre of Mughal miniature painting. Here, Emperor Jahangir sits astride an... Click for details
item #1430386
Indian Antique Mughal Miniature Painting of a Prince with Tiger
Antique Indian Mughal album leaf miniature painting of a prince with tiger. He stands adorned in sumptuous clothing, intricately embroidered with tiny florals. A blue halo and bejeweled crown imply his Imperial rank. He holds a small pink blossom. This is most likely a portrait of the Emperor Jahangir, son of Akbar the Great. Beside him sits a tiger, emphasizing the Emperor's power and wealth as well as an appreciation of the beauty of nature often found in Mughal art. Along the top of the... Click for details
item #1430384
Antique Indian Wedding Palanquin
Indian wedding palanquin for a bride. Made of a hardwood, possibly padauk, carved with florets and accented with iron details. The domed roof is constructed with a latticework. Doors and window openings are carved to mimic the architecture of a garden courtyard adding to the overall feminine quality of the palanquin.

Palanquins were the most popular means of transportation in British India prior to the introduction of horse-drawn vehicles and the railroad. The bridal palanquin is... Click for details
item #1426001
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Indian Schist Stele Panel with Vishnu and Laksmi
Antique Indian Grey Schist Stone Stele Carving of Lord Vishnu and Consort Laksmi. Beautifully rendered in bas relief. Dieties in various poses.

Hoffman estate

Size: 15.25"L x 13.25"H x 4"D Stand overall 17"L x 4"H x 7"D

Date: 10-11th century
item #1425095
Antique Map of British India 1867
Map of British India c1867, labeled Johnson's Hindoostan & Father India, Published by A J Johnson, New York, hand colored, steel engraved.

Seattle Collection
Date 1867
Size H 18" x W 26 1/2"
item #1420568
Antique India Hardwood Carving of a Mythical Bird
Antique India hardwood carving of a mythical bird with a hooked beak, hardhat head, pinecone body and tail feathers pointed down. Xanabu Collection
Dates 19th/20th Century
Size H 18 1/2" x W 17" x D 9"
item #1419482
Indian Miniature Mewar Painting of Maharaja on White Horse
Antique Indian miniature painting of a Maharaja on horseback with attendant and flywhisk, drawing in ink and sepia tones with gold highlights. Rank of rider shown by jewelry worn and on red footed white horse. Long pleated white clothing. Horse rearing up, rider sitting effortlessly and regally. Condition toned and worn.

Provenance from Los Angeles estate
Age: mid 1800s
Size: 8 1/8" High 6 1/4" Wide
item #1417072
Indian Navaratna Painting of Goddess Shailaputri
Indian painting of the goddess Shailaputri, in unique Navaratna style of painting from 1930s, when Indian was emerging with its own unique style of painting. Gouache delicately painted and encoded with symbols of Hindu spiritual meaning. Crescent moon is on her forehead with halo around her head. She is holding a trident and has three eyes in her forehead representing waking, dreaming and sleeping states of mind. Atmospheric and masterfully moody painting. Similar in painting style to... Click for details
item #1416653
Early 18th Century Indian Wood Stele of Indra and Consort
Indian Wood Stele of Indra and Consort seated in 'royal ease' on lotus throne under the crest of the flaming Kirtimukha lion-torso figure with arms outstretched. Wondrously carved, standing attendants at each side. Worn with devotional usage. Traces of old pigment. Pair of recumbent elephants and deity at base.

Handley Collection, purchased Sotheby's March 1988

circa 1700s Size: 23"H x 13" W x 5" D
item #1414408
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