Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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An antique Tibetan traveling trunk made of hand hewn Pine wood. Leather was stretched over the wood and hand painted in polychrome lacquer. There are arrow shaped hard mounts, butterfly appliqué mounts on the corners and Dorje accents. The central panel features an offering tray of Hoju (sacred jewels). Stylized Peonies decorate the trunk and the main colors used were analogous primary hues. The cover of the top features a green water dragon.

Age: 19th Century

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item #1440309
An antique Chinese skinny bench made entirely of Elm wood. Having acquired an antique patina over the years of weathering and loving use, it is sturdy and ready for its next century of function.

Contemporary uses include placement at the end of a bed, behind a sofa or in an entryway for ease of removing ones shoes before entering a home.

Age: 19th Century

Dimensions: 64 1/4" Wide by 20 1/2" High by 13" Deep
item #1437143
An antique Chinese chest made of hardwood and featuring 2 side by side drawers with removable 2 doors and separator. Used as a side table, it has spacious storage space behind the doors. Original metal hardware.

Age: 19th Century

Dimensions: 37" Wide by 32 1/2" High by 16 3/4" Deep
item #1436803
Chinese large Pair of 2 tiered cabinets made of solid huanghuali with beautiful grain. The inside of one cabinet has an interior shelf with two drawers. The other cabinet is outfitted with a rod for hanging clothes.

Age: Republic Period (early 20th century)

Dimensions: 94" high x 47" wide x 21 1/2" deep each
item #1430714
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Chinese pair large of 2 tiered cabinets. Made all of solid hardwood and carved with a dynamic scenes of 5 clawed dragons in swirling mist. The fronts and sides of the cabinets are completely covered in high relief carvings. On each cabinet, there are sixteen dragons carved on the front and 6 dragons on the sides.

Age: Republic Period (early 20th century)

Dimensions: 80 1/2" high x 37" wide x 15 3/4" deep
item #1430712
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Chinese horseshoe back lady's folding chair made of elm wood with brass mounts. Back splat and other details are carved with an archaic chimera motif. Reinforced seat is very comfortable and strong. Classical and elegant design.

Age: 20th Century

Dimensions: 35 1/2" high x 26" wide x 25" deep. Size of seat: 19" wide x 15 1/2" deep.
item #1430382
Antique Chinese large 12-panel Coromandel screen. Decorated with dramatic scene of men on horseback. Bordered by red dragons. The reverse is a quiet scene of trees and flowers. Made of kuan cai (incised colors) lacquer on wood.

Age: Republic Period

Dimensions: 96" high x 222" long x 3/4" deep
item #1426879
Chinese antique 8-panel Coromandel screen depicting palace scenes of noble men and women. In one pavilion on the far right, a group of courtiers sit at a table and enjoy a game. In the central pavilion, a emperor or high nobleman sits on his throne. Two young servants stand behind him with large fans. Behind them is a large painted screen of mountains. Beautiful ladies dance and pay music for his entertainment. To the far left, the noble wife or empress sits on her throne and is... Click for details
item #1426878
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This is a pair of antique Chinese official hat chairs. Made of Chinese Elm wood, it was decorated with hand carved Linghi mushroom accents. The finish has traces of transparent Burgandy lacquer.

Age: Early 19th Century

Dimensions Each: 24" Wide x 44 1/2" High x 22" Deep
item #1426607
An antique Tibetan storage cabinet made with hand hewn carved wood. Painted serpentine dragons holding sacred jewels in each claw on 11 panels. The Tibetan dragon is a mythical creature that utilizes massive creative energy representing the principles of heaven, change and wealth. There are top and bottom wood hinged center doors.

Age: Late 19th Century (1870-1900)

Dimensions: 59 1/2" Wide x 48 3/4" High x 17 3/4" Deep
item #1425164
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