Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chines Antique Puppet of an Opera Figure
Antique Chinese marionette puppet depicting an opera character. This nobleman is dressed a red silk robe embroidered with a golden dragon and raised lotus. A Shou (longevity symbol) is embroidered in gold on his chest. He stands on tall carved wooden shoes and has long white silk sleeves. With custom metal stand.

Age: Qing Dynasty (circa 1900)

Dimensions: 19 1/4" high (on stand) x 9" wide x 8" deep
item #1465490
Chinese Antique Celadon Bowl, Song Dynasty
Antique Chinese celadon bowl. The rim is flared and accented with incised concentric rings which repeat several times closer to the center of the bowl. The widest band and the reserve at the bottom of the bowl are incised with subtle designs possibly floral. The outside of the bowl is thickly glazed with lovely drips and overall crackle. The foot has been left unglazed.

Age: Song Dynasty (960–1279)

Dimensions: 10 1/2" wide x 3 1/4" high
item #1464527
Chinese Antique Porcelain Snuff Bottle with Iron-Red and Blue Dragon
Antique Chinese porcelain snuff bottle with cylindrical form, decorated with a scene of a water dragon in waves. Intricate and fine line details and expressive movement in the dragon and in the watery background. The dragon is painted in iron-red glaze and the waves in blue. The tall, white glazed neck is topped with a small jade lid. The long spoon is made of bone.

Age: Qing Dynasty (circa 1800's)

Dimensions: 2 3/4" high x 5/8" wide
item #1463727
Chinese Antique Porcelain Snuff Bottle with Herons and Lotus
Antique Chinese snuff bottle made of porcelain and decorated on four sides. Two sides are painted with enamel glaze scenes of white herons and lotus blossoms. The other two sides have large raised cartouches painted with red and green. The lid is made of pale green jade and has a long spoon made of bone.

Age: circa 1900

Dimensions: 2 3/4" high x 5/8" wide
item #1463726
Antique Chinese Wine Pot 17th Century
An antique Chinese wine pot with a dark glaze and narrow lip. Wide shoulder that tapers to a narrow base. Some loss.

Age: 17th Century

Dimensions: 14 1/2" High by 14 1/2" Diameter
item #1463605
Pair Fu Dogs Chinese Blue & White Ornamental Garden Statues Vintage
A pair of vintage Chinese blue and white large ceramic Fu Dogs. The male is holding sphere which represents the world while the female is holding a playful youngling under her paw. They both sit atop their own decorative plinth each draped by a cover made to look woven.

Age: Mid Century (1960's)

Dimensions: Each measures approximately 9" Wide by 23" High by 12 1/4" Deep
item #1463587
Mongolian Antique Knife and Chopstick Traveler's Set
Antique Mongolian traveler's knife and chopsticks set. The knife's sheath is made of wood and completely covered in silver repoussé designs of Buddhist symbols and inlaid with coral and turquoise florets. The handle of the knife and the chopsticks are made of bone.

Age: 19th century

Dimensions: 15 1/2" long x 1 3/8" wide
item #1462925
Ming Dynasty Chinese Bronze Ding Ritual Vessel with Animal Legs
Antique Chinese bronze ding, tripod ritual vessel. Large swooping handles extend from either side of the relief decorated neck. The round body is supported by three feet, each decorated with the head of a horned animal. Great patination and mineral encrustations.

Age: Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)

Dimensions: 11 1/4" high x 9 3/4" long (including handles) x 8" wide.
item #1462923
Chinese Antique Silk Embroidered Panel with Butterflies
Antique Chinese rectangular embroidered panel. Made all of silk with butterflies and flowers on an orange embroidered ground. Many flowers and butterflies are sewn us using the forbidden stitch technique. Edged in black silk embroidered with more flowers and butterflies in shades of blue.

Age: 19th century

Dimensions: 38 1/2" x 47"
item #1462921
Chinese Antique Hardwood Bitong (Brush Pot)
Antique Chinese hardwood bitong (brush pot) container for holding the brushes used by scribes for Chinese calligraphy. Made of dense and dark hardwood. Simple form with thick walls that taper inward slightly in the center. Soft to the touch with original buttery like finish.

Age: early 20th Century

Dimensions: 8 1/4" high x 8 1/8" wide
item #1462693
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