Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chinese Qingbai Porcelain Ewer, Northern Song Dynasty
Antique Chinese Qingbai porcelain ewer. Delicately potted with very thinly walled construction. Dramatically lobed ovoid body. Trumpet neck with foliate rim. Curving strap handle incised lengthwise and with 5 raised round dots. Long curving and subtly tapered spout. The body and lower neck are incised with horizontal striping. While the foot remains unglazed, the rest of the ewer is covered with a transparent white, blue-green glaze exemplary of the Qingbai name.

Age: Northern... Click for details
item #1444983
Chinese Antique Jun Ware Bowl with Blue and Purple Glaze
Antique Chinese Jun ware bowl. Made of earthenware and glazed a light blue color with a purple splash that is dripping toward the center. The rim is a brown color where the glaze is thinest and the foot is left unglazed as was the tradition with Jun ware. The blue and purple colors are made with straw ash in the glaze. Looking closely, a subtle crackle, pitting and rivulets of mixing colors can be seen. Jun ware is from one of the Five Great Kilns of the Song Dynasty and produced over... Click for details
item #1444918
Chinese Pair of Porcelain Fu-dogs
Vintage pair of Chinese porcelain fu-dogs. Sculpted with a sense of whimsy and great detail, one fu-dog crouches with his elaborately swirling tail in the air, the other lays on her belly. Though their other name, shishi, suggests their lion-like qualities, this pair with their long flapping ears have a more dog-like appearance. Glazed with a lovely translucent blue crackle glaze with wide black glazed eyes. Minor losses.

Chinese fu-dogs are an important protective element in Feng... Click for details
item #1444891
Chinese Blue & White Dragon Bowl with Kintsugi
The vintage Chinese blue and white bowl is decorated with two dragons and clouds, symmetrically opposite with the flaming pearl between the two dragons. The base of the bowl is a double circular ring which represents eternity.

The Kintsugi repairs to the bowl adds a dimension that brings it to life. The raised maki-e technique has been gilded in a gold lacquer finish with red underglaze.

Own its own, this bowl is a dramatic piece of art or it can be used functionally as a fruit... Click for details
item #1444749
Chinese Neolithic Amphora with Handles, Yangshao Culture
Neolithic era ceramic amphora, Yangshao Culture, Yellow River area, China. This baluster form vessel is made with a narrow neck and slightly flared rim. High shoulders taper downward to a narrow foot. Two strap handles are attached just below the center of the body. Painted with geometric patterns in red and black mineral pigments.

Age: Yangshao Culture (5000-3000 B.C.)

Dimensions: 13 1/4" high x 11" wide x 9" wide
item #1444411
Chinese Bronze Gui Ritual Food Vessel, Han Dynasty
Ancient Chinese bronze gui, a food vessel used during rituals. Round form body with high, round foot and two handles. The shoulders of each handle is decorated with animal heads. A band of archaic motifs wraps around the body and the foot.

Age: Han Dynasty 206 B.C.- 220 A.D.

Dimensions: 6 1/8" high x 11 1/2" long x 7 3/4" wide
item #1444405
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Chinese Tomb Pottery Figure of a Horse and Rider, Tang Dynasty
Ancient Chinese tomb pottery figure of a horse and rider. Made of gray clay and painted with polychrome slip pigment. The figure is clothed in flowing robes and a hat that covers his ears. Facial details on both the figure and the horse are wonderfully well preserved.

Age: Tang Dynasty A.D. 618-906

Dimensions: 8 3/4" high x 7" long x 3" deep
item #1444403
Chinese Antique Blue and White Porcelain Charger with Dragon
Antique Chinese blue and white glazed bowl with low walls and flared rim. Painted with a five-clawed dragon in the center and swirling mist. The low walls are decorated with scrolling flowers and vines on both the inside and the outside. There is a lovely crackling of the glaze on the bottom interior.

Age: Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)

Dimensions: 11 1/4" wide x 2 1/4" high
item #1443559
19th Century Chinese Huanghuali Scroll Table
Antique Chinese solid Huanghuali (hardwood) scroll table, see with its conserved original warm tone finish. Beautiful dramatic sweeping grain with single huanghuali slab top. Joints look to be all original and in great shape. The hand carving is well done with small details showing.

Age: 19th Century (C. 1840's)

Dimensions: 68 1/2" long x 18 1/2" deep x 31" high
item #1443553
Unusual Small Chinese Hardwood Altar Cabinet
An unusual small sized Jumu (chinese elm) hardwood Chinese altar cabinet with hand forged brass pulls and hardware. Side panels with hand carved reticulated flowers, long underside panel carved with similar floral motif, large open interior space for storage, beautiful wood grain. Overall in excellent original condition with stunning light natural finish.

Age: Late 19th century Dimensions: 48" long x 24" high x 17" deep
item #1443528
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